Interior room apartment of 36 square meters.

Interior room apartment of 36 square meters.m. The area is difficult to imagine without walls separating functional areas.However, with the latest trends of fashion and design with the arrival of our lives modern and spacious studio apartments on the course that seemed so relevant yesterday, for the sake of time, I have to give.

Monochrome interior

main and most relevant design trend of recent years is the design of small area apartments using monochrome finish.Moreover, designers are advised to initially start from an unusual texture LETA things.For stylish interiors - these are areas in which the built-piece organic composition with a starting point in the image of the original bagatelles.And such a thing is difficult to fit into the finished interior, much easier to build up the whole situation around the liked object.For example, you are interested in any picture, framed by a stylish frame, seat with ornamental textile upholstery or even the veil handmade - all of these things may be able to become a launching pad for a new unique interior, even in a small area.

Modern interior design ideas knowingly seek to monochrome, because with the help of finishing with a strong dominant color can be easily achieved to increase the visual space.

How to monochrome interior not dull?

course, whether the area is somewhat larger in the minds of bright designer would hardly had the idea to design the room in one color.But unfortunately the reality is that modern interior room apartment is mostly monochrome.Any bright accents are able to compress the space and make it less comfortable.So how do you make such an interior does not look monotonous and boring?The answer lies on the surface.All shades of the interior should be combined with each other, it can be a different texture of materials that make the room transformed.

Preferred shades

Interior room apartment of 36 square meters.m. area could be made in the traditional black and white win-win combination.Recently, however, due to the prevalence of this decision, some designers are moving away from the designated color combinations, building interior in soft, muted gray-blue.To select these discreet shades, you must have a calm character and conduct regular life.If you want to bring into your life the elements of warmth and comfort, you should select the same calm, but much warmer tone.In any case, it will always come to the aid of the so-called color-mates - in addition to black, white and gray, these saviors may make silver and gold.

How to make shades of the same color to be perceived differently?

continues to insist that the modern interior room in the style of "minimalism" best draw using a monochrome finishing solutions.How to make the room, made in one color, and converts the tune?Come to the aid of geometric shapes, ornaments and patterns made in the same color and create additional bulk.Combine textures with each other and not be afraid to experiment.Let monochrome surface will be supplemented by printed cloth with a pattern.The same technique can be used in the selection of wallpaper, where the smoothness of the wall one can contrast with the drawings, relief patterns and geometric shapes.But undoubtedly the most spectacular interior design ideas of recent years - a combination of matt and gloss in the design of decoration items, furniture and wallpaper.In this technique at the forefront contrast light reflection textures.And the gloss, first of all, look good on the walls, surfaces of tables and cabinets and all complementary interior, whether it be painting, upholstery and side surfaces of furniture, can be frosted.Important!Styles of interior decoration in a small space can not prevent oversaturation gloss, otherwise room with its decorative chic just lose your comfort and will be blind owners.

Combining surfaces

Admission combining matte and glossy surfaces in the wallpaper and furniture can be successfully transferred and various accessories that complement the room.So to highlight the functional areas can be used monochrome interior stonework elements, painted in tone for the stylistic design, 3D-panels, metal and wooden straps and textured plaster.It is due to a combination of different textures and create a stylish interior, observant monochrome.

Studio apartment: how to create functional areas?

If we consider the modern trends of design ideas with regard to the one-room studio apartment, then there is a clear tendency for the sleeping area in amounts not exceeding the area of ​​the bed or sofa.So, saving space on the sleeping area, and a wall separating him about the color, the designers can not use all the remaining space to the maximum.Thus, the interior of the studio can easily incorporate (in addition to the mini-bedroom) is rather a spacious kitchen area, a full living room and dining room even.

tips on placement of furniture bedroom area

That is, using the diversion of the main common area space and achieved the most comfortable existence in a modern studio.Here nook, surrendered to the bedroom area, it is not something uncomfortable.On the contrary, in the apartment where the decoration does not include baffles, it is possible, this is the nook and become a favorite place for spending time after a busy day.Importantly, do not forget to hang on the wall next to the berth a modern LCD TV, and then the rest and all will be complete.Tip: The sofa bed in the bedroom area can be delivered to the wall, and stepping back a little space, turning back to the general area.Thus, the interior of the studio will become clear outlines and borders without cluttering while.

stylistic solutions for owners of apartments in old layout

Of course, one-bedroom apartments in the old layout designers have a lot to smash his head on the optimal functional solutions and embodiments conceived ideas.However, it remains the most popular reception combining bathroom and toilet, as well as the combination of room and kitchen by removing the partition or remove interior door.


Styles bathroom interior can be completely different - the main thing that both the aesthetic and practical components are completely satisfied owners of the apartment.Now on the market of products for bathrooms and bathroom so many choices that people do not have any problems with the choice of both functional and comfortable, and beautiful things for the bathroom.If we look at the most popular of modern stylistic directions in relation to the bathroom, the clear leader is the interior is decorated in Japanese style.Unusual finishes, and at the same time concise and maximum functionality - that's the key to success of this style from the average Russian.Also still have our people in high esteem traditional strict minimalism, practical, functional high-tech comes on the heels of a recognized leader - a bright harmonious modernity.

union premises: necessity or luxury?

And now let's look at this question.Should I remove the bearing wall in apartments of the old plan to increase the space, and thus improve the living conditions and a comfortable existence in a studio apartment?In fact, planning an apartment 36 square meters.m. leaves the choice by the owners, because they initially have a few more features, rather than the owners apartments with an area of ​​less than 30 square meters.m. Therefore, the question of combining rooms with kitchen leave entirely on the conscience of the owners.However, warned that using the combination of apartment tenants receive at least one additional functional area, and with proper placement and even more.Based on the different layouts of apartments are often old-style living room and kitchen of differentiation is not required, because in fact, a smooth transition between functional areas.

Differentiation kitchen and living

But interior room apartment 36 square meters.m. corridor without success to take the bar as a partition between the kitchen and living room.Now these design items as bars to the apartment, carried out not only as a partition.Very popular island counter, which in addition to introducing the separation and decorative features can become an independent area - dining room.Problems in the island placement may be infringing the living room area or the most awkward approach to the bar, a dining room serving.Therefore, in addition to ordinary partitions can draw attention to the construction of a multi-tiered racks.Thus, the upper portion will be given to the bar area and the lower portion can advantageously be prepared.For the same reason, a wide demand combined with a dining table seating or cooking rack.For a small space is valuable, so that every piece of furniture and decor performed, in addition to the aesthetic, yet functional role.

Interior style in which decided to issue one-room apartment

Traditionally, one-room apartment tenants choose minimalism, hi-tech, Japanese and Scandinavian style interior.However, more and more people are getting tired of the urban areas, and prefer to make out the interior of the room in the style of a classic.

How to use furniture

course, Japanese style of interior design, as well as a minimalist style, by definition, have a limited amount of furniture in the room.What do you do when you want to design the interior in the classic version?In this case, the "extra" furniture can be veiled under the stacked shelves and podium construction.However, to enter the marked receptions in a classic style, it is necessary to work carefully and trim accessories.That is why the design of the apartments of 36 square meters.m. The area is considered to be a complex matter, but grateful.When, without prejudice to the space sparkle every object in the apartment, it was then the grateful owners remember the good word of advice of professional designers.

  1. cabinets in confined spaces should be at a minimum.Frankly, we use cases we are not on purpose, adding to mainly rubbish.And should not put things in the old bulky furniture compartments, and to get rid of unnecessary stuff.
  2. Rack design does not occupy much space and are an excellent alternative to store really necessary gizmos.
  3. lightweight mobile coffee tables can easily be transformed into a dining area.
  4. For the most daring and desperate owners of one-bedroom apartments suitable option of combining bed and a wardrobe.In this case, the furniture, where instead of the mezzanine is a sleeper, must be performed on an order with proven masters.

Conclusion We hope that our practical advice to help the reader, and now a new interior studio of 36 square meters.m. will acquire not only requires conciseness, and aesthetic content.