How to choose a snowmobile trailer.

Snowmobile - the best trucks in the winter.It is unique in its kind machine that makes the movement on snow-covered road is not only safe, but also enjoyable.In such equipment, you can go fishing, hunting or just for a walk.But to the place of operation of its transportation is carried out using special equipment.Let's see why you need a trailer for snowmobile and how to select it.


to snowmobile served long and reliable, it must be stored in the garage.There it will not be exposed to moisture and impact subzero temperature.Although the latter factor is not something critical.So, in most cases, the snowmobile must be delivered to the destination by using a trailer.Here you can seek professional help or solve the problem on their own by buying a special trailer.It is worth noting that the word "special" here is not too much, because a conventional compact car will not do.This is due to the fact that it will not only snowmobile scratch, but partly break.Purchase will not be cheap, but soon it will be repaid in full, the more that you will not need the assistance and will be able to decide for themselves when and where you go.Let's take a more detailed look at how to choose the trailer for snowmobile.

Feel the difference

First of all I would like to say about the main differences between the trailer for snowmobile from the usual.First of all the matter in dimensions.In a conventional trailer is often not enough space for the machine.As a result, it rubs against the wall, which leads to disruption of paint, and eventually appear at these places corrosion.Special trailers come in several forms - for one or more snowmobiles.The first embodiment has a length of about 3.5 and a width of 1.5 m, the second - the same length, but two meters wide.Be sure to remain at least a small margin, which will securely fasten equipment.

In contrast to the classical, the trailer increases.He has a strong board and fasteners.Furthermore, it is possible to set the rear of the ramp.This allows you to quickly load and unload machinery, which can not be done in a conventional trailer.The ring has a floor, which serve for fastening tapes.Properly secured snowmobile will stand in one place.

What are the trailers for snowmobiles and ATVs

Even a novice can guess that there are open and closed trailers.That's what distinguishes them.And then there is the legitimate question: what type to choose?There should be guided by several factors.Firstly, this trip distance and the temperature at which the unit will be operated.If the device will be a long time exposed to wet snow or rain, it will negatively affect the operating characteristics, so it is best to choose an indoor trailer.If the transportation distance is small, simple and suitable outdoor option.As for the cost, then there should be understood that a covered wagon will cost considerably more expensive than conventional trailer.Also, much depends on the manufacturer: what it is known, the price is higher.The same applies to equipment trailer.What makes it better, the more will have to pay for your purchase.

For more information about the prices

We've already figured out that the total cost depends on several parameters.The main of them - the kind of trailer.In addition, the role played by characteristics such as build quality and manufacturer.Ten years ago, special trailers have been a deficit, but now everything depends on the size of your wallet.In most cases, you'll find equipment worth 10 to 70 thousand rubles.

open trailer will cost about 20 thousand rubles.To all this add the cost of an awning, which is likely to come in handy.Closed cost more, about 40 thousand.Top choices that are able to protect expensive equipment from all external factors that will cost you no less than 70 thousand.In any case, snowmobile trailers, the prices of which we examined, are different, so it may make sense to choose something in between.

B / Trailers for snowmobile

Many wonder why not buy a used trailer.In principle, there is not so simple as it might seem at first glance.If in the case of some other equipment, for example, household refrigerator, it makes no sense to take the b / equipment, the trailer and you can buy.Of course, you do not get any guarantees, and all that will happen after the purchase, will be on your conscience.In any case, it makes sense to pay attention to the corrosion of the body.If the process is in an advanced stage, then this option need to pass by.The same applies to the reliability of the fastening tapes and rings.Any defect can lead to undesirable consequences, remember this.If, however, the whole trailer looks good and credible, and the period of its operation is small, it can be bought.This acquisition will cost 20-30% cheaper.

Trailer dream

In fact, at the time of purchase all boils down to the fact that the equipment must meet certain specifications.This applies both to household equipment, and to any machines.As for trailers for snowmobiles, then they meet the following requirements:

  • availability platform required size;
  • strong ring on the floor and sides of the platform for mounting;
  • ladder;
  • reinforced construction.

Believe me, all of this must be in your trailer, and only then you will not regret their choice.Of course, if you do not mind your own snowmobile, which costs money.

On the technical characteristics

If you come to the store to choose the passenger snowmobile trailer, a photo which you can see in this article, then immediately have to pay attention to some important parameters.If you plan to carry a lightweight snowmobile that such characteristics as strength, can overshadow.But this can not be done if you are going to transport two cars at once on a single trailer.Look in the data sheet or consult with a specialist.Having the maximum weight that can withstand the trailer, take its decision.In addition, there will need at least a small margin.

The same applies to space: it is desirable that the distance between the snowmobiles were at least 10-15 cm. A blow or jolt can cause damage to the surface or the failure of any component.And remember that the ladder also performs a protective function, since it was he who serves the trailer tailgate.If you pay attention to all these details, you will make a successful purchase.

A couple of important details

Separately, a few words must be said about the quality of straps and rings.Some models, such as the Chinese, who have outrageously low price, have the same build quality.So, this equipment can be fitted with an extremely unreliable rings for fastening.They can be made from low-grade plastic alloy.If this iron, then it will not be galvanized, which would soon lead to corrosion.As for the actual lines, it is a different story.The path to the location where the snowmobile is not always smooth.We often go to the pits for, then hillocks.This can greatly rocking the trailer.Mismounting or simply poor-quality slings tear and snowmobile fall.The resulting damage will cost dearly.All of this speaks to the fact that the home-made trailers for snowmobiles - bad idea.Spend - and be happy.Sometimes it is possible to give preference to domestic production.A very good option can be considered as a trailer for snowmobile MZSA.Currently, the price varies from 30 to 170 thousand rubles.


If you do decide to make a homemade trailer, then prepare thoroughly.Find a good welder, by means of which the body is made.The priority you should be drawing to a snowmobile trailer.You will also need very different instruments and whatnot.Of course, it will be about half the price, but it's hard to tell whether it makes sense this idea.

So we dealt with the topic of interest to us.Now you know not only what are the types of trailers, but also what to look for when buying.Always try to make informed choices.It is best to give preference to the art produced in Russia or Europe.The latter option is preferable, but it is more expensive.