Sanatorium "Ales" (Brest region): photos and reviews

After working days, a contaminated air and emotional tension so want a quieter holiday in beautiful nature, in a comfortable pension.Even better, in addition to the peace and tranquility you will be treated and fed.Sounds good?Then book your ticket to faster health resort "Alesya" (Brest region).The main objective and purpose of the dispensary - to realize the dreams of the guests, to help restore physical and psycho-emotional health.

Study Information

health resort with the romantic name "Ales" deservedly very popular with locals and tourists from other cities eager to privacy.According to responses of tourists, this is the best wellness center in the province.One of the main advantages of medical pension is its geographical location - at a remote distance from the highway, surrounded by coniferous pine forest.

Nearby is amazingly clear lake Zavyshanskoe.Nature itself adjusts to the serene, relaxing and wellness vacation.Sanatorium "Ales" (Brest region) has a base with a modern medical diagnostic center.Guests will be offered a full course of therapy, surveyed and harmonize the mental state.


The whole area is under close guard, so guests need not worry about their safety.Entrance to the health resort "Alesya" (Brest region), whose photos illustrate the picturesque recreation, is strictly a pass.For the convenience of tourists all buildings (residential buildings, diagnostic center, dining room), connected by a corridor.After medical procedures do not have to go out, it would be very comfortable in cold weather.

Now, regarding the accommodation.The health resort is quite large - at the same time be able to accommodate up to 260 visitors.It should be noted that these rooms are decorated in warm colors and have a personal bathroom.Available TV, compact refrigerators, dishes and furniture.


Almost all sanatoriums of Belarus (Brest region), "Ales" - not the exception practiced balneotherapy and use mineral water and sapropelic mud.The nature of this region has a beneficial effect on the body.The sanatorium uses in the treatment of intraoral procedures, inhalations with herbal ingredients, aromatherapy.

According to the testimony prescribed electrotherapy, traction of the spine and other physiotherapy treatments.At the sanatorium operates a diagnostic center with a private clinical laboratories, ultrasound, EKG, MRI.Monitoring, consultation and reception are conducted by qualified specialists: cardiologists, therapists, homeopaths, psychologists, dentists, gastroenterologist.It helps people to overcome various diseases:

  • gynecological diseases.
  • respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal and nervous systems.
  • Violations by circulation.

actively used weight loss program.Together with a professional dietitian developed an individual plan of physical activity and menus.According to the testimony appointed oxygen cocktails, herbal supplements.You will be prompted to try a relaxing and restorative massage.After a course of treatment, the body will regain its former flexibility, ease joint pain will pass, back.

internal infrastructure

resort "Alesya" (Brest region) is a great place for a relaxing, restorative and active recreation.Services offered will impress the most prejudiced tourist.After all, in addition to innovative medical base in a variety of interesting venues.

Seamlessly guests are allowed to visit the reading room with a rich library, which contains the most interesting literary works.Have a good time after the procedure can be in a cozy alcove, which is surrounded by lush vegetation.At the disposal of guests - barbecue, grill.This infrastructure is not exhausted.Hotel services and facilities - a real steam room, beauty salon.

daily dance evenings are held in the cinema shows films.In general, cultural and entertainment will not disappoint you.It should be mentioned that there is a parking lot at a health resort for vacationers.Work items for the implementation of railway and air tickets.There is a banquet room for all sorts of events.

Beach vacation

summer - especially in a year's time, when all the dreams of a beautiful tan, swimming in the gentle sea.For these purposes, it is perfect and the lake, located within walking distance of the residential buildings.The beach is equipped for a comfortable pastime.On the beach rescue service operates.Guests have plenty of sunbathing, enjoying the natural beauty of playing volleyball.

service for active people

For those who are used to spending holidays and weekends in constant motion, health resort "Alesya" (Brest region) offers a range of sporting activities.In accessible areas - modern gym with fitness instructor.Wishes to be able to enjoy a game of tennis and billiards.Rental bikes and equipment issued.

fun on vacation and your kids.For young tourists built a large outdoor area equipped with carousels, slides, swings, ropes, labyrinths.The building has an indoor playroom with an experienced and friendly teacher.Employees hold a dispensary for parents and their children sightseeing tours of cultural and historical objects.


Coming on rest and treatment in the wellness center, you will not have to worry about food, because of the tourists do professional chefs.For adult audiences organized five meals in the dining room, children's tables are served 6 times a day.Menu is designed for 14 days - the dishes are not repeated.For patients with diseases of the diet food is served.Guests can use the cafeteria and bar.Also on-site grocery store.

wellness resort "Alesya" (Brest region): how to get there?

There are several ways to get to the tourist complex.For more detail:

  • by definition graphics from Moscow train number 75 runs to the train / railway station "Yanov-Poleski" (Ivanovo).From there you need to transfer to public transport, which will deliver to the destination.You can order a transfer - the resort staff will meet you in person.
  • own car: drive on the highway, "Minsk - Brest".Then turn to the crossroads in Beloozersk.Keep up the direction of Ivanovo.Focusing on the road signs, you arrive at the resort, "Ales" (Brest region).

Marketing Department Telephone: 8 (0165) -231-445.The operator will consult on the settlement and booking trips.


Numerous shouts travelers report that the health resort deserves the highest praise.At an affordable cost a person can get quality treatment and consultation best doctors.Equally like the young and the elderly health resort "Alesya" (Brest region).

Reviews nonresident citizens only positive.Unforgettable emotions is a crystal clear lake where you can go swimming, boating, fishing.Pleasantly surprised sports and cultural leisure.Do not originated criticism and complaints about the menu: a variety of dishes, fresh and delicious.