How many seas in the world?

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How many seas in the world?This question always causes great interest among students.Oceans is considered to be the world's water shell that surrounds the mainland and the island.Some water areas separated by land or underwater terrain elevations, is conventionally called seas.To say exactly how many seas in the world just is not easy because there are many different classifications.The total number of water bodies may vary: for example, the Aral, the Dead, and the Caspian Sea of ​​Galilee called, when in fact they should be classified as "lake".There are also a number of bays that it would be logical to classify to the seas.

Separation of water bodies can be carried out, depending on where they are located.Small-scale sea, a part of the larger, often do not take into account.For example, in the Mediterranean, there are seven domestic sites.That is, you can freely swim in the ship from one to another, but at the same time the ship will stay within the Mediterranean.

Distinguish internal intercontinental, marginal, inter-island facilities.There is a classification of the degree of salinity and water temperature.Therefore accurately answer the question about how many seas in the world, it will not turn.

On Earth into account the five oceans.To each of them is referred conventionally defined sea.To the Pacific Ocean carry such large objects as the Bering, Yellow, Okhotsk, Japan, East China, South China Sea.

Atlantic include the Baltic, North, Sargasso, Marmara, Ionian, Aegean, Adriatic Sea, and many others.There are about thirty.

Indian Ocean comprises six seas.The biggest of these is Red.

Arctic Ocean subjugates thirteen seas.Among them, the White, Barents, Chukchi, Kara, East Siberian.South

not all scientists recognize the ocean.Nevertheless, it contains lots of water that surround Antarctica.

To say how many seas in the world, you can use the latest data of the International Bureau of the Geographic.Today there are fifty-four.It shall not be considered inland seas and bays.


leading scientists and international organizations for the protection of nature believe that today the dirtiest sea in the world - the Mediterranean.This is the conclusion in a recent annual report and the UN did.Every year in the Mediterranean waters falls for various reasons, about half a thousand tons of oil products.A particular danger to the flora and fauna are numerous plastic waste that littered the coastal territory.


notorious Inland water element is also shared by the Black and Baltic seas.The most problematic area of ​​the Gulf of Finland is considered to be the Baltic Sea, which is filled with spilled oil.Due to the fact that the Baltic Sea is surrounded on all sides by the economically developed countries (Sweden, Norway), they poured water into his considerable amount of industrial effluents.The Black Sea water flowing through the river and flock-tonnage waste industrial activities of the European countries.


most dangerous sea in the world - Marmara.It is also the smallest.It serves as the boundary between Europe and Asia and is a connecting link between the Black and the Aegean Seas.Many centuries ago the earth's crust was formed rift, which was subsequently filled with water.Thus arose the Marmara Sea, whose depth reaches in some places more than one thousand three hundred meters.

danger on this waterway are numerous natural disasters: the tsunami and earthquake.In the entire history of the famous sea water shook his nearly three hundred times.

in the world classification of water bodies is also such an approach, in which the sea divided into categories based on the degree of salinity.Oceans filled with different salts, hit him from above blurry rocks.The total solids content, dissolved in one kilogram of water usually called salinity.Its level is expressed in ppm (basis points).


most salty sea world - the Dead and Red.In one liter of Red Sea water contains forty grams of salt.Due to the constant mixing of water layers between the Red Sea has a uniform temperature and salinity in any part thereof.

At the end of the last century, researchers have discovered more than two dozen depressions containing hot "pickles".The average temperature in them is forty degrees.This water is very useful for health.


Dead Sea is famous for its unique composition of water and mud.A greater degree of salinity creates a high density of the liquid.