City clinic №107 (ul. Decembrists): reviews

human health is priceless.Only attention to yourself will help prolong the life and well-being to please friends and relatives.Any faults in the body is to inform the specialist.Quality health services are always happy to offer Moscow polyclinic 107 on the street Decembrists.Help will be provided not only with the registration of the Muscovites, but also from other cities citizens.

Where is and how to get there?

Metropolitan Clinic 107 is located on the street Decembrists, 24. The easiest way to a medical facility can be reached by subway.Get up at the station would have to "Otradnoye".If you go from the center of the capital, it is better to sit closer to the last car.Before visiting the clinic, it is desirable to clarify how the right specialist.This can be done on the hotline number (499) 907-63-81.The clinic is open daily.From Monday to Friday, visiting specialists may from 7:00 to 20:00.On weekends, the establishment is open from 9:00 to 16:00.

Patients who are at the place of registration relate to the clinic 107 may receive medical consultation is absolutely free.For an additional fee assistance may be also other residents and guests of the capital.With patients who arrive by ambulance, the preliminary charge.

The hospital

107 Clinic Krasnogvardeisky region increasingly have good feedback from patients.This is due primarily to the highly qualified professionals who work here.Duties of chief physician clinics since 2012 performs Bolshakov Elena.It is a medical specialist with 14 years of experience, who really knows his stuff.The level of training of the physician meets all modern requirements.This allows a high level to serve as the chief specialist of the medical establishment.

Duties of deputy chief physician performs Denisova Marina S., who works in the medical field for over 30 years.The last few years, 107 clinic ("Otradnoe") is home to a therapist with a great work experience.Initially, Marina S. was one of ordinary skill medical institution.Today, the doctor enters the management team and without problems to cope with their responsibilities.

acting head nurse for several years performing Rzhevskaya Nadezhda.This field she has devoted more than 25 years of his life.The last three years, an expert is included in the management team on the part of the "organization of nursing."Under the guidance of medical staff promptly puts patients injections and IVs and monitors the status of critically ill patients.

procedure for the provision of medical care to patients

Every citizen who has a policy of compulsory medical insurance, can count on high-quality assistance from facility staff.The first are pre-hospital service.107 City clinic can come to the aid of not only Muscovites, but also the guests of the capital.There is carried out laboratory diagnosis can be given first aid.It operates a dental office patients, which can be carried out not only dental treatment, and removal of, and in the future prosthesis.

medical facility also provides outpatient care.Patients treated passes in a day hospital and at home.It attaches to seriously ill nurse who comes to certain hours.In addition, it is possible to call a doctor to the house.It does not matter how old the patient.107 children's clinic gives quality service to small patients from the first days of life.Help can be provided by family therapists who are happy to come to the challenge as infants, the sick and elderly people.

District polyclinic № 107 also makes it possible to pass the examination of temporary disability after injuries or past diseases.Experts estimate the condition of the patient and determine the extent of his disability.Proper examination is vital to continue to receive social benefits the person who temporarily lost the opportunity to earn on their own.

list of structural units

107 clinic ("Otradnoe") - a place where it can be helped by the patient in any direction.Here operating units such as the first branch of prevention, surgical, urological, therapeutic, dental department, endocrinology office, department of functional diagnostics, as well as a neurological study.

Each patient can undergo a full examination of the body, at an early stage to identify a particular disease.The clinic offers a number 107 to pass ultrasound diagnostics of abdominal cavity, prostate, breast, and thyroid.In addition, it is possible to pass X-ray examination of the stomach, chest, pelvis and skull, large and small joints.Women can perform mammograms and timely register with the detection of any tumors.

Laboratory clinics performing these types of analyzes as microbiological, biochemical, cytological, clinical, immunological.The research not only helps to make an accurate diagnosis, but also to reveal exactly how the disease is caused by a microorganism.In addition, studies conducted in the field of allergy.Timely identification of the object to which there is a negative reaction of the body, helps to avoid many problems in the future.

Paid services

107 urban health center is a public institution.This means that a certain category of population assistance is provided free of charge if there is a policy of compulsory medical insurance.But to consult experts and institutions may also visitors at an extra charge.Provision of paid medical facilities makes it possible to fully meet the needs of patients.During the financial rewards the patient receives maximum attention from professionals.Money is used to purchase new medical equipment, and salaries of staff clinics.

basis for the provision of paid medical services is a contract which is made directly to the clinic and is agreed with the Department of Health in Moscow.Patient care takes place by appointment only.It is only necessary to call on the hotline clinic.In order to conclude a contract for the provision of medical services, the patient must provide proof of identity.This can be a passport or driver's license.Parents must also bring your child's birth certificate.

Paid medical services are provided in different directions.This medical massage, obstetrics and gynecology, radiology, reflexology, neurology, infectious disease, cardiology, physiotherapy, manual therapy, endocrinology, surgery and much more.


to a medical institution serves patients from the first days of life.If births are in the department, which refers to the 107 urban clinic, after leaving a child is sent to a specialist.The pediatrician is assigned to the child for the whole period of his older (16 years).Chief Physician of the children's department is Pron'ko Nikolai.Reception of population on matters not related to the health of children, is carried out every Monday from 15:00 to 20:00.

107 children's clinic provides services to patients between the ages of 0 and 15 years old.Cards children older than 16 years are transferred to the adult department.Parents can at any time to seek help from a specialist.The guys who are registered in educational institutions related to the children's section, regularly undergo a medical examination.This allows early detect a particular disease and prevent its further development.Kids who are registered in a different region of Moscow, can be served for a fee.To do this, parents must first sign an agreement with the leadership of the medical establishment.

problem with most clinics are considered to be live stage patients.Sometimes you have to wait for hours to get to the right specialist.Parents know how hard to force the child to sit in the corridor.107 Children's Clinic (Moscow) - exception.In order to get to the doctor and not to stand in long queues, we need only make an appointment in advance by phone or online clinic.Kids with a high fever or severe pain are served without an appointment.


It is very important to properly care for oral avoid the development of dental disease.But even the most careful hygiene can protect against tooth decay.Polyclinic № 107 (ul. Decembrists) offers services to patients room with new equipment.It holds not only the treatment of simple ailments such as tooth decay and pulps, but also high-quality prosthetics.For a small fee you can get a really radiant smile.The head of the department of dental clinics is Alex S. Smirnov.This is a highly qualified specialist who works in the medical field for over 15 years.Great experience does not prevent him to improve their knowledge and skills.Every year there are new technologies of treatment and prosthetics, which are used in practice in the clinic 107 in Moscow.

Patients with acute pain are served out of turn.Otherwise, you should first make an appointment with a specialist.The treatment of complex diseases takes place in several stages.Specialists dental office uses the latest techniques of anesthesia.This allows you to overcome the fear of the drill and treat tooth decay without problems of any complexity.With great trepidation, doctors refer to the young patients.After all, the fear of the dental office, many born in childhood.If there were problems with baby teeth, baby clinic services № 107. Responses of parents indicate that the three-year guys quite easily tolerate filling procedure.The children are real professionals of the business.

Women's consultation at the clinic

The fair sex, which are registered in the Moscow region, assigned to the 107th clinic, are able to obtain advice from qualified gynecologists, or to register for pregnancy.Head of the women's clinic is Budyak Irina V..This is an obstetrician-gynecologist with decades of experience.During operation the doctor came to light more than 1,000 healthy infants.In the women's clinic runs the office of family planning.Here, the parents can be examined and pass all the tests in order to conceive a child.

The department operates office diagnostic ultrasound of the pelvic organs.There are examined not only pregnant women, and patients with different pathologies.Only after going through all the procedures the doctor can make a correct diagnosis of the fair sex.Women who are registered in a different region, can also be visited polyclinic № 107. Admission of doctors for them is carried out after signing the contract with the management of a medical institution.

pregnancy in the antenatal ward staff is with special attention.Equipped with comfortable sofas 107 Clinic.The doctors take patients by appointment, so to languish long wait for their turn do not have to.But even if you want to spend a little time in the hallway, you can sit back and read a brochure with useful information.

Call a doctor at home

It often happens that the disease comes unexpectedly.To get to the specialist when it has neither the power nor the desire.The problem is easily solved, if there is 107 Clinic.Call a doctor can be done over the phone.The specialist will come to the patient after he had run out of office hours in office.Call a specialist home are eligible patients with acute pain or fever, which are assigned to the 107th clinic in Moscow.Calls are recorded before 12:00.All calls that come after lunch, transferred to the next day.Help can be provided also at the weekend.The department is always working on duty doctor who can make a preliminary inspection of the patient and to make an appointment.

Call a physician by telephone registry (499) 204-60-11.A number (499) 907-63-77 consultation can be carried out over the phone.You can call from 7:00 to 20:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 18:00 at the weekend.

Reviews patients about the medical institution

Like any other institution, has a variety of responses of 107 patients clinic.Address of the main building is known to almost all who live nearby.Many patients say that the health center is located in an area with developed infrastructure.This one can easily be reached by public transport or your own car.The medical establishment has its own parking.

automated work in the clinic.The patient can make an appointment with a specialist via the website or by phone.At the same time a few hours before the scheduled time on your mobile phone will receive a message with a reminder.But, unfortunately, it does not always go according to plan.Patients say that even if the appointment to a particular specialist is sometimes necessary to wait for their turn to 20-30 minutes.But such incidents are rare.