Refresh if you do not see the code in the image, or how to quickly and easily download the file

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Now almost all the interesting and useful information focuses on open spaces of the Internet.Thanks to the web, you can not just look online any movie or listen to music.You can easily and quickly download any file in any format on your computer and use it in a convenient time.

How to download files?

order to find the desired song, a book or a video, you have to log in to your Internet browser and enter in the search box the name, adding the word "download".Then press the button search.You will see a huge list of sites from which you can download the necessary material.

choose what you want to download to your computer, you need to click the icon called "upload" or "download".Some sites just redirect you to a page sharing.Usually, if it is a free download, it is necessary to watch a promotional video then you need to enter special characters.Only after all of these conditions will begin loading.

What is the code from the picture?

Entering characters is required to ensure that the system is not overloaded site programs.By entering the correct code from the image, you confirm that you are a person and not a program.In addition, some sites are very much like to mask these signs.Sometimes, in order to still enter the correct code, it is necessary to update a few times, if you do not see the code.

It is usually located in a small window.It consists usually of a chaotic combination of letters and numbers.There are options when the code contains only letters or only numbers.In some cases, the character may perform a whole word.A special feature is the "Update" if you can not see the code written in the picture.

How to update the characters in the picture?

Design window is designed so that the kind of characters sometimes quite substantially modified, and therefore it is not clear what is written there.It is necessary to press the "Update" if you do not see the code.After clicking on it in the same window will be a new combination of letters and numbers.How to upgrade if you do not see the code?This is usually a button located next to the window with the characters themselves.It appears in most cases as two curved arrows coming one after another.

Sometimes you have to press several times icon "Update" if you do not see the code.In any case, if you do not want to pay money for downloading the file, it is necessary to be patient and to consider carefully what is written in the picture.