The design of the shelves to the wall: options.

Recently, decorative shelf on the wall became an essential attribute of interior design, regardless of the chosen stylistic directions.This kind of craze has its main function - decorative elements are able to saturate the space of rooms, bringing the room conciseness and completeness.

Modern trends

Sure, standard wall shelves in the interior, glazed and cumbersome, have long outlived their usefulness.Now, such a utilitarian piece of furniture is unlikely to fit into a modern environment and will cause others just laugh.However, the bare walls leave not taken for the simple reason that it creates innuendo and unfinished residential atmosphere.How nice sometimes to go to convenient shelves and flip through magazines filings last year, but even more pleasing aspect is demonstrating himself and everyone around lovely collection of gizmos.And here is the beautiful decorative shelf on the wall again able to solve several problems: they themselves are the aesthetics, able to fill the space without weighing it at the same time, and can also serve as the location of the other lovely gizmos.

show imagination and putting a hand

actually determine the design of the shelves on the wall - the task is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.Even if it is impossible to independently create beautiful geometric shape, you can always borrow ideas from design publications.And in order to make a small shelf, needed fixing material and plaque.Fantasy is required when the shelves on the wall disguised as wall design.In this case, they certainly should be open, painted to match the color of the walls and located in an accessible place for the hands.However, they should be placed where one does not accidentally hit the corner of the decorative object head.Therefore, corner shelves better to do with a rounded base, and the width of the board should be minimal.

functional areas: the kitchen

Design shelves on the wall has some features depending on the functional areas of accommodation.For example, in the kitchen, this piece of furniture is rather practical than decorative component.Where to put the numerous bottles of cereals and sugar, cups and spoons, spices and condiments, as well as adapting to a food processor?So many useful things, but they do not have to be hidden somewhere in the back of the cabinet.Many doors open cabinets can tire quite quickly hostess, especially if your hands are stained with flour or salt.That is why the design of the shelves to the wall in the kitchen can also assume an open position of objects.Kitchen fit long shelves on the wall with rounded edges and angular stacked structure.


In the hallway shelves are functional component, they are usually placed next to the mirror and basically make cosmetics.But in the corridor design ideas have a place to roam both in form and content structures.In that case, if the corridor is too dark on the shelves can be built lighting or make them decorative candles and unusual items.This design looks and original, and beautiful.

bedroom and study

Design shelf on the wall in the recreation area should not be overloaded fanciful geometric shapes.But quite appropriate asymmetric open design, which can put a couple of books and a miniature vase with flowers.Do not risk hanging over the headboard shelves berth for their own safety, but on the sides of these structures are acceptable.

Armchair shelves can be transformed into whole racks, it is now fashionable, and is especially important.One big piece rack on the wall includes numerous books, sorted by topics, as well as portraits of public figures and researchers, to create a working atmosphere.It is also appropriate to put on public display trophies or diplomas, framed by beautiful frames.


Here, of course, space imagination and creativity, there is no limit, and the design of the shelves to the wall (options you see in this article) it carries a decorative component.Remember, we are talking about innuendo space?This statement refers primarily to the living room and soft comfortable sofas, the wall of which in any case should not be left empty.Put on your favorite fanciful shelves trading favors, and guests will find something to do while you set the table and realize the final preparations before dinner.Do not forget one important detail: decorative elements must be combined with the stylistic design of the entire room.

Tips designers

Design shelves on the wall can be supplemented with original fasteners in the form of decorative chains or ropes.

not stop at the usual childhood symmetrical and proportionate placement of shelves.If the wall is large enough, you can easily place the items in the form of a ladder, herringbone or drugih0 not less than the original lines.Art Nouveau, neoclassic, hi-tech, easy to survive the country and placed randomly.By the way, if we consider the simulation of a vintage village life, the successful design of the shelves to the wall will be the main stylistic decision room.


Before entering Adult harvested shelves, it is necessary to work out the selected area.For this area suitable contrasting wallpaper that will attract further attention.As an option - decoration of the walls a contrasting fabric.Also in the area allocated for the shelves can be to hang a small mirror, stylish paintings, and especially talented people manifest themselves in the art of painting.On top of all this magnificence should be competent lights.And then shelving series with lovely bagatelles become one of the main objects of the interior.

Some recommendations

As we have said, it is necessary to place the shelf with the mind, in that place where there will be an increased risk of injury.In any case, finding failure in terms of security of object placement, you can always outweigh a few centimeters away, eliminating the chance of injury of any part of the body.

Spotlights - the perfect design shelf design, because they are not overtighten attention to themselves, complementing the delicate structure.

saving household budget

course, shelves of any size can be purchased in a furniture hypermarket.However, if you have somewhere to store dismantled the old wall or cupboard has long outlived its day, it was their part may serve as a basis for a new original design.To saw out the basic elements necessary to be a hacksaw, measuring tape and a pencil drawing.And breathe new life into the material help modern decorative colorants or oilcloth.And then all of exclusive design can be assembled with a significant budget savings.

Tip: If you do fun and rewarding reflection and design of the home interior, turning their attention to any, even the most unexpected materials at hand.You walk in the park?Pay attention to the frilly roots, branches, and even penechki - in fact all of these materials at the elementary processing can serve as a basis for the design supereksklyuzivnogo shelf design.