The coat of arms of Serbia: history and meaning

symbolism of this country are interested in the presence of several variants of the emblem - big and small.Each contains important for understanding the history of the state points, so they should be considered separately.

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State emblem is the symbol of Serbian sovereignty, which was approved in August 2004.At the same time it was chosen the new national anthem and a flag, which replaced the signs used at the time of entering the territory of Yugoslavia.Large Serbian emblem depicts the double-headed eagle.On his chest is a red shield.It shows the so-called Serbian Cross four-Flint.Above the shield are placed a cloak and the royal crown.They coincide with the images from the coat of arms of the Obrenovic dynasty, which was adopted in 1882.The use of such symbols is the only reference in the history of the State, not having to do with the monarchy.In the world there are other countries that use the image in the arms of the royal crown, or other elements, but it is a democratic republic.These include Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Montenegro and Georgia.

Small version

Small Serbian coat of arms looks like a red shield, which depicts a silver double-headed eagle crowned.At the head of each of the nine feathers and beaks pointing in different directions and are made in gold color, they are wide open.Wings spread out and form together with the tail and the heads of the outline of the cross.The feathers on the neck of an eagle distributed four rows, each with seven feathers.On the wings of the scheme is approximately the same.Each wing has four rows with a different number: in the first seven pens, nine second, seven in the third and the same in the fourth.In the golden eagle feet, which are directed diagonally.The tail is positioned vertically on it three rows of seven feathers.On his chest is a red shield with four fields, each one silver flint.On top is a gold crown with white beads, blue sapphires and red rubies, as well as with the cross.Big coat of arms of Serbia supplemented mantle with ermine lining in the background.In addition, the crown it looks different: it is decorated with a larger number of sapphires.


Modern emblem and flag of Serbia adopted the relevant decree in August 2004.It also describes and how to use them.According to the Constitution of the Republic determines the existence of an independent state with sovereignty.The coat of arms can be used in two ways, it allows law established in June 1882.Therefore, in the course and large and small.The State Emblem of Serbia, pictures of which are known to many Europeans, is used in the main option on the facades of buildings the following: the National Assembly, the president of the government, the Constitutional Court, the National Bank.It is present in the official press.Small coat of arms used on the facades of municipal institutions.

Serbian flag

country enjoys tricolor traditional rectangular shape of most countries.Also on the panel strips placed in a small state emblem version.Colors run horizontally in the following order: top - red, middle - blue, and the bottom - white.Each of them is associated with a specific value.For example, blue has long been associated with chastity and honesty.Red is a sign of courage and guts warriors country.White is the symbol of peace and generosity.Interestingly related to the coat of arms.He enjoys a commanding position and is located on all three bands.Thus it is quite possible for the official use of the law of the flag without any image of the logo.