Which country belongs to the flag - green, white, red?

white, green and red - a very popular color used for state symbols in almost all continents.What value can take on such a combination?


This flag is used since 1961, when the country gained independence from the British Empire.The colors that make up the flag - green, white, red and black.The first three are located horizontal stripes on a rectangle whose length is the width of the two-to-one, and the latter is located at the shaft, forming a trapezoid.Each color has a meaning: the white symbolizes the desire for peace, black recalls the bygone battles and sacrifices, red is associated with blood, shed for the sovereignty and the green represents the peaceful pastures.Flag can be used both on land and at sea, and disrespectful attitude towards him is a crime.Picture of the flag is present on the coat of arms, which is a disk covered by the wings of the golden falcon.He painted the ship, over which flies the flag.Green, white and red stripes and a black trapezoid do not allow to make a mistake - a standard of Kuwait.Above the ship depicted the sky, and beneath it - a wave of the Persian Gulf.On his chest is depicted as a hawk heraldic shield, echoing the colors of the flag and their order.

Maldives National flag, green, white, red, which occupy all the panel was established at the beginning of the twentieth century, when the representatives of the Ottoman Empire began to exert its influence on the territory.They added to the symbol of the crescent moon, at first he was sent to a staff, and then he turned to the other side.Here is the modern symbol.Length refers to the width in a ratio of three to two.In the center of red cloth is a green rectangle, which depicts a white crescent.Color fundamentals is a tribute to the fallen heroes who chose death for the freedom of the motherland instead of security.The green rectangle is reminiscent of an infinite number of trees on the islands and the crescent moon is an indication of a state religion - Islam.Colors that uses the flag - green, white, red - are used in other elements of symbolism.The coat of arms with the image of two palm trees used cloth immediately.


Another country whose national flag of green, white, red colors are united, is located in South America.The cloth Surinam performed in classical quadrangular shape, with a length related to the width as a three to two.By law, it can be used as the official and civilians, at sea and on land.So, it looks like the Surinamese flag?Green, white and red horizontal stripes equal but are situated.Along the edges - a wide green.Further more narrow strips, they are white.Finally, located in the center of the red band.It shows a big yellow star with five rays.Green is the symbol of the state of fertile land, white recalls the desire of citizens to freedom, and the red - their desire to establish a progressive society.Golden Star is a sign of unity of different nations in one state.


flag of the republic used since 1962, when the country gained independence from France.The cloth with the proportions of three to two vertically divided into two parts, the hoist - green, while the free edge - white.In the center is a crescent moon with a five-pointed star, they are made in red.The green color symbolizes the country's main religion, Islam.White is associated with purity of thought and faith in the future, as well as red represents the tenets of the Muslim faith.