Rules of the road for cyclists.

bicycle - a convenient and environmentally friendly vehicles, with which you can quickly get to your destination or just a good time with friends in the country.To ride it, there is no age limit.The kids from an early age begin to pedal.But unfortunately, the rules of the road for cyclists know not all.But riding on the roadway can be very dangerous.


There is an official definition according to which a bicycle - this vehicle on two or three wheels set in motion with the help of muscle strength.The official rules for cyclists describe all road users.Few people know that the person operating any vehicle - a driver.The term "rider" is not an official.If a person rolls the vehicle on the road, but does not go on it, so it is pedestrian.In addition, pedestrians include all road users who travel on skis, skates, with the help of some other sports equipment.Do not apply to pedestrians people doing road repair work.

Traffic rules for cyclists also describe the areas that are divided road.The basic element is a special track designed for riding on two-wheelers.This element of the road must be marked as such.Separately isolated pedestrian zone.Traffic rules for cyclists describe this element of the road as an area intended for pedestrians.Exit and entry to the zone denoted by special signs.In some cases, the two-wheel drive is to transport permitted.Element road which is adjacent to the roadway, is also called a sidewalk.

while riding on the carriageway on the bike can happen any unexpected situation.Before going on a long distance, check the serviceability of the vehicle.Cyclists must have a quality brake, steering and good loud signal.If you plan to move in the dark, it is necessary to equip the vehicle or the reflector lamp.Rules for scooter drivers and cyclists say that in case of failure the pedestrian has the right to roll the vehicle only during the movement of other vehicles.Leaving the dark roadway without reflectors is prohibited.

basic rules of the road for cyclists

Sometimes on the road there is a special area for movement of two-wheeled transport.Cyclists in this case is to give preference to her.Machinery moved at an impressive rate, and safely maneuver between them is not able to even the most experienced owner of two-wheeled transport.For those who still decided to go on the roadway, is to adhere to the right lane.You can also go by the wayside if it does not create a nuisance to pedestrians and other road users.

Rules of the road for cyclists does not include the ability to navigate the highway.It is forbidden to move pedestrians, riders, as well as any vehicles that are not capable of speeds over 40 km of movement per hour.Moving along the highway can be dangerous to health and life.

When leaving the pedestrian or residential areas on the roadway cyclist is obliged to carefully examine the situation on the road.You must yield to those vehicles, which are located at a distance of no more than 100 meters.You can not cross the road to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

There are special rules for cyclists who travel in groups.So travelers should be divided into several columns of 10 people.The distance between the individual groups of cyclists must be at least 100 meters.This will ensure the unimpeded movement of other road users.If there is a line on the road markings indicating the edge, it must be located to the left of the group of cyclists.The distance between the moving cars and two-wheeled vehicles should not be less than a meter.If a group of cyclists moving on the roadway in the dark, every vehicle must be equipped with lights.The front light must be white, and the rear - red.This will help other road users see on a trajectory of moving a group of cyclists.

Navigating the busy roadway

adult cyclist has every right to walk on the carriageway within the city.At the same time he is obliged to stick to the right edge of the road.It is not recommended to travel more than 1 meter from the right edge.This can be done only for the bypass any obstacles on the road.Rules of the road for cyclists to prohibit the use of the roadway vehicle breakdown.You can not move without holding hands on the wheel and your feet on the pedals.It is not recommended to leave on a busy road in a snow, reduced visibility (fog) or ice.

Particular attention should be paid to the movement of the passengers.Transporting anyone on the frame is not recommended.For children who are under seven years shall be equipped with a special seat with seat belts.Drivers of this age do not have the right to leave the roadway without adult supervision.

Rules for cyclists is also an opportunity to describe the transportation of goods.When driving on the roadway certified to carry baggage that extends beyond the vehicle is not more than 0.5 meters.In addition, you can not move on a busy road, if the cargo prevents control the bike.This may cause inconvenience to other drivers.

correct fare intersections

At each intersection, the classic rule of priority.This means that the vehicle that moves along a secondary road, is obliged to give way to a car or bicycle is moved along the main road.By turning the right driver should miss those traveling straight.

Much more complications may occur when driving on an unregulated intersection.In most cases, the cyclist has to give way to four-wheeled vehicles.The only exception is the roadway with a specially equipped track.In addition, there are many roads for bicycle traffic lights.Rules for cyclists say that you must obey the traffic lights as standard governing the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

What signals should submit a cyclist?

Road users will be able to travel safely if they use a special language of signals.Motorists serves a variety of signs through the headlights.Cyclists also communicate their intentions using hand movements.If the driver of a bicycle moving on the roadway, is going to turn, he must draw a direct hand in the direction of rotation.When moving to the right pull the right hand, the left - the left.What if by coincidence is not possible to signal a right hand turn?There is an exit!You can bend the elbow in the opposite rotation of the arm and pulled her up.

Each cyclist on a busy highway rest areas must inform the traffic also the intention to stop.To do this is just to pull up any hand.Rules for cyclists PDD state that any signal must be submitted no later than one minute to perform a step on the road.

Don'ts cyclists?

Traffic rules for cyclists are created completely in order to break them.They allow drivers of two-wheeled vehicles to safely get to your destination and do not create any additional interference to other traffic participants.Cyclists banned from traveling on the roadway, if there is available a specially equipped bicycle path.To move on the defective vehicle is not recommended.Movement of bicyclists on roadsides, pavements and footpaths is permitted only in extreme cases.The driver must adhere to minimum speed, so as not to endanger other road users.

move on a busy highway is forbidden without special security features.These are a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads.Merge onto the road persons who have not attained the age of 14 can only accompanied by an adult.Everyone must travel by bicycle, holding firmly behind the wheel at least one hand.To transport passengers or on the frame dimensional cargo prohibited.Children under seven years of travel in a specially designed chair with seat belts.Tow bicycle on the roadway is impossible.Transport the faulty tool can only manually.

If the direction of movement of the cyclist there are several bands or near the tram line, turn prohibited.Traffic rules for cyclists are the same as for cars.Turn can only be on a special section of the route.The road which has multiple lanes in a single direction, can be fast.Cars are moving at a speed greater than 60 kilometers per hour.Failure to comply could lead to disastrous consequences.Rules for cyclists on the road quite simple.Follow them - is a guarantee of the safety of road users.

Mass cycling action

More and more of the younger generation prefer cleaner two-wheeled transport.Bicycle enthusiasts spend a lot of shares.They gather people with similar views.All cycling action - it is a beautiful and spectacular event.However, in order to reach a large group of people with their vehicles is not so simple.In addition, many of the participants of such events does not know what the rules for cyclists exist.Wrong to assume that safety and order in any event - it is a question of qualification of the organizer.The organizer of an event only creates the conditions for its participants to have fun and useful to spend time.Those who do not know the basic rules, you should not go to such shares.

Home for cyclists at such events - the knowledge of the elementary aspects of movement within a large group of people.It is worth noting that the age limit for participation in actions of this type available.On your vehicle can come even a child.But the rules for pupils cyclist has not been canceled.Better if the child who is not yet 14 years old, will be accompanied by an adult.Children under 10 years of cycling action to take is not recommended.The kid can get lost in the crowd and will create obstacles for other road users.

basic rules of conduct in the mass bicycle promotions

Safety rules for cyclists - it does not guarantee that the event will take place without incident.In addition to the requirements relating to the movement, it is necessary to follow the unwritten laws of interaction with other participants of the action.First of all you should always keep your distance and travel around the track in a straight line.If the motion is carried out in a column, it is impossible to overtake its members.Those who want to travel with a friend, a neighbor, a mother, you need to get close to even at the start.Moving between the parties to the column, the cyclist causes serious interference to the others.

organizers of the campaign can be created new rules for cyclists who wish to become participants of the event.They should definitely stick.The move is necessary, without deviating from the path of the bulk.If the column should be on the roadway, do not leave the pavement.The exception may be only bicyclists under 14 years.Move through the pedestrian zone is allowed only at low speed.

Moving in a group of cyclists, you must take into account their interests.When driving the vehicle, do not smoke.It should be remembered that not all participants are bad habits.Cigarette smoke can be someone simply unpleasant.In addition, the road and without it there is a lot of exhaust.It is undesirable for moving in the column as to talk on the phone.It distracts the driver of the vehicle and other road users.The cyclist may accidentally press the brake.This will lead to a drop, and will also prevent the others.

Any maneuvers on the road while driving in the group should coordinate with other members of the movement.This refers to the turns and stops.Rules for cyclists DD describe the special gestures with which member of the movement can inform the others of its intentions.Before you turn, you should take a horizontal arm in the appropriate direction.Raised hand indicates that the cyclist is planning to stay.

inappropriate to show their acrobatic abilities when traveling in a group.Riding wheelies and jumping over obstacles appear, of course, spectacular.But such maneuvers can be a danger to other participants.

Organization of mass cycling columns

popularity of cycling shares is growing every year.More and more people want to participate in such events.But a huge number of cyclists must be properly organized.Today there are entire companies that offer everything you need to carry out such actions.This is a different reflective tape and vests.It is possible to rent one or several vehicles.His care is provided as volunteers.They are experienced cyclists who are always ready to help beginners.

Proper organization of the event depends on the rails and closing duty.These are people who know and unquestioningly follow the rules for pedestrians and cyclists.Guides vehicle drivers set the pace of movement throughout the column.The person who assigned this role should not move too quickly.It should be remembered that the participants of the event may be people with different physical training.It should be comfortable for everybody - both beginners and experienced cyclists.Guides see to it that others did not make overtaking, and warned that the approaching any obstacles.Close to guide cyclists always moving vehicle maintenance.

Duty drivers of two-wheeled vehicles moving inside the column.They follow the general procedure.More often than not adhere to the right edge of duty.This also makes it possible to control the bicycle, which are moved out of the right lane.Duty members of the movement are often contrasting form.Therefore, to know them from the rest is easy.

Closing cyclists are required to ensure that the column is not stretched or torn.More often than not with a guide cyclist radio set.This allows to control the speed of movement across the column.


cyclists on the roadway controlled by federal law.Violation of traffic rules is punishable by an adult person was originally a simple warning.If the driver continues to evade the rules, he faces a fine of 100 rubles.It is forbidden to walk on the bike on the roadway while intoxicated.Such behavior entails a fine ranging from 300 to 500 rubles without notice.

If you have violated the rules for cyclists for the children, take responsibility for themselves parents.At the same time of the offense the police can inform the educational institution in which the number of violators.If the deviation from the rules led to the accident of light gravity, for a misdemeanor will have to pay 300 rubles.If the injury was caused to other road users, the fine will be 1,500 rubles.

Compliance with the rules - a guarantee of safety.