Plastic midface

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In our modern world, perhaps, not a single person, no matter who he knew - what a facelift.Of course, the first signs of aging can be corrected cosmetology injections or laser treatments.But there are some areas of the face, which is almost impossible to adjust without surgical intervention.

These include - the average area of ​​the face, affecting the area of ​​the cheekbone to the nasolabial area.It is this area is the most susceptible to the initial age-related changes, as bears the main burden mimic.In this area over the years, there are pronounced nasolabial folds, lowered cheeks and eyes becoming sad.

There have only trip to the beautician can not do, but to be young and beautiful oh, how I want.In this case, experts recommend a procedure such as an endoscopic facelift.The operation is performed by means of special devices - endoscopes that allow through very small incisions to hold bulk operations minimum damage to surrounding tissues.

its advantages is that the minimal incisions are placed in areas where they are well camouflaged, namely on the scalp.

For a more detailed specification of indications and technique of this operation, we turned to a plastic surgeon Alexey Avdeev, who helped us to understand the following issues:

This shows the operation?

for any operation must be evidence.For lifting the midface is:

- start omission of the soft tissues of the zygomatic area with the deepening of the nasolabial folds,

- the formation of tear trough,

- contouring paint fat pad,

- retraction in nizhneorbitlnoy zone, sometimes with the formation of fatty hernia lowercentury.

How is the operation?

co-operation is performed under anesthesia, local, combined with intravenous.The patient may sleep, and may communicate with the surgical team.The endoscopic method is based on the use of special video endoscopes, which are introduced through small incisions in the skin.Through them, and do all the surgical procedures.

it necessary to combine endoscopic lift with other types of surgery?

Depending on the evidence, lifting the midface combined with blepharoplasty eyelid, liposuction of neck and chin area and the lifting of the forehead.The combination with cosmetic procedures such as laser, fillers, mesotherapy, but this is after surgery and rehabilitation period.

What period of rehabilitation?

Stitches (brackets) are removed after 9-11 days.The first week you must wear a special compression bandage, which promotes rapid tissue repair and prevents swelling.Patients can go home after 3-4 hours.Rehabilitation after surgery is individual from five days to three weeks.

There is a definite trend, the younger, faster.In any event during the period of rehabilitation must adhere to gentle treatment - do not smoke, do not sunbathe, do not go to bath and sauna, not overload yourself physical activity and so on.

What results provides endoscopic lift and how often it should be done?

result is always the same: a young oval face, fuller cheeks, smoothing (leveling) failure under the eyes, smoothing nasolabial folds and tear trough.As a rule, a one-time operation, after which the effect is maintained for 7-10 years and this, in our opinion, the most important thing.

I have not had to repeat from the same patients.If we talk about what will happen next: most likely, eventually "fall" other areas of the face that require more drastic interventions and longer cuts.But it is only over the years and maybe not at all.