Volzhanka: a plant for the shady garden

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Gardening - known passion for our fellow citizens.As soon as the holiday season begins, they are ready for days work in his garden, creating a stunning composition of ornamental plants.Unfortunately, not everyone has a bright and spacious gardens and gardening enthusiasts because of their plots have to find green spaces, which can grow in shady areas.One of these is Volzhanka - a plant that is suitable for cultivation in wet conditions and poor light.

It is also known as arunkus.The advantage is not only in its unpretentiousness, but also an impressive appearance.At the height of this herbaceous plant can reach a height of two meters.Special chic arunkusu give fluffy long panicles of its colors, which reach a length of two feet!Flowering begins in mid-summer.

Generally, Volzhanka - a plant that looks good not only in the time of flowering.Contribute to this large and delicate leaves, which gives it a remarkable and very impressive appearance.The width of the shrub can reach one meter, so that the group of plants is ideal for decorating gardens.

As already mentioned, Volzanka nettle does not require any special care.She is so unpretentious that can be successfully cultivated on the sunny and shady places.However, the plant will thank you rapid growth and excellent appearance when grown in humus-rich and well-loosened soil.

Although Volzanka easily do without these "excesses": in addition to the above-mentioned ability to grow in the shade and in the sun, the plant tolerates even wetlands and good grows in arid regions.Not surprisingly, Volzhanka, reviews of which the enthusiastic gardeners overwhelmed thematic forums, is one of the most desirable "guests" in the areas of domestic gardening enthusiasts.

Of course, even with such outstanding qualities arunkusa forget the need to at least a minimum of care should not be.Events care are simple and include weeding, fertilizing (if the poor soil), irrigation especially in dry years.

should be borne in mind that the young Volzhanka - plant almost does not need feeding.However, this is true only for those cases when it is planted in a soil rich in humus.By the way, arunkus best responds to organic fertilizers, but nice and responsive to phosphorus-potassium mixture.It should be noted that after flowering (and it lasts about a month) it is necessary to cut the wilting blossoms that continue to pull nutrients from the plant.After the onset of autumn (or winter / early spring in the southern regions) must be cut and stem arunkusa, leaving a stump no more than five centimeters in height.

As for pests or diseases, the Volzhanka - plant them very stable.However, caterpillars sawyers may be some danger for him, but because preventive treatment with special compounds do not interfere.