The coat of arms of Nizhny Novgorod: the origin and meaning

place in the union of two majestic rivers Oka and Volga Russia is the ancient city of Nizhny Novgorod.This beautiful city in 1221 was founded by Prince Yuri Vsevolodovich.Initially, it was a reference point for the defense of Cheremisses, Tatars and Mordovians.Once finished the Tatar yoke Nizhny Novgorod became a political and economic center of Northeast Russia.

Symbols of Nizhny Novgorod

Like any other city of the country, Nizhny Novgorod has its own symbols, which are known by every citizen of this metropolis and all the Nizhny Novgorod region.Official symbols of the former city of Gorky - flag and emblem Nizhny Novgorod.They have their own history, and not just to change the look.

Nizhny Novgorod coat

basis for the current coat of arms has served as the provincial coat of arms of Nizhny Novgorod, ratification of August 16 in the distant 1781.Made coat of arms of Nizhny Novgorod in the form of a quadrangle, the lower ends of it are rounded, and the end of the heraldic shield in the cente

r sharp.On all sides it is framed by the red ribbon of the Order of Lenin.

Explanation of symbols

Crown represents the highest development, the achievements of the ancient city.Provides information that Nizhny Novgorod - a city district, the administrative center of the region.

deer symbolizes wisdom, sublimity, purity, life and greatness.This is one of the most popular emblems heraldry.Deer - a symbol of a warrior, embodies the victory of light over the dark forces.The city's coat of arms on which color is a noble animal, is destined to prosper.

tape that surrounds the coat of arms of Nizhny Novgorod, said that the city has a reward in the form of the Order of Lenin.

What do the colors of the emblem

Chervlёny color of the coat of arms includes the energy, courage, maturity, courage and fearlessness.

silver color symbolizes purity, nobility and perfection.

Black means honesty, prudence, humility and wisdom.

modern arms of Nizhny Novgorod, a photo which you can see has been approved in 2006, on 20 December.It happened after the leadership of the country, it was decided that all arms of the city, which is the administrative center shall be a crown.


history of the coat of arms of Nizhny Novgorod and symbols depicted on it, is still considered controversial.Some historians argue that in XVI-XVII centuries.the coat of arms was painted elk elk, and in the XVIII century was changed Heraldry deer.Other experts believe that the deer at the Nizhny Novgorod coat of arms was present already in the XVII century.Their assumptions they are based on "sovereign's paintings all the press" in 1626, which was drawn up after a fire in Moscow, which occurred in 1626.Thereof, referred to in "Printing Nizhny Novgorod: the deer, the land beneath it."

SV Afonshin in his "Tale of violent deer" writes that in the era of Ivan the Terrible many elk deer lived in the forests of Nizhny Novgorod.Their meat is inspired warriors on winning the battle.Terrible King learned to hunt them and having extracted the meat of the brave and the beautiful elk, conquered the city of Kazan.Then he gave an order to the coat of arms of Nizhny Novgorod decorated with elk elk, but officials mistakenly painted horned deer.

Another version of the appearance instead of deer elk: in the old days, moose often called "elk deer," that is showing that his mighty horns of a type reminiscent of Russian plow.And if you imagine that the emblem was painted fryazhskie artist (painter from another country), it is likely he did not understand what a "deer elk" and it looks like, and drew the usual Europeans deer.

Another rumor has it that Empress Catherine the Great at a time when the very thought out in every city emblems, I thought that all the deer looks in comparison with the mighty moose, sleeker, and ordered to give the coat of arms of Nizhny Novgorod finesse.

interesting fact is that, as hunters remember the Nizhny Novgorod region, the only deer, which saw in the local forests, the North was, inexplicably found himself in the southern latitudes.Perhaps it was his coat of arms was placed on the Nizhniy Novgorod.

heraldic deer

The red deer is a symbol of courage, generosity and courageous warrior.The most popular of his image as a mascot in Germany and England.According to ancient legends of the peoples of Germany, the deer could only get his scent to escape the snake.It is this ability and became the basis to use this beautiful animal as a symbol of the fight against ill-wishers, the symbol of a warrior bold, strong, not only physically, but also the spirit and morals, ideas.The animal, like a deer can be seen on the arms of a great many cities in the world.Noble and elegant appearance made it very popular in heraldry.

Deer often shown in profile, but it shows either skipping, running or procession is important, but can be peacefully.As an exception, the animal may be leisure lying.Occasionally draw only one deer head and his beautiful horns.Besides meaning, these differences are needed in order not to confuse the image of the noble animal, as symbols of belonging to different countries, peoples, territories, lands and even some sorts of people.In addition to differences in figures or painted parts of the body of an animal, there are differences in color.For example, the coat of arms of Nizhny Novgorod, the image with which you have seen, decorated with bright red deer, the coat of arms of the principality of Rostov depicts a deer silver.In Poland, paint white deer with a golden crown.