How to make a bath inside: ideas.

have a modern spacious bath - the dream of many Russians.Nobody thinks of country living without spiritual gatherings with friends, the feeling of complete peace and inner harmony that give the wood wall, steam and oak broom.And, despite the fact that almost all the houses are equipped with showers for a long time, namely bath is central to the relaxing, health and hygiene procedures.What should be the interior of a modern bath and changed there something in design trends over the past decade?We learn about it right now.

three main areas of classical design

More recently, during the time of our grandfathers and grandmothers in traditional bath was only two rooms: room with steam room sink and a small dressing room.Over the years, people have raised the level of material wealth, which allowed to put more spacious facilities and completely separate areas from each other.Moreover, the interior of the bath inside can now include the real Finnish sauna with stones instead of steam.However, the classic version of the interior consists of three separated by spaces:

  • steam room;
  • room for washing;
  • recreation room (dressing room).

functional components in the steam room

man cleans his spirit and fully relax in the sink taken to produce hygienic procedures.If these two areas are combined, not all the strength to withstand the temperature, sometimes reaching up to 100 degrees, and at the same time comfortable wash.For better and better relax these areas should be separated, as well as allocated under this spacious room recreation room with a sofa, desk, TV, and other useful things.So if you want the interior lounges baths can be designed so that it looked like a guest for relatives and friends who came to the hosts for the weekend.

Additional Facilities

People with unlimited financial resources can afford to build a real vacation from the bath complex for recreation.In addition to these main areas of classical and there may include a billiard room, a play, a font (Pool), shower, bathroom, kitchen, and rooms for spa treatments and massages.

most demanded finishing

Of the variety of finishing materials Only wood is still the most popular.It is impossible to imagine the interior of the bath in any other version.None of the materials is not able so to "breathe" and so unite with nature.To the interior does not rot on the surface of walls, ceiling, floor and oak benches applied a special water-repellent composition, as well as the regular dried bath after use.

interior style

modern interior baths can be made in any style, but people are increasingly moving away from the pomp and return to basics.Antique plates, massive oak benches and couches give laconic style, austerity, but at the same time complete.Traditionally, on the floor in the dressing room flaunt homespun mats and rugs, the windows hang curtains with folk motifs, the doors are decorated with carved frames.All this underscores the atmosphere of purpose room - a return to his roots, to the sources, the purification of the soul and strengthen the spirit.

only difference that has undergone interior Russian bath compared to their counterparts of old Russian, is the abundance of light.Now, in the dressing room allowed large bright windows and a modern lighting system makes the area given over to the steam room and the sink in the most desirable location for relaxing treatments.

Additional decorative elements

When it comes to the bath, many people are against the pretentiousness and ostentatious luxury, but they are not frank and supporters of austerity.How to decorate the interior with additional elements, is not out of the general concept?In this case, pay attention to forging and forged items, wood carving, stone finishes in the steam.About embroidery, which you can decorate linens and curtains in the lounge, we have already spoken.It is also considered a good stylistic decision hung along the walls of decorative brooms and aromatic herbs.In other words, the interior wooden bath created with the little things and accessories.

How to choose materials for interior design?

to deal with the choice of materials for interior decoration, you need to know their characteristics.Requirements to be met by lining, quite a lot, but chief among them are considered environmentally friendly, resistant to moisture and extremes of high temperatures, hygiene, practicality and durability.And the final factor in the choice of wood are aesthetics and flawless appearance.However, it should be remembered that fussy, irritated eyes finish is unacceptable to places where people are used to relax the body and soul.Each room will suit a particular variety of wood finishing, because all areas have their own characteristics.Consider this question in more detail.

Finish sauna: steam.The most suitable materials

in an area with high temperatures as the only acceptable finish hardwood trees.When coming into contact with the heated surface of the body burns are not allowed (otherwise it is necessary to use a litter), namely hardwood least able to heat up.These rocks do not emit tar, and this hinders the development of fungal elements.Dry out the room with the present type of finish will be at normal ventilation.

If you take into account the strength and durability of the material, stop the choice on aspen, but this breed is devoid of aesthetic appeal.

If you want bright, attractive interior baths, opted for alder.Also, this breed is easy to process, pleasant to the touch and resistant to steam, condensation, temperature extremes.

that over time the room is not dark, stay on Lipe.This material is not raskalivaetsya, it has aesthetic and unobtrusive flavor.Many developers buy lime for interior decoration because of its efficiency.

Recently gaining popularity exotic African tree species, and the first in this list is Abash.As is known, tropical trees grow at high humidity and incredible heat, which is why the shop, made of exotic woods, virtually no heat.The interior of the sauna (sauna with dry air and high temperatures), this option is considered the preferred finish.

floor in the steam room is best tiled, and put on top of a wooden lattice.If you want to stand completely wooden interior, then as a floor covering suitable larch.

Some tips and tricks

  • If used in the interior decoration of wood in different colors, it can be original, interesting and contrasting arrange the room.Interior Design baths, where sun loungers and benches made in dark colors, and the walls - in lighter, favorably differ from the usual presentation of our rooms.
  • For contrast and variety in the steam room using unfinished solid trunks as walls, placing them perpendicular to the floor.
  • Steam should not be large.So, it heats up faster and helps to fully relax.
  • In the vapor zone is unacceptable to put on the wood varnishes and paints, as during chemical air heating particles produce toxins.
  • Do not use the material with knots.When heated, over time, these blotches shrivel and fall.
  • Screws for assembly and deepen as much as possible to avoid contact with the body during the adoption procedures.
  • Drops of condensate drain faster vertically packed bunk.
  • Mouldings pick of waterproof material.
  • well dry floor, in the form of wood flooring that has the ability to recline above the horizontal surface.

Interior Baths: tiled

Due to high humidity areas, some bath is best to issue tiles.Thus, if desired, the lower part of the washing can be performed from this material.In this case, the problem will be solved with rotting boards, the room will serve longer.If you do not want to depart from tradition and kept the stylistic direction of "antique", you can pick up a tile wood shades.

Making waiting room

But in this part of the room is the place conifers.How can we do without proof resinous flavor that causes real bliss in the completion of all procedures?Volatile, which stands of pine, strengthen the immune system a beneficial effect on the psyche, relax and feel better.

is why pine is the most popular recreation areas finishing material baths.In addition to the beneficial effects on the health of the material aesthetic, affordable, durable and durable.From imported materials is highly valued Canadian pine, which has a nice pink color.

resinous fir has a strong lasting fragrance and light shade, durable.

fir also has a lighter shade, but almost does not emit tar.

hardwood finishes changing room for the most suitable material - birch.