How to bathe a cat?

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Owners of cats at some point it becomes necessary to wash his four-legged friend.And here there is a reasonable question about how to bathe a cat and "Lost."We know that baleen and striped purring do not like water treatment, and some of them just in the spirit can not tolerate them.During washing even the most affectionate pet sometimes turns into a furious predator, which can strongly scratched you.By their nature, cats are very cautious and would not begin to go into the water, if it is not absolutely necessary.How to bathe a cat, if it got dirty?How to reduce the unpleasant impression of the process that the cat was not worried?These and other questions are answered in this article.

Do I need to do it at all?

Some owners argue as follows: if the cat itself is very clean, then expose them to a lot of stress, which is a swim in the home, not necessarily.This view is erroneous.How to bathe a cat, you know, just came to the subject responsibly.I must say that it is necessary to wash the cats on the grounds that their fur gradually accumulate dust, dirt, that is not scrubbed rough tongue.Cats - real chistyuli and therefore will lick themselves endlessly, trying by all means at any cost to get rid of any dirt.Such excessive toilet can lead to a large accumulation of cat hair in the stomach and cause a number of diseases.

Wash cat need no more than one - two times a year.Of course, much will depend on what her hair.If the cat is a luxurious fur coat, then it will have to bathe more often.Grooming animals exhibition is especially necessary before important events.In other cases, you need to wash their purring as needed.

When accustom the cat to the water procedures?

How to bathe a cat?Cat is very important "to introduce" to the bathroom at a young age.It is believed that if the kitten just are not accustomed to regular washing, then later you can not do it.The representatives of the cat family are very sensitive to their habits, so you must make sure that they are pre-formed.Little kitten will look for you to protect, and washing is likely to accept as inevitable.The adult animal is required to release the claws in the event of such a contingency and can inadvertently cause the owner of deep scratches.

How to behave while swimming?

Before washing, try to reassure your pet.Speak kind words to him (cat very good catch and perceive intonation man feel his mood), caress it, I repeat, this is a necessary procedure because he got dirty.It would be misleading to assume that cats are not capable of deep feelings for his master.Almost always these lovely Fluffy configured as a person, that are able to exert a beneficial effect on him.

During the process of hard, but not much keep the animal with one hand while the other held immediately washing procedure.How to bathe a cat without consequences?First of all, you have to be confident in yourself.Soothing pet if the situation so requires, and if possible try to make all the necessary manipulations as soon as possible.No cat will not tolerate for long on such a "mockery."It is better to keep time of 5-10 minutes, a larger count is not necessary.


Before washing, make sure to prepare everything necessary so that your cat is not afraid.Remember to stand in water for a long time he would not, so it is important to have everything under the hand.How to bathe a cat and what to cook?Shampoo (it should already be on the table next to the bathroom), a non-rigid brush for combing wool, a special towel for wiping perhaps a small basin or tub.

Many cat owners prefer to wash their pets just in small containers, believing that because they will experience less stress.In fact, a lot depends on your attitude.Acquire a baby bath is not necessary.How to bathe a cat, if he stubbornly refuses to become prepared for him in the container?Proceed gently, show patience and kindness.

water temperature

preparing a bath for your pet, you need to consider several factors.Firstly, the water should not be too hot, otherwise you risk your pet cause burns of varying intensity.It is not necessary to dip the cat in cold water - it can get cold and sick.

How to bathe a cat without any particular consequences for it?Putting your pet in water should be cautious, trying not to scare him.Make sure that the water does not reach the ears.Head Wash necessarily enough to wet the rest of the hair and gently wash it by special shampoo.

If a cat bites and scratches

In the case when the animal shows aggression do not need to worry about during washing, pat him and say a few kind words.In general, it is desirable to start with this procedure itself.Understand that animals need your support.It is well known that cats to wash, to put it mildly, do not like, so they must sometimes long "to persuade."If you kept the cat in the bath too long, and he began to bite your hand, the more likely you are guilty.No representative of the feline will not be easy in the water for half an hour - forty minutes, so keep in mind that time is limited.

If the pet is behaving too aggressively (heavily scratched intentionally biting your fingers, hissing menacingly), then the limit of patience he had for today.What should I do in this case?A similar situation occurs rarely, so it is also dangerous.If this happens, and you can do nothing to appease the angry animal, so just let it go.Pull out of the bathroom, give time to calm down.Most often, such precedents are caused by owners who are forced to be an animal for a long time in the bathroom.The same event will take place, if you pick up the cat on the street homeless and try to wash it.After an unsuccessful attempt to take the time to analyze the situation and realize their mistake.Now you will be a responsible approach to the question of how to bathe a cat.

Protect eyes

refers to his own.Angry animal can accidentally hurt you.Keep your face to the cat, because she may at any time make uncontrolled movements, which is capable of causing serious injury.It's obvious that a very complicated question is how to bathe a cat.

If he is afraid of water, try to pour water into the container, and then later to put the animal.Cat can scare the sound of running water, so do not turn it further.If you have a longhaired pet before bathing should be thoroughly combed.

How to bathe a cat, which never washed

course, circumstances in life can be different: you find on the street homeless animal, or simply never washed his Mike Farley, for whatever reasons.The first thing is to get ready: the cat for a long time can be stubborn and refuse to wet her lovely legs.It is best not to turn the washing procedure in violence against animals, and try to lure him into the bathroom: to make sure that he went there voluntarily.If necessary, have resorted to various tricks and tactics.For example, you can turn the water on in the bathroom and try to get his attention.Despite his dislike of the water element, many cats for a long time and with great interest watching the streams flowing down.

How to bathe a cat?Proper bathing, certainly begins with careful preparation.If whimsical humming still managed to interest you, be prepared to act gradually.Do not try to immediately pick up the animal in his arms and dipped into the water, it will only cause you had a bright attack resistance.In order to avoid such a protest when the cat went to the bathroom, let it for a while just to observe how freely and easily shed water.You can even draw his attention to the fact that around the quiet, friendly atmosphere, and no one cat is not going to hurt.How to do it?Just talk to animals caressing voice, ironed.At some point you will feel that your own pet entrusted to wash, and then try to gently but quickly to do everything necessary.While bathing continued to stroke and soothe favorite.


If you bathe a cat at the moment it is not possible, there is another way to make it clear - dry wash.In pet stores and departments for animals today you can find special dry shampoos.The essence of this "washing" is that the owner does not need to subject your pet for him unpleasant procedure.All that is required - apply a small amount of money on fur and carefully comb pet.This option is suitable only for those who have short-haired breeds of cats.

Thus, to bathe a cat caring owner should be approached with great responsibility.It should be understood that on your behavior depends largely on the condition of the animal, and it is useless to make him once again nervous and anxious.