Why dream of operation?

Perhaps the most unpleasant thing that people can see in a dream - an operation.Dream book usually helps to understand what would it.However, in order to get as more fully reveal the meaning of night dreams, we should recall what items were in a dream, and to listen to their feelings.

Night prediction

So should talk about what dreaming operation.Dream Interpretation Dmitry and Nadezhda says that it is a sign from above.If sleep is the role of the patient, then this vision should be regarded as a warning.Perhaps he will soon be in a rather risky situation that may face large losses.And get rid of the problem without asking for help fail.If the surgeon operated on a vision of the person under general anesthesia, it is - a clue.Perhaps the reason for all the problems that exist in real life - it's not quite an adequate attitude.But if a person in a dream acted as a surgeon - it's the fact that he will soon have to make every effort to resolve any problem.

What to expect next?

So, in principle, not such a terrible sign is dreamed up operation.Dream book Tsvetkova, for example, explains to this vision as a good sign.Soon we should expect change for the better!Perhaps the dreamer will have new opportunities to improve the material condition.If he operates with someone - to stability in real life it is not difficult to keep everything under control.Onlooking - can safely dispose of the circumstances.And if he sees how he is recovering after surgery - to the spiritual restoration and pacification.Soon all will end badly, and finally, you can relax.By this operation, and dreams.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation does not bode too bad.This vision - to improve health.And if the person is acting as a surgeon, he will have someone to help.So it's a good sign, and much to worry about dreamed up is not necessary.

modern meaning

now is to talk about what gives a modern interpretation of the dream book.Do the operation - what does it mean?Well, not exactly a good sign.Probably, it is necessary to look to their state of health reality.Perhaps the dreamer really soon awaits surgery, and that it appeared to him in the night.Then do not worry - this is good news.So all goes well.But when something like a dream surgeon, it is only a reflection of his real activities.Maybe the doctor or reworked recently too tired, experiencing.Then it's time to relax.The surgeon must be full of energy and sleep, because in his hands the lives of others.

Details Sleep

What, besides the above interpretation is also necessary to take into account that speaks about the details of the dream book.Heart surgery - why, for example, is it?Let's just say, nothing good this does not mean.This vision - to what surrounded the dreamer has a cruel and insensitive people.He behaves inappropriately - mean, arrogant, false, and condemns others.Maybe you need to look at the people of his environment - he suddenly very close.By the way, there is another interpretation.Heart surgery - a hint that it's time to stop worrying about the relationship with your partner, friends or relatives.Things will get better, and excitement - it is empty.

What else can tell dream interpretation?The operation on the stomach, for example, is a good sign.This happiness and success, as well as to improve health.For best results, they should begin to do - can begin jogging, have a drink vitamins.In any case, good health comes period.This is an excellent time to get rid of bad habits.This interpretation offers a modern dream interpretation.

operation on the abdomen of a pregnant girl had a dream, does not promise anything positive.It is best to register with a doctor to be checked once again and become closer to yourself and to your baby.And, of course, is less worried.

But if a man dreamed that he operates with someone belly, it means that soon he will come creative period.Great time for the manifestation of himself as a person.Of course, do not expect that everything will turn easily and quickly, but if you persevere in your goal, success is not far off.