Services Transport Company "Business Line".

Cargo transportation services are very popular with a variety of firms and companies and among ordinary citizens.The rate of problem solving has become the basis of modern life.With the Internet you can buy the necessary goods virtually anywhere in the world.The question of his delivery (most often it should be done quickly) is not easy to solve.Sometimes the cargo is a small box weighing less than a kilogram or a particularly important document, consisting of only one sheet, and sometimes - a few dozen different size and weight units.All this to get just in time, and, of course, that nothing in the way is not lost, not spoiled.Find transportation company that promises to fulfill all requests for transportation, preservation and delivery of the cargo, it is not too difficult.But among the vast number of proposals to choose exactly which already benefited many and were satisfied with all types of services provided.

About Transport Company "Business LineĀ»

largest company engaged in cargo transportation within the boundaries of a particular village, on the Russian cities and CIS countries since 2001 - "Business Line".Cheboksary - one of the cities where the company opened its branch.Increasing with each passing day competition in the freight market is helping to develop and expand the range of services provided.Prompt delivery of a variety in shape, size, weight and quantity of goods carried out due to the fact that the organization operates using different modes of transport: cars (including evrofury);Train (container shipping);air.

What is mode of transport will be delivered the goods - the customer chooses, based on their needs and preferences.

How to use the services of trucking

Branches TC "Business Line" in more than 100 regions of Russia.Each of them, as a rule, have their contact data (in addition to a single service).To start cooperation with "Business Line" (Cheboksary), you can make a phone call.Literate operators will answer all your questions.The easiest option - to use the Internet.The company's website has all the necessary information: address and contact phone number nearest branch, the list of settlements, which can be delivered the goods, the prices, the basic and additional services.You can also make your own estimation the cost of delivery of a particular cargo.Here is the application form when completing and sending that once the work begins with a particular customer.

How to send cargo

On request, the transport company "Business Line" can provide vehicles for collection of bulky cargo.It is also possible to take your one of the warehouses of the company.Experienced TC "Business Line" (Cheboksary) will provide the following services:

- draw up a detailed inventory of the investments;

- quickly pack the goods (different packaging options, taking into account characteristics of the goods);

- weigh;

- will calculate the cost of transport and delivery;

- will draw all the necessary supporting documents;

- discharged by (with non-cash payment) will be paid (for cash payment);

- produce oplombirovku.

The variant shipment from another village.To do this, you can make a claim in the city.One of the types of services - transportation of cargoes from the various actors with delivery to a destination within the specified period.Company "Business Line" can boast well-established warehouse logistics.

How to track cargo

each load, which gives the company "Business Line" is assigned a number.The client can find it in the bill of lading issued by it, or visit the website to find out the number of single service contact.Operators of "Business Line" (Cheboksary) will provide full information about the location of the goods, the timing of its location on the road, delivery date at any given point.Track all stages following parcels can be on site.It reflects all the information: when the goods were received, sent, which is at the moment.

Additional services

Safety of cargo on the route - one of the priorities of the transport company.Insurance parcels can be carried out at the request of the customer, and at the request of the Executive Order.This is especially true of the most valuable pieces.

When transporting fragile and easily breakable goods proposed a special type of packaging that guarantees the integrity of the delivered items.It necessarily put a note on the nature of the goods and the need for special handling.

For some types of goods must be sent to the observance of a certain temperature.Special thermal containers of various sizes and volumes perfectly cope with this task.

Upon arrival, the goods to the customer call and asked to choose one of the options: pick it up from the warehouse or deliver their own transport company in convenient time and place.