Getting rid of the crown of celibacy?

traditional interpretation of the crown of celibacy is a mystical curse, a special printing of fate, which makes it difficult to find true happiness.It is believed that the cause of the alarm is in the wrong reaction of a generic female energy.But not so simple as it may seem, even in the pursuit of personal success in love immediately eliminate all seek is the crown of celibacy.

How to determine what the impact of this type of person?This is the power of each, it is necessary to conduct a series of actions and informed analysis of his own existence.Do not immediately seek the help of professional magicians and sorcerers.It is much more effective and more useful to consider the problem on their own and turn to God.

How to recognize the spell of loneliness

main symptom that may suggest such a deterioration is obvious.This complete lack of a full personal life, family, friends of the opposite sex.Some sorcerers claim that the presence of the crown of celibacy narrate and external signs:

  • red birthmark on the little finger or the forearm with the left hand;
  • under the eyes, regardless of age outlined subtle zigzag facial wrinkles;
  • on the ring finger may form a wart;
  • too strong, unhealthy weight loss.

However, these symptoms are not always accompanied by misfortunes in his personal life.To recognize the negative impact, it is necessary to spend much inner work, studies on the family and clan.This will help determine the source of the curse.If fate is suffering from negative woman, she has to look into the past loved ones and distant relative, that is, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandparents, and so on. D. It is desirable to deepen as far as is possible.The following features define the men who figured in the lives of these women.

Every little thing could be a sign, including generic or simple disease, dates, names, habits, characters, conflicts, and so on various occasions.Gradually, a picture should emerge that will, with a man appeared crown of celibacy and who was the source of that whole race suffers misfortune in the female line.This will help get rid of the troubles on the personal front.

Rite to recognition damage

identify whether there is a crown of celibacy will help a small but effective ritual.On the ring finger of his left hand a silver ring is worn, and can not be removed for three days.When time is up, in the evening in a glass filled with water and placed there decoration.In the morning, should cross the water poured into the ladle and boil.When boiling top goes thick foam, then there is a curse - a person may be subject to one of two types of damage.Further, it is already possible to wonder about how to remove the crown of celibacy alone.

karmic view

This curse imposed by birth and is characterized by the fact that the person feels complete indifference to conjugal life, the craving for solitude, distaste for intimacy, unwillingness to have their children.About these people say "spinster" or "bachelor", they often become professional soldiers, travelers, creators, scientists, researchers, monks.This crown of celibacy is almost never removed because the man himself comfortable in a lonely state.

induced damage

If there is a generic curse or damage, man or woman comes to the painful condition, which is characterized by constant fear of loneliness and helplessness.This crown of celibacy must always to shoot, otherwise you may have irreversible harmful consequences.

more ways to check

Knowledgeable people say that you can recognize the curse of the auxiliary features.

  1. In the palm of his right hand is present or absent line marriage.It runs under the little finger and looks like a small dashes.If this character is present on the hand, then hovering damage or karmic destiny prevails kind of loneliness.
  2. Failures pursue not one person, but a whole generation of a single genus.The source of the curse is the one member of the family, who first was unable to start a family.

Before removing the curse, it is advisable to make sure that the person is no more serious damage, such as death.Immediately possible to get rid of loneliness.The rites and rituals that help to understand how to take the crown of celibacy on their own, will be presented below.You can use any method.

Rite with a wreath

ritual performed only during the waning moon, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.For him, it is necessary to pick a variety of wild flowers and weave a strong wreath.When there is a job to be saying: "It is not the fate of Mother and evil envious people wove a wreath for me.Let my strength will win all the troubles, and true love will banish evil!Now I am very destroy the crown of celibacy, and let it sink in raw river!Word of my strong!Amen! »

wreath worn on the head, wear it a few minutes, then remove and burn to ashes in the fire of pine logs.When it lights up, you need to repeatedly utter the phrase, "Yes I will save the Higher Powers from all evil and evil."All ash is collected and poured into the river.Returning home, do not turn around.In addition, on the way anyone can not talk, until the moment when the rough threshold of the apartment.After the ritual is observed a strict two-week post.

strength of the Christian faith against all adversity

question of how to remove the crown of celibacy, prayer, care of many believers.This is due to the fact that the representatives of the official church have a negative attitude to magic, divination, and all sorts of rituals.Position of Orthodoxy is that the healing power of prayer has, lifted up to God.Therefore, every Christian can ask the Lord to intercede and bestow happiness in his personal life.

Eliminate curse can only by pure-hearted prayers.The house has three large lit church candles, put on the table icon (crown of celibacy only removes it) of the Blessed Virgin.Before you need a way to put a saucer or any small container of holy water.At the bottom of the dishes laid out new consecrated cross and a pinch of salt church, which can be taken in any church.Next three times to pronounce the prayer "Our Father".When the prayer ended, the holy water moistened right hand.It is necessary to hold over his head with a wet hand, as if lifting the crown of celibacy.

Contacting Church

White magicians and witches themselves initially recommended to come to the church to get rid of the crown of celibacy.In the temple, you must pray for the health of loved ones, to pay tribute to the dead, go to the priest for confession and communion.In addition, the best way to find his guardian angel and ask his intercession.

If a person is guilty and truly repented, after conversion to the church's life soon will change for the better.God always rejoices when children learn such lessons and send their forgiveness.The main thing - to understand what bug where the sin and not repeat such actions afterwards.This will help remove the crown of celibacy in the church and find true happiness.Most often exactly what happens.

However, if the damage (crown of celibacy) sent a strong witch or enemies, going to church may not be enough.If an appeal to the Temple did not bring any results, may need additional ceremonies.

strength of positive energy against misfortune

Like all magical effects, the crown of celibacy is seen as negative structure that is deeply embedded in the human aura.However, the present method is suitable only for those people who have a strong will, spirit, or has experience in meditation.

ritual is necessary to sit comfortably in a chair and present a dense smoky ring, wrapped head.Visualization should be deep, it is desirable to feel good this negative substance to introduce into their own energy body.When the picture has become stable, the crown mentally dissipate or burn.To consolidate the results of meditation is repeated several times.At the end of the ritual should feel like your whole body is filled with clean, fresh divine energy.

psychological aspect

If a person realizes that he has a certain psychic dependence on the people, and seeks to communicate with anyone, just to avoid being alone, it is not about the crown of celibacy.The true reasons for the failures in his personal life are in a psychological planes.However, in this case, you can help yourself.It should be, left alone, to conduct a detailed analysis of the thought of what is happening.Practicing psychologists recommend to realize the pain, the suffering of many, take own and others' sins and repent.This is the only way to liberation.After such a long "ritual" needs a deep sleep.If a man will begin to respect themselves and taken for what it is, life is definitely change for the better and blesnёt that long-awaited ray of happiness.

Ritual water

This ritual long enough and require human patience, so initially it is necessary to ascertain whether there is a crown of celibacy.Corruption persists as long as the years she attended.But with each day will advance relief, and negative thoughts and disappear altogether.Later in life he will be the person with whom formed a strong family.

begin the rite should be one of the Twelve Twelve religious holidays, the dates of which can be found in the temple.Depending on what day is selected and to what saint he is, you need to offer prayers to the patron.

patron should pray daily, preferably in the temple, from the first day of the ritual.After that you need to come home, drink three sips of holy water and eat a piece of prosforki.All activities must be accompanied by prayers.

How to prepare holy water

Water is better to prepare in advance to take the recommended melt.For the ritual need two cups of liquid.Water from the first glass speaks for withdrawal of anguish.Above it reads the prayer "Hail Mary" forty times.Water from the second glass will help to eliminate immediately the crown of celibacy.Above it read "Our Father" and "Heavenly King" three times.After that you need to pray to St. Simon the Zealot, who according to legend was the bridegroom at a wedding, which was attended by the Lord Jesus Christ.It should be understood that prayer - it's not just a request, and talk heart to heart.You can tell the saint of their hardships and sorrows to ask for help and intercession.

first glass of water is necessary to cook every night - it is a necessary part of the ritual, which will help remove the crown of celibacy.How to define a measure?It's simple: half the volume consumed at night, the second part - in the morning.Liquid to remove the curse of loneliness (the second cup) prepared in the first day of the ritual, every Sunday and twelve great feasts.She did not drink, and used immediately after preparation for processing (wetting) the heart, lips, eyes, items of clothing that are worn on a daily basis.

Throughout the ritual necessary to give alms to the needy, to donate funds to the needs of the church.If a person is experiencing tightness in financial terms, it is possible to help people in another way.To this end, it is desirable to talk to the priest and he will tell you what benefits you can give to others.

crown of celibacy are usually removed during the year, but it may take a longer period of time.

Hex forever

Removing the crown of celibacy this straightforward method is highly efficient.Man, on which there is damage, to withstand a strict fast for 12 days.At this time, you must eat only lean white fish, black bread and drink water.On the thirteenth day of the three-foot junction should be charmed to bring twelve handfuls of peas and leave them there equally.

Hex: "Adam, I'll give you a bride.Go to the blessed Garden to Eve.There's a holy tree fruit Grab, part of it tastes.From the words and deeds of my Ignite Momentum human body, blood, soul, wake up true love.In the name of our father God bless, God's word is crowned.Key - tongue, lips - lock.Amen. "

Removing the male curse

Crown celibate men found no less than women.However, one must understand that any adversity and trials sent to him in order that he could become stronger, draw conclusions and learn new life lessons.The only way you can start to remove the crown of celibacy.

There are times when a man receives a curse after a previous divorce from ex-wife.In some cases, negative manifestations come from relatives or enemies.How to find: the crown of celibacy in a man is or not?Signs of damage to the representatives of the stronger sex are the same as for women.Very often a person is suffering from its own success and achievements of the love, or the opposite - a pathological shyness and modesty.Experienced mages say that the males of the problem is a love spell or lapels that have been executed correctly.But if the cause of unhappiness was the curse of loneliness, remove the crown of celibacy in a man can be all of the above methods to meet the normal sequence.

Instead of conclusion

To eliminate spoilage, you can refer to this sorcerer, magician or spend cleaning themselves.Initially, to prepare for a long period of recovery.However, before any action is necessary to distinguish the banal psychological problems from the most damage.If the crown is not a result of karma, it can only impose a skilled magician, which is not much.Daily protection from the adverse effects becomes a prayer.If you pray to God every day, in 99% of cases it is possible to protect themselves from bad influences.