Safe mosquito repellent for babies.

Summer - time for vacations, trips to the sea, in the woods, to the pond.Holiday with young children - not only pleasure, but also a great responsibility.The first thing you need to buy before you travel or for a walk with the baby - mosquito repellent for babies.It will help to cope with the annoying insects and save you from many of the problems associated with them.

Why is it necessary to use a mosquito repellent for children from the first year of life?

mosquito bites not only adults but also children, and the last they bring more trouble.Mosquito bite is not so bad.In our country we have not seen outbreaks of malaria and other diseases associated with these insects.But the effects of the bite sometimes lead to a severe allergic reaction.Especially it concerns the delicate skin of babies.Scarce did not understand that it is impossible to comb formed bumps that constantly itchy.Subsequently, the lesions appear, the kid can carry infection, and this will lead to fester.

To avoid this, use mosquito repellent for babies.When traveling abroad, it is the first thing that needs to be put in a suitcase.In many countries, the mosquitoes are considered carriers of serious diseases.Therefore there is no need to risk the health of their child.It is enough to buy the necessary protection and be confident that the crumbs do not disturb the insects.

How to protect the child, not using various means from mosquitoes?

Nowadays, experts have developed a safe means of mosquito for babies.But if you strongly against the use of various fumigators, sprays, ointments and gels, it is necessary to protect yourself crumbs.

to start in the home need to install mosquito nets on windows and doors.Arena should be equipped with four-poster bed.Out and carriage should be covered or fine mesh cloth diaper.

Typically, mosquitoes become active at night, so do not walk with your child up late, without using mosquito repellent for babies.Insects attracted sharp smell, so forget about the reception and the tart of toilet water.

Nature does not need to spend time in the evenings with a toddler at the reservoirs, there is going to a lot of mosquitoes.And even if you put a child in a private suit, it does not guarantee that it will not be bitten.Mosquitoes can pierce even the most dense tissue.

What tools can be used at home?

means of protection against mosquitoes enough.They are divided into:

  • home;

  • street.

fumigator - excellent mosquito repellent for babies.It is easy to use, does not cause allergic reactions.It is used in the home.The principle of operation is quite simple: a special electrical device is inserted into a liquid or a dry plate and is included into the outlet, then the light comes on, indicating that the work is started.The result is noticeable after a short time.Insect first paralyzes, and comes after his death.

Doctors recommend using fumigators in the absence of children in the room.Take the child to her or take a walk with him on the street, but this time turn the device into a network for 1-2 hours.If this was not possible, carefully observe the reactions of the baby.Modern fumigators not toxic but nevertheless, there were cases of individual intolerance substances.

Camping without bothersome insects is not a myth but a reality

If you want to protect your child from mosquitoes in the street is better to use repellents.These substances do not kill insects and deter them.Before selecting a particular tool, be sure to read the instructions and pay attention to what age is recommended to apply insect repellent.

most often mothers used sprays, lotions, creams.The main rule - do not rub the skin means the baby.For very young clothing suitable treatment spray.Be careful to not get repellent in your eyes and mouth crumbs, otherwise you have to wash the affected area and seek medical advice.

Pediatricians recommend the use of such means is not more than 3 times per day.Before use, it is desirable to test the response of the baby on a repellent.It's enough to put stuff on a small patch of skin crumbs and watch during the day.

Mosquito Bracelets - safe mosquito repellent for babies.Experts claim that it does not use toxic substances.Enough to put the bracelet on the child's leg or a stroller when the baby is in it, and the protection will be provided for 100%.On hand to wear such a device is not recommended, because children tend to try everything by heart, and pull in the mouth.

Moms recommend

choosing protective equipment for kids, the main thing to be sure of their safety.Buying repellents are usually faced with a mark "be used for children from one year."Experienced moms recommend to use napkins from insect bites company Chicco.This mosquito repellent for babies, which reviews only positive.In addition, it is possible to acquire the cream, spray and other repellent substance of this mark.

These products are made using natural products do not contain toxic and chemically hazardous substances.The composition is quite simple.Main components - Indian lilac and citronella.These odors are not carried by mosquitoes, which provides complete protection crumbs.

Remedy mosquito for babies "Chico" has no flaws, the only negative - the price and the problem of the acquisition.This protection is found for sale in large retail chains, in the small towns of this production is almost not.

We use folk remedies to protect against mosquitoes

There is a category of parents who do not accept the use of sprays, creams, lotions and other repellents scaring small children.In this case it is necessary to use folk remedies against mosquitoes for infants.Below is a list of scents that repel annoying insects:

  1. needles.Enough to put a couple of branches in the carriage, and in the evening to throw them into the fire, and do not worry about that mosquitoes disturbed kid.

  2. Chamomile not only has healing properties, but also good repels insects.Put florets and place in bags next to the crib.

  3. Tomato.If you are the happy owner of the infield, take a few branches of tomato and bring them into the house - mosquitoes do not carry the odor.

  4. vanillin.Suffice it to add it to the cream for the body and cause the skin remains.

Using these methods, we should not forget that the plants can cause an allergic reaction, so watch for the state of the baby, and if redness or rash immediately remove irritants from home.

fumigator Doing their own hands

Besides repellents can use folk remedies that are used in homes and apartments.For this you need the old fumigator, which ended with the liquid.As a deterrent perfect eucalyptus extract, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

You can also make your own tincture of cones fir or pine, and fill in the fumigator.These scents are excellent insect repellent, and you will save money and be sure of the sustainability of the product used.

What if a child bitten by mosquitoes

mosquito bites in infants can cause not only unpleasant, but also to provoke an allergic reaction.

To avoid this, you must treat the bite of special equipment that is sold in the pharmacy a huge amount.Do not forget to pay attention to what age it can be used.

its excellent composition (mint, green tea extract, cucumber and others.) Balm reduce the itching, removes puffiness and contribute to the removal of inflammatory reactions.

When there is nothing appropriate at hand

What if a child bitten by mosquitoes, and the possibility of acquiring special means no?To reduce itching can:

  • Coat the bite of low-fat sour cream or yogurt.

  • make of baking soda and water solution and wipe it bites.

  • If there is mint leaves and plantain mash well with their hands and apply to the inflamed skin.

  • Even ordinary black tea will help relieve swelling and itching.Moisten a cotton ball in it and apply to the site of the bite.

choosing a mosquito repellent for babies, remember that you must first carefully study the composition, instructions for use, and age limits.Buy these tools better in pharmacies, to ensure the quality of purchased products.At the slightest suspicion of an allergic reaction, it should immediately stop using the drugs.