How do e-mail on the computer.

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No e-mail is impossible to imagine the life of modern man.In addition to sending letters RAM, virtual mail address used to register on various websites, making purchases from online stores and confirm their identity in social networks.In this article you'll learn how to do e-mail on your computer and install the e-mail program.

What is e-mail?

history of virtual postal service dates back to 1971, when the famous programmer Ray Tomlinson created a single electronic network to remote computers.At that time, implementation of the idea was of a primitive character, and the developer is very concerned by the question how to create e-mail on the computer.

However, the basis of delivery online communications was established.During the experiment, each computer is assigned an address, which consisted of a personal computer name and the name of the overall network.Both names are separated by a "@" is the reduction of provisions address.Individual email addresses allows you to exchange messages between computers, and today almost everyone knows how to do e-mail on the computer.

At the moment, the virtual mailbox is a complex mechanism of transfer of information between network users.Creating e-mail address was made available to any interested person who has a PC and internet access.

Features e-mail

To exchange e-mails with another person, both the recipient must have a virtual mailbox and internet access.When it does not matter whether the domains of these addresses are identical or not.Correspondence by e-mail can contain not only text messages, but also various media files and documents.This feature makes it possible to use e-mail box for both the work and to communicate with family and friends.

Username e-mail individually.In other words, the network may not be the same mailbox.Otherwise, before you register the e-mail, the system will generate an error and ask to come up with a unique login.

Modern systems that support e-mail, let you customize the operation of the service as comfortably as possible.For example, to install the program "Anti-Spam" to create templates of letters and mass mailings.

Disadvantages email

The disadvantages of the virtual mailbox can be attributed to the attachment to the Internet.In other words, it is impossible to read an incoming message if your computer or mobile device connected to the network.Therefore, before you create an e-mail on your computer, make sure your internet connection is working properly.

Some modern postal services offer such a function as a connection notification via SMS-messages.This service is completely free and allows you to solve the question of how to get e-mail on your computer via mobile phone.

addition to the network connection, the virtual address does not enable to correspond in chat mode.Most services provide a standard interface with the same configuration of folders, which are divided as follows:

  • Incoming
  • Sent
  • Drafts
  • Spam
  • Remote

mail system from Google, however, offers the delivery and management letters on the principle of chain.This allows you to study the history of messages in chronological order.This system is still under development and improvement.

How to make email: instruction for beginners

create personal virtual box takes a few minutes, and to cope with this simple task can be anyone.Before you make the email on your computer, you need to determine the domain that will store the correspondence history.The choice of service depends on the region of residence.In Russia, the popularity of e-mailboxes from companies Mail, Yandex, Google and Rambler, which offer their customers additional services, ranging from search engines and ending with a free application for your browser.

Before registered email is required to come up with the name of the future of the virtual box.End address will depend on the selected platform.For example, @, @ or @ the final form of the site address will look like [email protected], where instead of the mymail is required to enter a login.After selecting the name of the platform and need to go to the "Create Mail" site domain.

When registering the mailing address you need to specify the full name, country of residence and a contact phone number.The latter is required to activate the box via an SMS-message.Verified services will not draw up list on the mobile phone, so do not worry about the confidentiality of their data.

access to the mailbox becomes available immediately after activation.Knowing the e-mail addresses of friends or colleagues, you can send them a letter or send important documents.


For ease of a virtual mail using special email software.For example, Outlook Express, which allows you to control incoming and outgoing messages without using a browser.

advantage mailers is their mobility and personal customization.Outlook Express and may remind you of incoming messages beeps, send messages at any given time and filter the spam advertising.

other ways to communicate on the Internet

addition to e-mail, to organize communication in the "online" can be via Skype.This program is known not only in touch chatting, but also to talk with the person using the web camera.The advantage of Skype is its availability, for now do not need to pay for long distance calls.The main thing is to ensure uninterrupted access to the Internet.

similar program for instant messaging is called a free Viber.It is available to owners of smart phones on the Android operating system or Windows.Thanks Viber you can make calls, share photos and be in the area of ​​access to anywhere in the world.

To register for any of these programs require a virtual box.But now that you know how to do email on your computer, install Viber and Skype is not difficult.