Gifts for a girl of 10 years

Often female friendship is not limited to school and student times.Sometimes these acquaintances overcome a distance of decades.Her friends are married, have children, build their family.And be sure to visit each other's cup of tea and a bit of gossip.After all, who else to discuss too picky boss at work, forever Sala children and discounts on fashion collection of dresses in the nearest boutique, but with such a beloved best friend?Sometimes so little free time that get the chance to see just for the holidays.For example, the birthday of children.What is not a reason to come to visit?But in this case, a cake and a bouquet of flowers will not get off.Especially when it comes to my daughter years commercials 10. After little princess in this age already begin with might and main to imitate her mother, and to determine the Prezent already not so easy.Let's decide what to give to a girl of 10 years.

Firstly, you can always help out children's cosmetics.This is probably the best option in this case.At that age my daughter is already beginning an active interest in the contents of my mother's beauticians and make every attempt to use it.So if you are looking for a gift a girl of 10 years, do not hesitate to purchase a similar set.Lipstick it contains no persistent pigments, and basically consists of natural oils and dyes.Therefore, we can not worry about the health of the children's lips.Eau de toilette for girls also contains a minimum of chemical components and quickly disappears.Nail polish can be removed easily with warm water and ordinary soap.

However, when choosing a cosmetic be extremely careful.Do not skimp on the brand and get only checked items.Let it be a bit more expensive, but the quality guarantees the manufacturer.After all, no amount of money can not risk the health of the child.Buy cosmetics in specialized stores, where it has all the necessary storage conditions.Be sure to check the packaging integrity, and do not purchase goods already uncovered previously.Pay attention to the expiration date.The fresher is present, the lower the risk of an allergic reaction.

gifts girl of 10 years of the toys?Here the choice is really big, but there are some nuances.It is not necessary to purchase a toy too impressive size, as it is unlikely to appreciate the child's parents.Maybe it will simply have nowhere to put, and it will be the usual collection of dust and mites.And to play with such a gift is unlikely to be a girl.It is better to look at the dolls from fashion series such as Bratz.This is a very popular toy for girls at this age.Also among them there are options where you can create the doll unusual hairstyles and makeup.Believe me, your girlfriend's daughter will be delighted when the receive as a gift a toy.

Let's talk about the disadvantages of such a present.If you are looking for a gift for a girl of 10 years, but do not want to spend on this thing pretty penny, then this option is not for you.After widely publicized dolls of this brand are oh as expensive.While it is always possible to pick up analogue.Toy will look very similar, but the price will be reduced at least twice.But in any case, do not buy cheap Chinese products.Such products may be hazardous to the health of the child.

not know what to give to a girl for 10 years?You can get help from any accessories marked Winx.This colorful animated series about the adventures of fairies girlfriends.Images of winged fairies in sparkling dresses can now be found almost everywhere.For example, a set of bed linen, purse or school supplies.

But in any case, before asking a question about what to give your child for 10 years, be sure to talk to his parents.Maybe they significantly narrow the range of your search, and then call a particular thing that has long dreamed of their daughter.