Macadamia - nut recognized king of the kingdom

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Macadamia - nut, which belongs to the family Proteaceae and the genus Macadamia.It differs from other more high price.He comes from Australia, and the high cost due to the complexity of its cultivation.It grows on trees, reaching no more than 15 m in height.They have leathery leaves are smooth, but they give the first harvest only after 8-10 years after planting.But live to 100 years, and during that time will bear fruit.Nuts hanging from the branches with long clusters.Collect them manually.An experienced collector one day be able to "get" no more than 150 kg.In the maturation of nuts out at least six months.Ripe fruit with a diameter of about 3.5 cm. Clean them by hand, you can say it is impossible, since the kernel is closely related to the shell, and crushed by hitting it.That is why only the macadamia nut undergoes cleaning machine.

with macadamia plantations are in Brazil, Australia, the southern United States, Hawaii and South Africa.In the year of its manufacture is less than, for example, caviar - a total of 40 tons.So he did in their homeland is more than 30 dollars per kilogram.While macadamia nut gets to the remaining parts of the world, the price is, of course, grow on the order.Although now the product was grown in many tropical countries, and it is becoming more popular and affordable.

macadamia is a very solid round fruit, which is very difficult to separate the kernel from the shell.The first sweet, white.It can be fried, and can be consumed fresh, before it slightly prisolit.On the palate, it is a bit like hazelnut, but it is much more nutritious and tastier.Because of its nuclei are doing an excellent oil.It is a clear, almost colorless, has a faint aroma.And, like the olive, it belongs to the highest category of edible oils.Connoisseurs consider these nuts, sherry and coffee that best emphasize the taste of macadamia.

In its taste, nutritional value and caloric content of macadamia nut holds the record among his "brothers."Approximately 700 kcal is in its 100 grams, while they have a lot of fat and little carbohydrate.These nuts contain a lot of vitamins B, as well copper and potassium.There is another property that belongs to Macadamia.Walnut, the use of which is highly valued in cosmetics, has antioxidant properties.This in itself is unique, as the substance contained in it resembles a vegetable wax.A plant world it is only in the form of a waxy coating, as it is known, it is impossible to collect.Therefore, macadamia is very appreciated and used in cosmetics for the production of means of caring for prone to peeling, dry skin.Also it is used hair dye manufacturers.

way, macadamia nut is dangerous for dogs.For the human body, he has a huge advantage.Virtually no contraindications for its use.But the body of our smaller brethren, he has a toxic effect.Walnut gives them the poisoning that occurs with great weakness.If the dog will eat at least one such kernel, after that, she 12 hours not even be able to rise to his feet.But the recovery comes fairly quickly, just two days the animal will find old form.