How to make a drilling machine with their own hands?

compact drilling machine - it is a necessary thing in the home laboratory.If you are designing various types of devices, the acquisition of this machine becomes a necessity.But you can always make the drilling machine with their own hands, it is much more interesting and cheaper.Especially since you will not need scarce materials, the task force for each of us.The main thing - to decide for what purpose you will use the device and how much power is ultimately necessary for the operation of the machine.If you

- ham radio is to drill holes in printed circuit boards it is possible to use a small homemade drill press of small capacity.It consists of a motor with a cartridge that can be purchased in a specialty store.The mobile part of the frame is proposed to use the NRF.Such devices have been designed for macro and now no longer a need for them.In the presence of parts to make a small drill press with your hands not be easy and will not take much time.You will also need a small piece of plexiglass or PCB.

start assembly.First Scrollsaw organic glass or PCB size and fasten it to the foundation of the future of the machine.Next, prepare a hole for mounting the engine and install it.Now arrange the power of the motor, assemble the circuit via a small switch.Engines such power can be supplied from a DC voltage, so you will need a power supply.All you have collected homemade compact drilling machine with their own hands.Before starting be sure to check the ohmic resistance of the motor and the integrity of the switch.The position of the motor is regulated by a screw on the right.

If you want to build a drilling machine with their own hands greater power, for the realization of this idea you will need a powerful electric-powered home network.The ideal option in this case can be electric, especially since there is no need to find a patron for drills.The main difficulty is the construction of a mobile base.This problem is solved with the use of the lifting table or base of the grip.Of course, it can be applied to a mobile support on which is mounted a drill, but in this case it is necessary to deal with vibration, which is sure to arise when using the machine.

Well fasten drill a vertical base with mounting brackets.It is best to use two or more anchorages.Turn the drill and at maximum speed under load, check its work in the absence of vibration.Then mount the mobile horizontal base.To make the drilling machine table does not take a long time, the main thing - carefully collect all the main parts of the product.Such a device is quite suitable to perform carpentry work, in addition, he is capable to cope with drilling tiny holes of printed circuit boards or domestic homemade.