Social projects can count on New type of advertising such as SMS Newsletter

So today in the world there are a large number of issues related to family issues, children and others.Everyone knows that such social projects are not created for the purpose of not to make a profit.Their main goal - is to convey to as many people about the problem and try to solve it together.To do this, create all kinds of events, concerts, meetings to discuss and to attract new people.However, in order to inform a large number of people need to stick posters about upcoming meetings and posters to advertise on television and radio.This advertising campaign will cost not so cheap.And money, as we know, the organizers are not many social projects.

to the aid of the organizers of such non-financial institutions will mobile advertising, which every year is gaining momentum.A couple of years ago we as a mailing SMS phone comes from the operator about the amount of money in the account or the information on the new tariffs.Now the SMS sending is a type of advertising.Moreover, it is used not only to mobile operators, as well-known trademarks.Why is this newsletter became popular?Yes, all because it is much cheaper than conventional advertising, and the way to ensure its interpretation.

for mass mailing software used for sending SMS, which are very easy to use, but not everyone can take advantage of it, since the transfer takes place via SMS mobile operator.And these operators work only with legal entities.

If you want to congratulate some of his friends with cool sms, you'll find online sites that offer this service for free or for a very small fee.Conventional mass SMS sending involves sending messages to a large number of phones containing information of advertising or other nature.If the message correctly submitted information, the recipient is guaranteed to read it to the end.Each message contains information about the sender, but there are delivery, which hides the data.As a new type of distribution - personalized advertising.Subscribe to the customers, according to the last name or date of birth or zodiac sign.Such marketing moves allow to arrange the sale in such a way.Well, do not you go to the store, who arranged the sale of trendy hair dryers among girls whose birthday is July 20.Of course, each girl goes, thinking that only she was born on that day.