How to care for the skin in the evening?

Absolutely every woman dreams of a healthy and velvety soft skin.But if the skin care or irregular, or wrong, do not be surprised and acne or peeling, or a feeling of tightness in black points.There are all sorts of skin problems, which do not take care of as it should be.

Often women are too lazy to highlight the evening least half an hour to take care of your face.But the evening of procedure - is the basis of skin care, beauty and guarantee of its freshness.

How to start an evening facial?

First, be sure to remove makeup, and not just before bedtime, but once came home, and you're going to spend the evening, without leaving the apartment.It is necessary to clarify that it should be done carefully, cotton pad soaked in tonic jelly or special make-up remover.

Under the rules of make-up is removed from his forehead, then treated eyelids, nose, cheeks and chin.It is best to use a tonic based on thermal water, as it is, except for cleansing, and even restore a neutral pH balance.

How to apply the cream at night?

Taking an evening shower, but not before going to bed, and at least half an hour before it, apply face cream.It should always be a night cream, as it is more dense and greasy, so the most well-cleansed skin nourishing.Contained in the composition night creams fat soluble vitamins A, E, G, and acid plant extracts, trace elements significantly improve skin elasticity.

cream is applied on the massage lines: it all begins with the cheeks towards the ears, and then move up to the temples.After applying the cream with fingertips you need to drive it lightly into the skin.The forehead should be massaged in a circular motion, from the nose up and to the side, and the chin and neck - from the bottom up, making the massage of the external hand.After the cream is absorbed, remove the residue with a clean cloth, or a morning person otechet.

area around the eyes is treated no ordinary night cream, and special means, as the skin there is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the face.

Do not forget that once a week is necessary to make a nourishing mask for the face and, depending on your skin once a week or two, spend a peeling.

How to choose a night cream?

First of all, the cream should strictly correspond to the age group in which you are.

- women over 30 is better to use cosmetic products with high regenerating effect, promotes the production of collagen.

- for aging skin cream is recommended after 40 with proteins, vitamins and trace elements.You can use creams with coenzyme 010 - a powerful defender of wrinkles and skin laxity, aspromotes cell regeneration.

instead of a night cream can take advantage of special serums that are more light texture.

Do not forget to take care of the body!

After evening shower is required to apply to the skin nourishing cream or body lotion.During sleep, the skin loses moisture and the cream will help to save it.If you have dry skin, it is best to use a special oil.

Apply the cream in a circular massaging movements, first at the neckline and shoulders, and then the skin of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.This massage should take no more than 10-15 minutes.

Special effect you will notice if you can do about an hour before bedtime oil compress.Its good to do after skin treatment body scrub special.Then applied to the skin warm vegetable, best olive oil, which is carefully rubbed.And then you need to wrap with cling film and take refuge terry sheet or large towel.Keep a compress should be 30-40 minutes and then need to remove the excess oil with a napkin.

Evening hand care

cream, which you will need to treat the hand must contain glycerine, keratin, allantoin and vitamins A and E. applying the cream on your hands, be sure to massage each finger individually.

To protect hands from burrs, rub the skin around the nails warm olive oil.

If you have dry skin, after applying the cream on your hands is best to wear cotton gloves.

All these procedures will not take you too long, but the effect of such a care will allow you every morning happy to look at yourself in the mirror!

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