Health and Beauty: 6 harmful myths advertising (photo video)

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As you know, advertising can not be trusted.But if you buy the wrong or bad cosmetic product - it even though unpleasant, but easily remedied, the over-reliance advertised myths about health and personal care is fraught with real harm to our health and beauty.We offer you 6 such "advertising myths" and their revelations are found and collected for you experts from the portal BuzzFeed.

So 6 myths about health and beauty, we are trying to instill Advertising:

1. Flushing "fat layer" with the facial skin helps fight acne.

In fact, fat excretion, associated with the emergence and development of acne come from the deep layers of the skin.Flushing the fat from the surface of the skin, you can not improve the situation, and if you wash your face "fat-dissolving" made too often, you can even harm and cause deterioration of the skin.

2. Increased intake of vitamin C helps to cope with the cold.

cold?There is no point significantly increase their consumption of vitamin C - will not help.Our body can absorb only a limited number of vitamins and minerals per unit of time - everything else is just removed from the body.But allergic to vitamin C it is possible to earn.

3. Special herbal and "green" fresh juices - the best detox for the body.

human body uses to detoxify and cleanse the kidneys and only water because expensive or cheap "cleansing juice" is unlikely to seriously help you.

4. The higher the SPF, the more effective sunscreen.

Technically maskimalnuyu SPF - somewhere around 30. Double the figure - and you'll look like a person who is covered from the sun with two layers of umbrellas.This is about as "effective."

5. shampoos, conditioners and other cosmetic products, rich in vitamins and proteins are best.

No special benefit from the purchase and use of such funds is not - for the simple reason that your skin is able to absorb only a limited amount of vitamins and proteins at a time, the rest is just washed away.It also "helps" as to rub the skin vitamin-rich greens.

6. And what about all those "extra protein" shampoos and conditioners - Do they help? turns out there - just like "rubbing meat" in the hair.So do not pay attention to the enticing words in beautiful bottles.

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