Technosphere - a new evolutionary condition of the biosphere

concept of man and the technosphere are closely linked.After the rise in the world of people they have to adapt to the environment and have some impact on it.Initially, it was small, but gradually increased due to the development of science and technology.As a result, people transformed the biosphere for themselves with the help of technical means to meet their own needs.There are 3 stages of development of the biosphere.For the first time, it included on the origin of life on the planet before the industrial revolution, in which the intervention was minimal.The second continues to the present time.This stage is characterized by active intervention in the biosphere.The third stage - the future of the state in which the impact will be controlled by people.

What is the technosphere

It transformed man in order to protect against the negative effects of the environment, the biosphere.

man for evolution worked out the various methods of protection against natural hazards, and subsequently from its own activities.As a result, people have significantly improved living conditions and increased life expectancy.

There are other definitions.Thus, the technosphere - is a set of non-technical and operating facilities, as well as the products of their activities, existing in space and on Earth.Products activities are changing the Earth's crust, soil, air, water chemistry.In theory, the technosphere can evolve without limit, not only deep into the geosphere, but also in space.

Technosphere - a system subordinate to the internal laws and the laws of the structure, functioning, development.That is, it can self-development.Manifested autonomy technology.Created robots, automated production lines, computer samonalazhivayuschiesya station.

Technosphere - is synonymous with the noosphere, that is the new evolution of the biosphere, where the decisive factor in the development - human activity.

pace of development is constantly increasing.The growth of scientific knowledge, the constant improvement of the prior art have a strong negative impact on the environment, which leads to a number of acute problems.These include the steady increase in the amount of waste production, the death of many organisms as a result of pollution and others.

condition technosphere

Currently, conversion rates have become so rapid that methods of protection are far behind.After obtaining a variety of biological and chemical agents, new types of energy become necessary in understanding the issues of security, proactive assessment of future innovation and development of the foundations of security of the people.

spontaneous development of the technosphere implies a threat to the well being of man.It is necessary to ensure environmental, industrial, commercial, information security in the technosphere, to take measures to reduce the harm from emergency situations of technogenic and natural character.The main harm is caused as a result of production.The carriers of harmful factors in the production of biological and chemical are the objects of labor, machinery, energy, etc.

Now technique and science are aimed at meeting the needs of people and the maximum exploitation of natural resources.This entails disastrous consequences.Scientific and technical progress has led to the depletion of natural resources, the natural deformation cycle of substances, changes in the regenerative mechanisms of the biosphere.

need for maximum care of the nature, use a variety of treatment plants, build technical devices, causing minimal damage to the environment, as well as technologies for recycling and processing waste, etc.