Karelin Paul biography and personal life

ski jumper Pavel Karelin was the pride of not only his hometown of Nizhny Novgorod, but the whole country.Rushed headlong into the world of professional sports, he became a worthy rival the strongest skiers of the planet.Career Karelin was on the rise, he occupied the top places in international competitions and was not going to stop there.But the car crash, which occurred in the autumn of 2011, put an end to the fate of the famous jumper.

Family skier

athlete Pavel Karelin was born on April 27, 1990 in Gorky (since then called Nizhny Novgorod).Fate did not indulge the boy since early childhood.When Paul was a year old, died in a car accident, his father Vladimir.A few years after the tragedy of the boy's mother, Svetlana was deprived of parental rights.Little Paul was left in the care of her grandmother Maria Viktorovna.It was she who brought his grandson to a local youth sports school to determine its fate.

Formation athlete Pavel Karelin

first took a springboard for ski jumping from a simple children's curiosity.He was then 9 years.The height and speed are so fascinated the young athlete, that since that time he has become inseparable from the springboard.Grandmother grandson strongly supported the desire to become a professional athlete and enjoy each of his victory.Paul since childhood proved particularly tenacity and show good results.His talent did not go unnoticed by experts.In 2003, the skier has been included in the junior and in 2007 - the adult national team ski jumping.

not the last role in the formation of Karelin as an athlete has played the husband of his mother's Maxim, who has spent his entire life in speed skating.But in a year when the guy was enrolled in the adult national team of Russia, his stepfather died at the hands of bandits.Young skier Pavel Karelin grieved at the loss, and only the support of her grandmother and trainers helped him to stand up to the challenges and to stay in the sport.

Sporting achievements

Since November 2007, 17-year-old Karelin began to take part in the World Cup season of ski jumping.At the beginning of next year at one stage of the competition, he managed to become the 9th.Place in the top ten skiers athlete the world has made the jump team leader.This achievement did not stop Pavel Karelin.Photo athlete, won prizes at international competitions, are increasingly began to appear in the world media.In 2008 and 2010, he entered the top ten skiers at the World Junior Championships.Participation in February 2009 in one of the World Cup brought to Paul the 2nd place in the team competition.On Olimpiale 2010 Russian team in Vancouver skiers, which included Paul, became the 10th.In the individual competition, he managed to take here 33rd place.

the beginning of 2011 was promising for the young athlete.The prestigious competition "Four Hills Tournament" Karelin Paul successfully made, taking 2nd place after the world champion Simon Amman.In the World Cup season 2010-2011 in the overall standings Nizhny Novgorod skier became the 23rd.In the summer of international competition he won 2nd place, then he has twice finished sixth.After these results Karelin was seen as a top contender for a medal at the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi.

success in sports Paul owed his championship character: man did not stop before difficulties and was ready to train without rest.Jumping he performed with incredible calm, never losing composure.By the springboard he was drawn like a magnet, and coach Alexander Svyatovit do not just have to stop the guy, so he rested.At home, Paul was rarely: it is constantly lost in training and competitions abroad.But when he came to his hometown, first visited his grandmother Maria Viktorovna and coach who has become for him almost a family member.

Chosen Paul

was in Nizhny Novgorod is one more person who was looking forward to returning athlete from the competition.Pavel Karelin This girl named Hope.The young people met for a long time and wanted to get married.His wedding they had planned to play in 2012.Nadia is sympathetic to the permanent absence of a loved one, and always worried about him, watching him on TV performances in the championships.

disagreements with the Federation jumps

unknown how could develop further sports career skier.Pavel Karelin was a devoted disciple of his mentor Alexander Svyatov.When in the early autumn of 2011. Recent suddenly removed from his post as coach of the Russian national team ski jumping, young athlete fell into despondency.He renounced the new coach and continued to prepare for the competitions under the personal direction Svyatov, for which he was suspended from playing in the national team of Russia.Willful behavior Paul did not like the representatives of the Federation of jumps.On October 26, 2011 they appointed meeting, which was to decide the fate of Karelin in the team.But before him, Paul did not survive: 2 and a half weeks before the scheduled date, he crashed the car.

Details accident

October 9, 2011 the media reported the tragic news that Pavel Karelin was killed.Accident cut short his life occurred in the early morning on the road leading from Nizhny Novgorod to Kazan.On the fateful coincidence, on this very road twenty years before my father was killed skier.Paul sat behind the wheel of an old "Mercedes".Besides his car it was still 2 persons: his friend and older brother of the bride.The boys hurried to the cottage.Suddenly, the car burst tire, it is full speed flew into the opposite lane and crashed into a multi-ton lorry.The airbag in the "Mercedes" did not work, and Pavel Karelin was killed on the spot.Its passengers with injuries of varying severity were taken to hospital.They both survived.


car crash death of a young athlete was a shock for the country.Karelin was the strongest skier Russia was the most likely contender for gold at the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi.Sports fans have become interested in the reason why Paul died Karelin.The accident, as it turned out, occurred because of alcohol.The experts found that the blood contained 1.5 ppm skier ethanol, which is comparable to the one you drink a bottle of vodka.Friends of Paul were also drunk.After the death of Karelin in the media an interview with his mentor, where they were told that their students never abused alcohol and did not sit behind the wheel drunk.Why on the eve of the death of a young man drinking a fairly unknown.Familiar suggest that peek into a bottle Karelin began after a disagreement with the leadership of the Federation jumping.He could not bear to relive his suspension from playing in the national team, because the sport was his whole life.

After the death of skier remained grandmother.Maria V. grieved the tragic death of his grandson, the first time it did not depart from the doctors and the girl Pavel Karelin.It was not easy to survive the sudden death of the pupil and coach Alexander Svyatovit.A few years before the accident, he suffered a heart bypass surgery, and now he had the need to go to hospital again.

Creation Fund

After the death of Karelin in Nizhny Novgorod was a charitable fund in his name.Founded by his grandmother offered Paul.It was supported by friends of the athlete.They see the creation of such an organization a great idea, because thanks to her Nizhny Novgorod will remember who this Pavel Karelin.Photo jumper became the basis for calendars Fund.Its objectives, according to Maria Viktorovna, is to promote ski jumping among youth competitions Karelin memory and support for beginners.The idea immediately found support in the community.To finance the establishment of the consent of the local Federation of jumps.

remain forever in the memory of Nizhny Novgorod Pavel Karelin.Biography of the athlete, in spite of its short life, very bright.The talented skier was destined to live only 21 years.During this short time he had become famous on the planet, declaring themselves as full of promise, a ski jumper.He dreamed of a gold medal in Sochi, on the first places at the World Cup, marital happiness.Paul loved his grandmother and was incredibly loyal to his coach.He has the qualities of a real man, and will remain so in memory of those who knew him.