Interesting name for a girl and a boy.

What accompanies us from birth and remains ours, when we ourselves are no longer among the living?Without which none of us can live?We reserve memory of his own business, and remember us by name.On behalf of the destiny of man begins.What would be the pathos of it may sound, but it is.Therefore, choosing interesting names for girls and boys - for their daughters and sons, parents should remember that these beautiful-sounding, rare, unique words will affect the future life and the character of their children.

the boat name - and will float

no secret that there are names on the fashion.It is capricious and changeable, very susceptible to outside influence.One intervention policy in the process of emergence of new fashion name is worth.But I want to believe that the time Dazdraperma (Long live May 1!), If not passed, it is the destiny of very high extreme.In most cases, parents of the children - the long-awaited and loved, and I want them to just peace, happiness, health and prosperity.Therefore it is necessary to have patience and even courage, but not stupid to follow fashion to please everyone or to pass a great original calling or daughter Vistooknoy Oknovistoy after Windows Vista.Better to choose the interesting names of girls and boys

given the fact that it will be judged on the origin of the child, the faith in the family, on the national roots.And even more important is that our name - is the key to our nature, and properly selecting it, you can optionally adjust the character of the child.

historical namesake

Choosing an interesting name for a girl or a boy, you can refer to the history of the name.Find out who were the namesake than to remember or become famous.A rare name - Adolf, but the power he so negative that many thoughts do not arise at all consider it as an option.Here's another rare name - proud.It causes a lot of positive emotions and people associated with intelligent, kind, with an energetic, but accommodating character, optimistic with a lot of these talents.

In honor of someone

Often parents very well want to name their child in honor of someone.The roots of this tradition have good Russian, Christian priest, offering an interesting name for a girl or a boy, he opened the church calendar, and called the saint whose festival was celebrated on the birthday of the child.And now the great born in late May, to get the name of the calendar - Isidore, Taisiya or Efim.And what say the July Golinduha with Modest?Nevertheless, it is widely practiced now, the more so for girls, you can choose a very beautiful and harmonious name of the calendar to the first, eighth and fortieth day after birth.Such names protect the owners of life.

One winter I gave you

on the nature of man and the influence on what time of year it falls birth.It is necessary to take into account this factor, analyzing the interesting name for a girl.Winter girls with a solid, and sometimes selfish temper is better to take a gentle name.Unless, of course, your goal - to grow soft, loving daughter, not a steadfast head of a large production.But windy, witty spring beauties need to add the name of perseverance and determination.The hardness in a name will prevent the soft, easy to fall under foreign influence and trusting old girl.Autumn talented young ladies were more fortunate of all.They have such an easy character that the name of a little can make a difference.But in the horoscope or a book on numerology does not hurt to look.

You were born under a lucky star

Eastern horoscopes - it's an experience the influence of the stars and planets on the fate of a man who accumulated so many centuries, that at least foolish not to use it when choosing the name of a long-awaited child.Date and time of birth determine Protecting the planet and zodiac sign.And then you can use the Compatibility Chart names of the planets and signs in the horoscope.Practical choose an interesting name for a girl or boy that occurs in different horoscopes.This shows the flexibility and ductility.A person with such a name is easier to absorb the positive features of different signs and feel the protection of different planets.

daughter was born to the organ-grinder Carlo poor father he knew for a long time as a child called

There are dads who very well want to give his daughter crumb-name celebrities, the heroine of the novel or movie.Especially susceptible are some interesting names for girls, foreign - from foreign films and serials.So bad that the foreign TV series will soon be all forgotten.Funny, that joy of fatherhood these Pap moviegoers completely otshibaet memory.They forget their own, no less interesting, families, and beautiful Russian names.Do not think about the fact that their daughter will grow in the passport she will write full name and last name .: Shpulkina Izaura Maksimovna.They think that their daughter is strong and will withstand Konyukhov Gabriel Makarovna.And if Dad had once studied at the Institute of Friendship of Peoples, he can afford exotic interesting names for girls.English and American dads are generally very extravagant.They are as the name is allowed to take any of the words.Very cute for girls - April, Daisy, Jasmine, spontaneous, Embry.And Englishmen in recent times increasingly prefer Italian, Spanish or French names, changed the English style.What girl would refuse to bear the name or Angelina Michelle Jacquelyn or Anita.Although, if the parents will focus on the daughter, what a beauty the namesake of their daughter, you can achieve just the opposite effect.And the name of hate, and make a lot of unnecessary complexes or even grow a feminist.Parents when a name is required to consider, like whether it is a child, a baby track response to the sound of the word.On stage, it is important to select the most utter the name, listen to his melodies - do not cause any discomfort to the sounds are properly heard from the father's name and surname.For boys this joint sound is especially important.The boy - the successor of the names, and his name should be sound good with the names of his children.

East - a delicate matter

great importance not only to the historical beginning, but the soft, melodious sound of the name give in Muslim families.Selecting interesting names for girls, Muslim parents are highly susceptible to religious influence.In the East, these words have a deeper meaning and value of an amazingly beautiful.The names sound like compliments: gorgeous bar;Abla ideal;Jamila beautiful;loyal, honest Amin;gentle, soft Narmin;affectionate, friendly Anisa.For most girls are good if its name is the word, deed - iskhan.The right to choose the name of only his father and mother should not mind.Until now it is done in a religious ceremony in the candlelight.Three candles (three name) is lit, and one that will burn down the last, bears the name of a Muslim child and longevity.If Muslim girls names sound gentle and feminine and have mellifluous males, the boys preferred the opposite.Their names may be firm, decisive and even rude, but I do need to encourage the owner of masculinity.