How to plant a money tree shoots.

Jade, Crassula - is the name of the same plant that we Slavs know more as a money tree.This room flower is popular in many countries, and each people call it differently: in the Czech Republic - "home tree" in Poland - "tree of happiness" in Slovakia - the "family tree".There is a belief that Crassula brings home wealth and prosperity.But it is stated: to plant as much as possible to perform its functions mascot, it should not be bought by someone, it must grow their own hands.How to plant a tree sprouts money?What are the rules of caring for them?All this - in this article.Focusing on the information offered here, everyone will be able to grow up in my house beautiful houseplant.


Jade or Crassula, - a representative of the genus sukkulentovyh.This decorative foliage plants, while at home it blooms very rarely.Homeland money tree is Africa.Versions of it in the wild, there are several tropical countries.The most common among fans of indoor plants in our country tree Crassula (Crassula arborescens) and silver jade tree (Crassula argentea).About how it looks like a plant, how to plant a money tree, found in the following part of the article.


Crassula its structure resembles a tree.While the plant is young, its trunk green.Over time, it is covered with a thin layer of bark and acquires a gray shade as any other tree.The leaves are fleshy and dense.This is because, like all sukkulentovye this type of plant in which water collects margin.Color at the Crassula leaves dark green with a silvery sheen.Their shape is round or oval, which is associated with coins, than, in fact, explains the popular name of the plant.On leaves Jade, on the edge of them, from time to time there are little shoots with koreshochkami.They can be removed and transplanted into the ground.If this is not done, then otrostochki fall under the trunk and take root on their own at the foot of the plant.How to plant a tree sprouts money?All recommendations in this regard are given below.We read and learn.

Features reproduction

Jade can be diluted in several ways: by cuttings, leaves and seeds.The latter method is very time-consuming.As already mentioned, this plant blooms very rarely at home, so to collect seeds from it is almost impossible.But even if you turn out, it is even more troublesome is they germinate.But if you really want to get it from the seeds of Crassula, try to do it.When investing a certain amount of time, effort, patience and efforts of your labor will yield results - little green stalk, which later turned into a big and beautiful tree.Jade, grown from the seeds of your caring hands, certainly will bring to the house of wealth and happiness.

much easier to multiply money tree spikes or leaves as recommended beginner gardeners.On the rules of implementation of these procedures we are talking in detail below.

How to plant a tree sprouts money: a guide to action

So, in your hands freshly cut twig or leaf Jade with her.What to do next?You can immediately put them into the prepared pot.But to know for sure that the plant is accustomed, it is better to put the process into a container of clean water and wait for it to start up roots.

soil to plant Crassula buy one that is recommended for cacti.Or universal.You can make it on their own.This will require turf ground and sand (1 part), ground sheet (3 parts), a pinch of compost, ash and brick chips.All these components are thoroughly mixed and then put into a pot, the bottom of which is the drainage.

pot is desirable to prepare a ceramic or clay, but the lack of them can also use plastic.Better to choose the capacity of large and deep to the root system is well developed and was able to keep enough heavy plant.

How to plant a tree sprouts money?At the bottom of the tank, which already has a drain, pour the soil (1/2 part).Place the container processes the money tree.While holding them with one hand, the second fall asleep around the ground.Keep the seedling when he was alone, I was in the middle of the pot.Planting multiple processes into a long container, place them at the same distance from each other.When the process is planted, pour it with water at room temperature.

If you do not grow a stalk and a leaf, or want to put otrostochek- "Baby", which fell from a mature plant, then fall asleep all prepared the ground in a pot, and then make a small hole in it.Put a little otrostochek and to sprinkle the ground.How to plant a money tree, you know.Further, we understand the rules of care.

recommendations for growing

During warmer months, you must Crassula be watered frequently.In winter, do as the drying of the soil, about 1 time per month.Be careful not to overdo it with water, because excess moisture will cause the plant to rot starts from the root and will perish.Squirting Jade every day is not required, but to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth once a week it is necessary.

temperature in the room where the plant should not exceed 22 degrees.Jade loves light, but it should be protected from direct sunlight.

Signs and superstition

On the way to plant a money tree, everything is clear.Then it comes to folk beliefs associated with this plant.One of them is the following.To save money and good luck in the house, it is impossible to give a stranger a plant grown with your hands.True or not, no one really can not say.People's opinions on this subject are divided.Some confirm this fact, arguing that the signs have tested the effects of their own experience.Others say that if you give Jade a man with all my heart to you for the kindness and generosity will be rewarded even more happiness and wealth.Therefore, it is possible to make money tree shoots, up to you themselves.If you think about the gift in the form of the plant in advance, it is possible to transplant specially cherenochek and grow it to the desired date.From this your own tree does not suffer, but in your house wealth and fortune do not lose anything.