How do I know whether there is damage to the person or not?

concepts familiar evil eye damage and even people far from magic.Sometimes, all the events are added so nasty that the skeptics even finished thinking: "And if I have not jinxed who?" Are there simple ways to find out whether there is damage to the person?And what if the divination gave a positive response?

detects the presence of the magical effects on their own

If you wear a wedding gold ring, check for possible damage or the evil eye by removing the decoration and spending it with slight pressure on the cheek.If the band is left over from the impact will be light or pink, then you do not have to worry about anything, but if the trail is black - so you really wanted someone evil.However, the band unnatural color can be quite prosaic explanation.Sometimes dark trace of the ring on the skin indicates a problem with the kidneys.If you regularly turns green skin from constant contact with gold ornaments, pass inspection at the cardiologist - surely you have problems with the cardiovascular system.

How do I know whether there is damage to the person using the egg?

It is desirable that during the test slept and did not know about the ongoing investigation.We need to take an egg - than fresh it is, the better.It is carried out on the face three times clockwise.Then the egg is broken, if it is spoiled - so damage is.If the product has retained its freshness - nothing to worry about.Surely not everyone will want to devote to others in their secrets, respectively, many will wonder: "Is it possible to determine if there is damage on me, myself?"Take a glass of water and break an egg into it.Then sit down in a chair, pressing his chin to his chest.Put on top of the glass and hold it by hand.Hold out the liquid must be at least 5 minutes.Then carefully remove the glass, and reassess the eggs in the water.Raspolztis can only yolk or just protein, the egg may become cloudy or significantly change their color - all these signs indicate the presence of damage.

How to determine whether there is damage, without rituals and divination?

Usually the person to whom adversely magical effect, often feels unwell.It may be banal headache or toothache, or severe exacerbation of chronic diseases.Often when a person often damage a cold and can not get rid of the high temperature, cough and other symptoms of the disease.Sleep disorders - also a common sign of magical influence - is a constant or insomnia, or, on the contrary, the eternal desire to sleep and not passing sleepy even immediately after waking up.It's time to look for the answer to the question, how do you know whether there is damage to the person, if you are always calm and peaceful friend or relative abruptly became irritable and can get nasty for no reason, regularly breaks the evil in others.Sometimes people really behave as if it replaced, can dramatically change the mood, and after barely remember what exactly was the cause of such behavior.The very same damage or the evil eye as a phenomenon characterized by regular setbacks, often in all spheres of human life.Of course, bad luck from time to time occur in everyone, but if your luck has left an impressive period, and the problems are too serious, it's time to think about how to find out whether there is damage to the person or not.The ritual, which helps determine this reliably, and can hold a magician, seek professional help if you are afraid to play with otherworldly forces personally.