Daily life in North Korea, ordinary people : reviews .The standard of living in North Korea , living conditions , life expectancy

DPRK, or North Korea, is located on the Korean peninsula, in the northern part.At the moment, the most famous name of the country - North Korea.

country borders with the Russian Federation in the north-east and the People's Republic of China to the north.With South Korea, they are separated by a demilitarized zone.Washed two sides seas: Japan and the Yellow.Pyongyang is the capital of the state.

Korea became the People's Democratic Republic in 1948.Currently, the power lies in the hands of Kim Jong-un, head of one of the country's political parties.The ideology of the state - 'reliance on their strength. "

quality of life in North Korea is quite low, as a rule, this is due to the fact that the head of the country are investing money in the development of the army and an increase in weapons.The population of the DPRK

North Korea live almost exclusively indigenous Koreans.Their number is 99% of the total mass of people.1% - Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese and Russian.

language spoken by all living - Korean.There often meet a man who professes Buddhism or Confucianism, at least - Christianity.Independent of religion, not backed by the church, will be prosecuted.Some groups are controlled by the government.

Initially, when the island was discovered, it was inhabited by a Tungus, they also later mastered the Chinese north.

When the government realized that the need of foreign experts, in 1960 started a large campaign to attract them to the country.Perhaps it is due to these efforts in Korean universities enrolled a sufficient number of students from China, Europe, Somalia.

In order to answer the question of what kind of life in North Korea, should be read with a layer of the population.All living people are divided into certain levels:

  • core;
  • staggering;
  • hostile.

belonging to these segments is determined by the position of the individual in society, its activities during the Korean War, and then inherited through the male line.

Individuals who belong to the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), refer to the base layer, those who were excluded from it - to hostile.To him also includes those who have returned to their homeland (China or Japan) after a long stay in Korea.

All those who declared "hostile" are not eligible to enroll in a greater number of higher education institutions to work in the political field and to serve in the army.

in the 1960s carried out detailing the population, due to which in each layer created special group of people.Unfortunately, as the number of layers and groups can not be determined.

polity of the country

Constitution of the DPRK adopted in 1972.At the moment it made about three edits.Based on its articles, it is safe to say that the legal power in the state belongs to all people who work for the good of the country.However, in reality it is not so smooth.Life in North Korea is based on communist ideology, which, as practice shows, ordinary people are no easier existence.

supreme body of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly is.It shall be elected by the people for a term of 5 years by secret ballot.However, elections are uncontested, so the result is officially declared that the party or the person were chosen unanimously.The right to participate in them is available from 17 years.

Life in Pyongyang

In the morning, the streets are heard sirens, but they did not warn of the alarm, and that it's time to get up and go to work.Within half an hour you can see the crowds of people who go on a bike or get in the right place on public transport.

The roads follow the movement of girls regulirovschitsy.They are essential, because daily life in North Korea do without traffic lights.Meet them in this country is practically impossible.Work patrol boring and monotonous: the roadway is wide, but the transport is very small.

small plus is the presence of Pyongyang subway.Stations are very similar to Moscow, differences are in appearance: they are better.In homes often hang posters of the president, soldiers and ordinary workers.

capital's streets resemble the former Soviet Union.The only difference is that it is - North Korea.The living conditions are not the best, but on every street there is a monument to the heroes and leaders.

However, there are those moments that distinguish the north of the Soviet Union.For example, competitions, which are held between the workers, gaining serious momentum.The winners will receive prizes, such as rice and flour.This is exactly what is missing Korean people.

night lights and advertising lamp off.City plunged into darkness.The streets are almost no coverage.

lives of ordinary Koreans

slogan of North Korea, which is translated into Russian as "relying on their strength," displays all the ills and benefits of people's lives.

workers who live without breaking laws and do a good job in return receive up to 1 thousand. Grams of rice, meat and eggs.The TV constantly reported that people in other countries do not have all this and live much worse.Check it the common man can not afford, as foreigners are allowed to communicate with a trusted individuals.

Life in North Korea is in full obedience.If a person keeps in his house the radio, listening to music or watching foreign artists foreign TV channels (although it is almost impossible), it expects a reference to prison or jail.The situation is getting worse by the fact that repression are imposed not only on the offender, but also his entire family.And all kind of falls into the so-called black list.It is fraught with the fact that no one in high school did not take, the work will not be the capital of the same entry is prohibited.For the most serious crimes of man publicly executed.

Such laws have one huge advantage: crime is virtually nonexistent.Nation is growing healthy and strong, as a child visiting all sections are regularly examined by doctors, and not much to eat.No woman has the right to pick up a cigarette.

birth rate exceeds the birth of North Korea South.But soon these figures be equal, as the government pursues a policy of reducing the number of children in families.

Reduced life expectancy

strange as it may sound, but despite the fact that Koreans often have no bad habits, their life expectancy is reduced.Now he is 66 years old.This figure is constantly falling due to the fact that women and children suffer from the overall situation in the country.

expert on international affairs, said the United States that the amount of food that is given to one person is not enough to restore vitality.Therefore, life expectancy in North Korea, especially ordinary workers only falls.

problem of the system of humanitarian aid can be called is that some areas of the country simply do not get it.All because of the fact that the State instituted the basic rule - to notify the government of intentions to visit any area.

Influence of the Korean War on the economic development of the country

war, or police operation was carried out from 1950 to 1953.This opposition is also called as "The Forgotten War" because of him a long time be remembered in official publications.

In fact, the conflict untied by a bad relationship between the US and its allies and China.North coalition consisted of the DPRK, China (Chinese army) and the Soviet Union.The latter two countries are not officially involved in the war, however, we are actively supplied weapons and financed.South coalition formed Republic of Korea, Britain and the United States.In addition to these countries was on the side of the South and the United Nations.

reason for the war was the desire of the president of both North and South Korea unify the peninsula under its authority.Such militant radically changed life in North Korea, a photo of those times are indisputable evidence.All the men were liable for military service and had to serve a mandatory 10 years.

prepare to confront the Soviet government feared the outcome of World War III, and reasoned than the failure to comply with some requests from North Korea.However, this did not affect the supply of arms and military.North Korea is gradually increasing the power of its army.

war began with the occupation of Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea.Over the fact that India has made a proposal to create a peace treaty.But as the South refused to sign a document, by a representative of Clark he became General of the United Nations.It was established a demilitarized zone.But the interesting fact is that the agreement to end the war has not been signed so far.

Foreign Policy

DPRK is very aggressive, but at the same time, a reasonable foreign policy.Political scientists in other countries suspect that the leader of the state, there are experts who are capable of supporting the right decisions and to predict consequences in any given situation.It is worth noting that North Korea is a nuclear state.On the one hand, it makes the country considered hostile to her, on the other - have adopted a rather expensive, many European countries have long abandoned it.

relationship with developed countries and their influence on the economic development of North Korea

  • Russia.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, relations with Russia almost extinguished.Only during the reign of Vladimir Putin signed cooperation agreements in many areas.In addition, in 2014 all the debts have been written off to the north of Russia.It is in some ways a little easier life of North Koreans.

  • USA.Relations with the United States and currently quite strained.America today stands on the side of South Korea and strongly supports it, which helps to significantly grow the economy.You can not say about the northern part of the state.The US put North Korea as an aggressor and is often blamed for the fact that they provoke southern neighbor and Japan.Some serious publications conducted the investigation and wrote that the northern government is trying to kill the president of South Korea, hit by planes, ships sinks.This attitude does not contribute to America's economic development, and it is not possible to improve life in North Korea for the common people.
  • Japan.Relations with this country is completely broken, and may at any time develop into a full-fledged war.Each state after the Korean War has left each other sanctions.And North Korea in 2009 openly stated that in the case of Japanese aircraft flight into the territory of Korea will open fire.
  • South Korea.Due to the worsening of relations and aspirations for a combine Peninsula occur regularly kidnapping, murder and attacks.Often heard on the outskirts of the shooting, and fix them at the land border.A few years ago the DPRK announced its decision to launch a nuclear attack against Seoul.However, the event was averted.This is one of the main reasons why life in North Korea is dangerous and leads to the fact that young people at the first opportunity is trying to leave for permanent residence in other countries.

Military life men

In 2006, the Army People's Democratic Republic there were more than 1 million people.The reserve was in excess of 7.5 million, and the participants of the Red Guard were 6.5 million people.Another 200 thousand guards working at military installations and other similar positions.And this despite the fact that the population is not more than 23 million.

contract with the military land is for 5-12 years.The man has the right to choose where to go to serve: the army, division, corps or brigade.

while serving in the Navy a little less from 5 to 10 years.Due to the fact that the Government has spared no resources for the development of the army, the people fully equipped with necessary appliances, weapons and protective suits.

Unlike other countries, the State in question is invested in the development of intelligence, which greatly impairs the lives of the people in North Korea.

Most of the military is concentrated in the area of ​​the demilitarized zone.At People's Army at the disposal of more than 3 thousand. 500 and the main light tanks, 2 thousand. APCs, 3 thousand. Artillery barrels, 7 thousand. Mortars;the Army also has about 11 thousand. anti-aircraft installations.This outfit requires large investments of money, which could lead the country out of stagnation.

Life in North Korea (reviews of ordinary people confirm this) because of this warlike attitude has not progress, or rather, it just goes on.The indigenous people are not even aware that it is possible to exist as something different.No wonder the rulers of the country have come up with a slogan, the essence of which is that no one envious and live only on their own.This policy helps in some way to keep control over ordinary people.

What is life like in North Korea?Reviews foreigners

Unfortunately, all people living in the country is forbidden to talk about how their hard life.However, tourists who visited North Korea willing to share all the memories and impressions.

Feedback from travelers entering the country is carried out only with the help of travel agencies.All the time a person or group of people is under observation and exploration of the city or region only with a guide.Radios, telephones, and any other gadgets to import is not permitted.This contradicts the belief of the government.You can take pictures only what is permitted guide.In the case of disobedience to a person is added to the blacklist him from entering North Korea is prohibited.

Immediately naked eye can see that people live medium.Dressed bad roads empty.Machines appear very rarely, which is why a lot of children playing on the road.

many soldiers on the streets, which is also forbidden to photograph, especially when they are resting.

People move on foot or by bike.Tourists are allowed to ride for free at the hotel.By the way, in the corridors of the building resembles a horror.Repair was not long ago, people here appear very rarely.In addition to the bike people use oxen.

work in the fields of both women and children.Abandoned territory, which are located on military bases, rich in small trompe l'oeil, like tanks.

In some buildings, there are escalators that have appeared recently.People for them are not used and poorly guided in how to use them.

provide electricity in homes for several hours.Trees and small monuments belyatsya not brush and hands.

spring people eat ordinary grass, added to the dish, which can be quickly and quietly ran into a nearby lawn.

economic sphere

North Korea is not strong enough for economic development.Due to the fact that since 1960 the country has become a closed and ceased to publish the statistics of production, all the findings are independent experts, they may not be reliable at 100%.

  • industry.North Korea (household life of citizens depends on the level of development of the state in this area) is not moving in the direction of mining.In addition, the territory has oil refineries.
  • Engineering.The country is engaged in the production of machine tools, which the Russian Federation imports.However, the model unfashionable, they were produced in the Soviet Union a few decades ago.It produces cars, SUVs and trucks.
  • electronic sphere.Once in 2014, North Korea has imported several million more than in 2013, smart phones and cell phones of ordinary, everyday life in North Korea has improved.Over the last 5-7 years the company produced tablets, smartphones, and several special computer to work in factories.
  • Agriculture.Due to the fact that there are not enough fertile land, agriculture is poorly developed.Large areas of the country is mountainous.Basically planted crops such as rice, soya beans, potatoes and maize.Unfortunately, there is little grown herbs and vegetables that can be eaten raw.And this leads to a deterioration of health and, as a result, reduces the duration of the lives of ordinary Koreans.In animal husbandry, poultry and pigs predominate.