Bilderberg: the participants.

conspiracy thinking - is the ability of consciousness to notice around the hidden meaning, secret hints, mysterious patterns and double bottom.Jewish conspiracy Masonic conspiracy, conspiracy billionaires plotting NATO ... For people with this view of the world, the Bilderberg Group - the embodiment of nightmare simply on the fact of its existence.

Why called Bilderberg Club?

However, at one time was a popular joke: even if you're paranoid, it does not mean that you do not look for.The fact that over the conspiracy and their eternal willingness to suspect everything and everybody laughs, does not mean that the plot does not exist or can not exist, at least in the form of exceptions to the rule.Indeed, nothing prevents people conspire.If a couple can agree deputies and unseat the boss, why this right should be denied members of the Bilderberg Club?There is no reason to limit their rights and freedoms.

The name of the mysterious club must hotel "Bilderberg", located in the Netherlands.It was there back in 1954 the first meeting of the financial and political elite of the planet.Of course, it would be curious to know exactly who had the idea to gather in one place the most influential people on Earth, and why it was done.

Facts and sources

Maybe this meeting was planned as a one-off event, and no one was going to create the Bilderberg Group.The composition of the informal conference remained unknown to the public, which is quite logical - privacy, after all.But despite all efforts, to completely hide from the attention of reporters unique concentration of celebrities in a particular property is impossible.Therefore, at least indirectly, the information supplied.Kings and directors, presidents and chancellors, bankers and prime ministers, the major oligarchs - that tentative composition.Bilderberg combines rumored to be about 400 people.The exact figure in a variety of sources - 383 participants.Although, of course, curious how such detail when it comes to a closed society?This is not a list of the personnel at the plant.

That's the beauty is so large and significant secret organizations like the Bilderberg Group: The composition is not known what they do - it is not known what the goal - also unknown.All the information available to the public comes from sources that are not too trustworthy and frankly smacks of a cheap tabloid yellowness.These same people regularly disclose communist, monopoly and even the Zionist conspiracies that very very bad taste, even in this environment.Where did the data informants?How did they get them?Why would it just such a notorious personalities entrusted to inform the world about the mysteries of the club?Answers to these questions.But the fact remains.The only data on the mysterious organization meetings like these come from dubious sources, which automatically discredits the concept.After all, even the most serious problem will seem strange and far-fetched if it will broadcast a crazy city near the metro station.It is not in the content business in the supply.

History Research

One of the first to speak about the mysterious club L. Gonzalez-Mat - a former employee of the CIA.Perhaps all of them written - crystal truth.But what is the likelihood that former CIA will disclose confidential data?Is this organization nobody gives oath of non-disclosure?And why the almighty club, ruled by the planet, made the publication of this book?It may, of course, so the organization would like to express themselves.But why is it done so exotic?Do not it be better to publish a memorandum on "Times"?

David Rothkopf, Pierre and Daniel de Vilmare William Wolfe - if these people exist in a vacuum.Historians, researchers, they are not seen anything significant, except for writing shattering revelations of a secret society.The whole truth about Bilderberg - their main contribution to science and journalism.Again, it is possible that this enthusiastic people who all else is just not interested, fanatical one topic.Therefore, in their scientific and literary achievements are no other practical or not.Or perhaps it is simply dishonest researchers speculate on a hot and what is important, and absolutely unverifiable by definition unproven topic.

Unfortunately, these are the themes - a gold mine for lzheissledovateley every stripe who care only about their own popularity and income.

Recent investigations

Now research takes a Tony Gosling, who created a theme website and Jim Tucker, who served as editor of American Free Press - an American newspaper is extremely conservative wing.They are based on data obtained from the assistants, secretaries, assistants to members of the organization.Verifiability of these data?By definition, no.Whether the probability is high that the information is simply invented or information providers or researchers?If, for example, take into account the fact that information about the private life of the Queen of Britain and her family members are kept secret quite well, and the staff at Buckingham Palace is no different talkative, then surely this task was able to handle the English monarchy, but can not handle the mighty BilderbergClub?The composition of the organization so no control over his subordinates, while easily controlling the destiny of the planet?There is in this kind of logical contradiction.

real facts

What does exist truthful information about the organization, known as Bilderberg: composition (at least in general terms, is not completely without knowledge of who performs what function), the place of commission (Only after the meeting), some quite rare reports and statements of people who are members of the club.Here, perhaps, and all.

The club consists of about 400 members, but not all of these people come to the meetings.Usually present at the meeting, according to different sources, between 120 and 140 people.Who it - is unknown, the fact of the presence at the meeting, participants can tell only after a visit to the club.And they only mention of his visit to the meeting and not the topics that were discussed there.

Gathering held each year, usually in May or June.The venue changes every time.Cities and countries, hotels, castles ... To keep secret the simultaneous visit of hundreds of representatives of the world elite is impossible, but for those 4 days that lasts meeting, one simply does not have time to scout nothing really.The door through which to communicate the powerful, tightly closed.

That's all.Secrets of the Bilderberg Club members it is securely stored away from prying eyes and ears.

club members

According to unconfirmed rumors, the Bilderberg members are or at least were Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Juan Carlos I, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, members of the clan Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Paul Wolfowitz.As for Rockefeller, then they have repeatedly confirmed the fact of involvement in the mysterious community.

Although periodically publish articles that Clinton and Margaret Thatcher lost power because of the fact that he refused to implement the decisions of a secret organization, but Kennedy was so dangerous that it was decided to eliminate it.

Some representatives of the Russian political elite also go into the Bilderberg Group.Participants of the meeting, which took place in 1997 in Ternberi, suggests the presence of Chubais and Yavlinsky Shevtsova.This membership club Yeltsin least once confirmed information there.Either it is not considered trustworthy and having no real power, or simply to Yeltsin not consider it necessary to mention this aspect of his life.

In light of this, a lot of interesting, in what respects the Bilderberg and Putin?

Communication of the Russian leader with the club

With this question, too, is far from clear.According to some, Putin has long been a member of the club.Hence the influence and weight in the world arena.All that makes Putin - the secret part of the overall plan.There is no confrontation between Russia and the West, Russia and Europe.Is there a script with an unknown ending, composed in private Bilderberg.Any course of Putin and Obama or other leaders - just one part of a complex, mysterious play.

But there is also the opposite view, according to which the Bilderberg and Putin are in strict opposition.The Russian president is opposed to the plans of a secret society, and everything that is happening now - the result of the unceasing struggle.Bilderberg seeks to subjugate Russia, and Putin is doing everything to resist it.

However, there is one more option.Like any sensible people (and succeed, the more significant this can only them), the members of the club and Putin can talk and negotiate, to come to a common decision, something inferior, something softened somewhat showingprinciples.Probably because each member of the secret society has its own personal interests.And partly it satisfies them, including using the influence of the club.A partially donates renounces certain plans for the consent of other members of society.Reasonable compromise - the basis of the existence of any successful organization.Why Putin and the Bilderbergers not conduct mutually beneficial dialogue?It would have been so natural.

Possible objectives of the club

Activity data mysterious organization as contradictory.Of course, conspiracy theorists argue that this mysterious union of the world's leaders rule the world.It is quite possible, given the traditional organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, the composition.Photographers captured and Bill Gates and Donald Graham and Henry Kissinger, and Roger Altman.

Balkan crisis and the fall of Milosevic, the invasion of Iraq and the rise in oil prices, the creation of the single European currency and the triumph of the US dollar - all of these and many other events blamed members of a powerful organization.And it is also quite possible.The scale of the influence of these people is that by joining forces, they are able to direct social processes in one direction or another.They can push public opinion, to talk to politicians, to finance certain actions and events.Individually, these tremors's little that can change on a global scale.But if we act in concert, for the benefit of a common goal, even with such important positions, the ability to influence open truly limitless.And the conspiracy theorists have every reason to worry not this new still secret world government?Bilderberg perfectly fits this definition.

There is another option, less spectacular.It implies an oligarchic conspiracy banal unprecedented scale.In fact, the concept of conspiracy is not so different from the version with the government behind the scenes.That's just another goal: not the power and reforms aimed at achieving a certain social outcome, and the usual desire to earn as much money raised to inconceivable degree.World history knows many cases when the war began for the money.For example, this is how Napoleon filled the empty coffers of France after the Revolution - and this is a very altruistic example.Actions Bilderberg unlikely to be so noble.

version bilderberzhtsev

club members themselves say that in their meetings to discuss a current both political and financial matters, and not always concur, too motley composition of the organization.Bilderberg - a meeting place for influential people, where they can discuss important and topical issues.

to the meeting of two respectable people have to choose apartment to rent planes, seek time in a busy schedule.And if these gentlemen and ladies more than two?If there are three, four, a dozen?The greater the number of people with whom to discuss important issues, the more difficult the task.Therefore, the ideal solution - simply advance to agree on the general meeting and already there to deal with those who need it, all interesting topics.

a logical explanation.Its only drawback - it does not refute the conspiracy theories associated with the existence of the club.In fact, you can meet every spring to discuss the collection of stamps and coins, but then why all the secrecy?Why put a barrage of police and security guards, significantly surpassing the usual requirement of reasonable safety?If people do not need to know exactly what is discussed at the meetings of the club, then it or something deeply personal, or something that will displease the public.

Actually, some bilderberzhtsy confirm this.They openly declare that the meeting of the club - the ability to determine the path of development, bypassing the national interests of individual countries.It sounds great.But then whose interests are taken into account?General well-being?Or are themselves members of the organization, known as Bilderberg?Russia in this respect is hardly exception.Too much force on the world stage, it is.The country's leadership can not be outside the organization - otherwise the very idea of ​​a supranational club loses its meaning.

Let the true purpose of the organization is unknown, the mere fact that an exceptional secrecy causes mankind to look at it with suspicion.

substantiated concerns whether the conspiracy?

Nothing says that the mystery Bilderberg dictated by the need to hide conspiracies.But nothing does not prove the contrary.No information at all.People gather each year occur behind closed doors.What are they discussing?Anything.From plans to take over the world of recipes.There is no objective reason to suppose that a private club called something else, but the desire to retreat.Perhaps the assembled devotees secret vice and depravity, and not divide the percentage of the sale of land to aliens.But so is the way people, which is one kind of slam the door in his face makes us suspect the worst."If I was somewhere not allowed, so they prepare some stuff, and, to me personally designed" - so think almost everyone, when faced with closed during fasting are always open blog and discover that the wife came quickly erases CMCmessages.The grounds for such suspicions no.Maybe SMS is really just a meaningless advertising, and in the closed positions of the author discusses his personal life with close friends.But the idea, it is still there!And get rid of the suspicion already very difficult.Even if the next time the SMS will read and record open ... Who knows what was in those in the former?Maybe all the worst has already happened?

But even if the Bilderberg billionaires will begin at each of its meeting to invite the press, suspicions are not going anywhere.Yes, they do not discuss it here and now.But maybe in another place and at another time?

course, this skepticism towards concepts of infinite conspiracies does not mean that the Bilderberg Group - the embodiment of innocence.But we must clearly distinguish between unfounded suspicion, the only basis for which - the closed door of the club, and objective facts upon which, in fact, and any charges should be based.This should be done not out of abstract justice, and to preserve a clear objective picture of the world.

And while the elite club keeps its secrets, and the entire planet, with bated breath, trying to guess what is going on behind those closed doors.The conspiracy of Freemasons?Or is sharing recipes?Other people's secrets so fascinating ...