Social workers to improve their skills

Social workers
enhance their skills.

This month in Moscow the complex of educational activities under a common name "is not too late."The purpose of the project - training of social workers in matters of removal of children from the family and the exchange of experiences on the development of family forms of orphans.The "not too late" realized information analytical agency "social aspect" with the support of the Department of Family and Youth Policy of Moscow.

number of orphans and children left without parental care has increased in Russia, compared to 1990 by four times.Often, a child becomes a victim of the so-called social orphans - when the baby has to take away from dysfunctional parents.

In situations where the child is almost removed from the family, can help social service professionals who have adequate practical and theoretical training.

Project "Still not too late to" set a goal to hold a series of educational sessions on the training of social institutions in Moscow, representatives of government bodies and public organizations.Pursuant to this goal developed criteria

are sufficient grounds for removal of a child from the family, formed the information base for work in the field of family placement, education of orphans and children left without parental care, consultations for specialists in the social sphere.

final event of the "not too late" will be the "round table", in
time of which will be presented handbook
to provide assistance to families on the verge of withdrawal from her child.The main destinations of publishing - social experts working with the family, non-profit organizations and institutions working with orphans, foster, substitute families.

«round table» will be held in the main building of the Moscow Government.

to participate in the project "not too late" were involved experts
family law, parenting, social work, family policy,
community leaders actively engaged in the problem of child abandonment, teachers, psychologists and other professionals working with the family.Thus, the final event of the project - "round table" - are planning to visit, in particular, the doctor of sociological sciences
Isabella F. Dementieva and Ph.D. Nadezhda Ivanova.