Priory palace in Gatchina - how to get there?

Priory Palace in Gatchina - a unique building, the only remaining country zemlebitnoe structure.Created for the Order of Malta, it is already more than two centuries is a true gem of architecture and a real symbol of Gatchina.Interest is the technology of its creation, and the circumstances under which were under construction, and the legends surrounding the palace.Today it held a fascinating tour.Let's find out what is the history of the palace as it is now to get it.

The appearance of the palace

Castle built in typical Russian style of architecture of that time.Appearance it resembles a medieval Catholic monastery.This contributes to the tower resembling the bell tower, and the overall composition and the characteristic patio fence.The interior of the castle, as befits a holy monastery, very austere.And this applies not only to the style in which built walls and towers, but also quite simple colors - white and red roofs of rooms.

However, by the time of construction of the palace looked solemn.Gilding weathervanes and silver pudostskogo stone, red-brown paths and white walls, black poles along the fence.It is believed that such a color scheme inspired by the architect of white and red cloaks the Knights of Malta, as well as the black robes of monks.

highlight Gatchina Palace is that from different angles, it looks in a new way, it is not repeated.

So, from the south like a Gothic chapel, and the northern part of the water seemed to grow.If you look at the castle from the lake, there is an impression that he built on the island.With this kind carried out parallel with Malta.Retaining wall makes it look like a fortress, and the main entrance to the Priory Palace resembles country estate.However locking looks remarkably intact.Bright originality accentuated the asymmetry of the structure was observed by all scientists who study it.

Architectural features

Although the Priory Palace and not pyshen, like many other castles in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, this does not diminish its importance.It is largely due to the uniqueness of the building.The fact that it is the only remaining building of the country, created with the help of technology zemlebita.This means that the layers loam tightly compacted, impregnated with a solution of lime.So it was built the walls of the palace and the fence, as well as some buildings located in the building.

unique castle lies in the fact that, being built from the ground, he was able to stand for nearly two hundred years without the need for reconstruction.And now he continues to look impressive, proudly speaking against the background of the Black Lake.By the way, because of the technology built castle was another name - Ground.

Background Palace

history of the Priory Palace has more than two centuries.It was created in 1799 specifically for the Order of Malta.Rather, the French Prince de Conde, who was prior of the Order.

history of the palace is closely interwoven with the events that took place in Europe in the XVIII century.The French Revolution was damaging to the Order.In the course of it he lost most of the land.The Russian Empire also has long maintained close friendly relations with Malta.

Therefore knights asked for help Paul I, recently ascended to the throne.In response, the Emperor approved in the state, "the Grand Priory" of Malta.This happened in 1797.By Order of the convention passed Vorontsov Palace, located in the capital.In addition, Paul I ordered to build a castle in Gatchina for the Prince of Conde, who was then in exile.

Construction Palace

Architect Priory Palace - Nikolai Lvov.He perfectly manifested itself not only in this field, but in many others, for example, was an excellent poet, musician.Lions had many talents.So during his lifetime he was called Russian Leonardo da Vinci.The memory of this remarkable man is still alive.

He was charged with the construction of a palace for the order.Nikolai Lvov has prepared several projects and pre-construction erected several buildings on the same technology on which the palace was later built.The idea of ​​the architect was stylistically similar to the medieval castles of the Swiss, but in no case do not copy them.Construction began in 1797.The palace was built very quickly.Within two years after the start of construction finishing work it carried out and completed the furnishings.In the summer of 1799 it held a Supreme views of the palace and its transmission to the Order.Thus Paul I as Grand Master was also owner of the castle.

further fate of the palace

later - during the reign of Emperor Alexander I - Priory palace was transferred to the treasury.Then it is almost never used.In the twenties XIX century palace played the role of the Lutheran church.By the end of the century it had a substantial renovation.The castle arranged the water and sewage system, strengthen the building and adapted it for the simultaneous accommodation of fifty people.Thus, it is possible to provide the court room to stay.

Priory in the twentieth century

Since the beginning of the last century in the castle began to conduct tours.During the First World War, Priory Palace in Gatchina served as a hospital for wounded soldiers.Later, it housed a recreation center.During the Second World War, he miraculously survived, though some of its buildings were completely destroyed.

In the second half of the century it housed first the House of Pioneers, and then - History Museum.Priory Palace began to recover in 80 years.The restoration lasted for about twenty years, and in 2004 the castle opened its gates to the city.

legends and interesting facts about

Priory Palace run the most incredible legends.In one of them, for example, refers to the existence of a secret underground passage.According to legend, it connects the castle to the Imperial Palace Gatchina.It is difficult to say whether this is so, but it should be mentioned that in the course of work on strengthening the foundation of such a move was actually detected.He laid out a stone, and reaching a height of almost two first meters, gradually decreasing.But before the end of this course has not been passed, so its purpose could not be determined.

An interesting feature of the palace is that it was actually built on a swamp.That he owes one event happened during the design.The idea is that the construction of the castle founder Nikolai Lvov not communicate directly with the emperor, and with one of his entourage - General Prosecutor Obolyaninovym.He turned down several offers of architect relating to the construction site.Then Lviv offered Obolyaninovu personally select a site on which will be built palace.

Attorney-General pointed to the swamp not far from the Black Lake - perhaps the most unattractive and unsuitable for this purpose.And the architect agreed to this condition.However, the construction had to spend much more effort and money.So, it took to build ditches and dry swamp.And on the hill formed from the excavated earth, and was built Gatchina Priory Palace.

Palace in art

unusual beauty of the castle has long attracted painters.Inspired by the breathtaking views of the palace artists sought to display his paintings.In many ways, the love of the castle was due to its already mentioned features - from different angles, it looks completely different.

Priory Palace captured in pictures MVDobuzhinsky, Taras Shevchenko and other painters of it composed poems of the poet.

Palace today

Today the castle looks the same as it was two hundred years ago.During the renovation has been restored to its original appearance.Currently, there are held interesting excursions, which are introduced to the history of the building.And the most interesting exhibit on the right is very Priory Palace.How to get to the castle, known not only for residents of St. Petersburg, but also far beyond.

In addition, the palace actively reviving old traditions.One is the regular evening concert in the chapel.Excellent acoustics, light and airy room and brilliant performance attracts many music lovers and not only.Also, in the chapel of the castle hosts a variety of celebrations, meetings, poetry readings and concerts, conferences.

How to get to the palace?

More and more visitors are attracted to its wall Priory Palace in Gatchina.How to get to the castle and enjoy this jewel of architecture?From St. Petersburg to Gatchina can be reached by train, and the train.The journey takes less than half an hour.Also, to get to Gatchina, and you can use the shuttle.

Once in the city, you can ask any of the people, where the Priory Palace.Address: Chkalov st, Priory Park, State Museum-Reserve "Gatchina".And to get to the castle you can walk and, at the same time enjoy the incredible views all around.

Tours in the palace

Currently held in the palace of interesting excursions.Visitors to tell the history of the Order of Malta and the castle itself.You can also learn a lot about the art of building zemlebitnoy, and meet with the personality of the architect Nikolai Lvov.

The museum is open to visitors every day except the first Tuesday of each month.Log in Priory Park is free.By the way, this green zone was created in the late XVIII century to enhance the beauty of the castle.Later here broke many scenic walking paths, artificial lakes and islands.The park has long been a favorite vacation spot of locals as well as St. Petersburg.Priory palace in Gatchina, the cost of which will be visiting from 60 to 120 rubles, will give a truly unforgettable experience.And you will definitely want to come back repeatedly.

Time flows are completely different, in the spirit of a medieval monastery.After visiting the palace towers, pavilions and gardens, you can really feel the unforgettable atmosphere of the knight's castle.