Coins Israel.

Israel - an interesting country, which was revived after World War II.There has been a liberation of Palestine from the British rule.Organization of the United Nations officially divided the territory into Arab and Israeli state.Today, Israel - a country which has reached a high level in the fields of economy, social development, and medicine.

national currency

Like any State, Israel has created its own monetary system.New Shekel - this is the national currency.A small coins called Agora Israel (agorot).One shekel is 100 agorot.The largest denomination in the country - this is 200 shekels.It is designated in the international format ILS.

What is the name of the banknote Israel - "shekel"?This is a very ancient name of that measure, which was used in biblical times during the settlement with silver or gold.Even in the Bible there is mention of the fact that Abraham, buying the field, paid him 400 shekels of silver.You could say that Israeli Shekel - a very ancient concept, which is stored and used

until now.Today, walk and notes and coins of different denominations.Denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 shekels.As well as money in the form of coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10 shekels.More small bargaining chip - it is 10, 50 agorot.

guests in Israel

What is the situation with the currency in Israel today?As well as all over the world: visitors coming into the country, may carry with them any moneys - there are no restrictions.Exchange them for Israeli currency can be in any bank or collection point.It is possible to make it already at: the airport, in a hotel and even mail.The same is done and before leaving the country: left shekels - can be exchanged for the desired currency before departure.It is believed that the most profitable course offers a private exchange.Large shopping malls countries are not only paying for shekels, and other freely convertible currencies - the US dollar.You can pay in dollars and receive the surrender of the local coin.But small shops, markets, public transport only accept shekels.As in all of the world market, it is also changing the exchange rate: Israel has an international convertibility of the national monetary system.Exchange desirable to produce it upon arrival in the country - it is much more profitable.

taxes in the country

payable in Israel accepted not only cash, but credit cards.It is the most convenient way of cashless payment for practically everything - even for transport services.The system of ATMs in the country is very developed, their network covers all parts of Israel.And money can be cashed at any time and everywhere.All purchases are to be made in the country, are subject to VAT of 17%.But it is possible to return part of the tax, keeping receipts for purchases, and to present them to customs.

modern currency Israeli new shekel - freely convertible, it is considered international.However, it has become such since 2003.What is the position with respect to foreign currencies takes shekel?Its relation to the dollar can be seen at the current rate: US $ 1 must pay 3,579 shekels.For 1 euro is paying 4.702 and for 1 Canadian dollar - 3,296 shekels.Fluctuations are not very noticeable, because the course can be called stable.In relation to the ruble, he has risen slightly, but only slightly: a shekel is eight rubles.

Denominations country

Israeli Shekel exchange rate which does not experience abrupt jumps, you can call a reliable international currency.The name of the money the country is unique and is associated only with Israel.Since 1985 - is the new shekel, as the old at the time devalued, and a reform of the money in the country.Before him, in Israel and used lyres pounds - it was the legacy of the colonial past, associated with Britain.

In Israel there is no such currency, as 500 and 1000. The largest suspension bill - it is 200 shekels.A metallic money - 10, 5 and 1 shekel.Agorot, coin of Israel, are always popular and in high demand.Translated "agorot" - a penny coins.

World landmarks

In order to navigate in the world, was chosen course of major currencies.This is the dollar, euro and British pound.Today the situation in the auction, political fluctuations in the world have an impact on the shekel.Its relation to the US dollar does not change and remains at the level of about one-third.

consider the bill looks like 20 shekels.First of all it is worth noting its size - 7.1 x 13.8 cm. It depicts the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel - Moshe Sharett (1894-1965), who graduated from Istanbul University, and was a native of Kherson.Self Portrait is made up of the initials M. Sharett.In addition, the bill shows a flag-raising ceremony of Israel in 1949, in front of the UN and the flag itself among Israeli flags of UN member states.On the free field as background written quotation from a speech by Sharett during the ceremony and the text uttered them on the radio in 1944 in Italy.More on the banknote depicts the volunteers who come into the Jewish Brigade and allied forces Homa u Migdal - Former Watchtower Jewish settlement.

largest denomination

200 NIS - this bill is the same size as the denominations of 20. Only depicted in it the writer, public figure, the third president of Israel, who was born in Belarus - Zalman Shazar (1889-1974).It is possible to see the interior of the classroom, and printed an excerpt from the speech of President Shazar, which he delivered in the Knesset during the adoption of the law on school education.Also depicted street, which is located in Safed - the spiritual center of the Kabbalists.As background, printed an excerpt from the work Shazar 1950 In addition, the bill has a list of names of 15 books Zalman Shazar Third President.

Coins Israel

first own coins have been issued in the country in 1948.But first gold came in 1960.In 1980 he started and carried out within five years of the monetary reform: until 1985, I was 10 old agoratov new one, introduced new shekels.Conducted minting and other small coins.On one of them can be seen shaking the heads of the three states.This is the first image on the coins of the Israeli president.They sealed Sadat, Begin and Jimmy Carter.The coin issued in 2010 and dedicated to the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize Menachem Begin.

In 1977, Jerusalem came to visit Anwar Sadat, who made the first step towards reconciliation.These events were held at Camp David.As a result of the effort, negotiations were held between Israel and Egypt.And then signed a peace treaty in Washington, DC, on the White House lawn.Already in 1978, Sadat and Begin were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.It is not Israel's first coins in the series.The first was devoted to Shmuel Yosef Agnon, received the prize for literature in 1966.

Commemorative coins Coins

Israel reflect this historical moment.On the obverse is engraved profile - a bust of the Prime Minister and the inscription "Menachem Begin, Nobel Peace Prize."It is made in Hebrew and English, and between them stands the date - 1978 year.Many countries have issued commemorative coins and ordinary, who are devoted to specific historical events.And in Israel, they were created for a memorable day: in 1962 reached 100 Lirot, dedicated to Chaim Weizmann, and in 1996 released 20 NIS in honor of Yitzhak Rabin.

for each country are important attributes, such as the flag, coat of arms, the national anthem and the national currency.They constitute the basis and the signs of statehood and independence.And all the inhabitants of the earth are well acquainted with the history of the Jewish people and their difficulties in obtaining freedom and recognition of the country.Therefore, it is clear his desire to preserve their historical values, which are expressed even in the title of banknotes and coins.Including the dedication of their jubilee, Nobel laureates.