Table infinity with his own hands

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Every owner wants to bring a touch of originality into your interior.And each of this in store for their methods.Some come up with the original design of the room, thanks to various forms of the ceiling and walls, while others opt for unusual furniture.One of these interior items that will catch yourself admiring glances your guests will be a table with infinity.

What hidden secret

infinity effect is achieved through the use of LED technology.They can decorate your home, and in some cases even change it beyond recognition.Table infinity, photos which are presented in this article is the latest innovative piece of furniture that can change the perception of the design of even the skeptics.

Secret visual infinity hidden in the use of LED-backlighting, and the colors can be myriad.That is, it is embedded into the space between the reflective surfaces.Typically, the top take semitransparent mirror, so that radiation from the LED was visible to others.

to control the backlight using a special remote control, or if the table was made with their own hands infinity button on-off switch.

where the table can be used?

application tape with LED bulbs is safe for human health and the environment, so the table with infinity can be located anywhere.In addition, these lamps are known for their durability and efficiency.The product with the effect of the tunnel will serve you quite a long time, due to its reliability and ease of use.This table can be seen in:

  • modern apartment;
  • country house;
  • nightclub, bar or restaurant;
  • hotel;
  • office.

How to make a table with their own infinity

price of a piece of furniture is not happy, and the purchase is not always available to the ordinary citizen of the country.However, an unusual little thing can get, if you are familiar with the tools.Just do yourself a light table.

To do this you will need the following materials and tools:

  • board for the table;
  • mirror and glass (the latter can be replaced by a semitransparent mirror);
  • LED strip;
  • screws;
  • screwdriver.

All wires are mounted in a table leg.

First and foremost you need to develop a drawing, taking into account all the dimensions of the future piece of furniture.MDF (or wooden boards), mirrors need to do blank, according to your calculations.Wooden pattern with internal holes should be 3 pieces, one of which is about 1 cm has a larger internal diameter.It will be located here and LED strip.These blanks have to stick together, not forgetting to insert one mirror between the two bottom patterns.Then you need to carefully smooth out all sides and angles.

Next you need to attach the lid.It is better if it is removable.This will provide access to electricity.This cover for future table can be arranged to suit your interior.You can paint or decorate it any other way.

in the doorway of the table top, drill holes are required for mounting LEDs.You can now insert a tape into the opening and fix the way you want.The best option would be to use the same glue, the effectiveness of which you will be sure at 100%.

should now cover all the second mirror translucent.

All wires output from the table legs.For this, they must have a wide cross-section and through-holes.

In conclusion

To enhance the effect, or give more originality between two mirrors can put absolutely any subject.This is done in order to table the infinity perfectly fit into the overall concept of your room.

In addition, you can easily combine different shades of light-emitting diodes.Connect the pieces of tape will not be difficult even for an inexperienced master.

A similar effect can be used not only to manufacture the table, but also to decorate a door or any other surfaces.A table with infinity, made with his own hands, may be just the beginning.