Loneliness bastard: Should I be afraid of him?

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Loneliness was some shameful disease.Why is it all so shy?Yes, because it makes you think.Nowadays, Descartes would not have written: "I think - therefore I am."He would say: "I am alone - so I thought."Nobody wants to be alone: ​​it releases too much time for reflection.And the more you think, the more you become smarter - and, therefore, sad.

funny, even at the present time to be emancipated one is awkward.The company, with your family all asked this question: "Well, when are you to be married?", Branding your unspoken shame for a free life.Strange, but natural: girls - being controversial - to straighten curls, straight hair curl.Pale?Tan!Tanned?Powder stronger.That's a ratio of about the same thing - if the pair, especially for a long time, you need to change something (or married, or freedom), if available - quickly find the gentleman.

Maybe the reason is that we can not enjoy the moment?If so, then it is not so bad, but is wrong around that sometimes downright annoying inconvenient questions about marriage and loneliness?When there is a kind of happy event, whether it's love, higher salaries, or even such a trifle as the unexpected compliment from a handsome stranger, the mood rises, and with it, and we are transformed.Eyes shining, walking becomes easier, smile never left his face.And it also becomes noticeable around, as most of them will certainly remind us a compliment, question, and someone just stare - amused, joyful, envious ...

Actually, when she is not in a pair and her constantly asking about the situation on the personal front, the conclusion is obvious - she was not very happy with their position, hence this is reflected in her appearance, not just self-perception.

may not agree with the phrase that people shy away from loneliness due to the fact that it gives us time to think.If a person does not want to think, nothing will make.But feel insecure - it is possible.Many people are afraid to be alone because of the material component, while others worry that they can not take place as a wife and mother, others worried about their feminine appeal, changing partners like a glove.Anyway, our self-esteem plays a major role in causing the fear of loneliness.

The general loneliness is different from freedom?

enjoys the freedom of man, it's like a breath of fresh air should be suddenly sees new horizons, opportunities, seeks to understand the world, yourself.What threatens us alone?Sadness, depression, no unnecessary solid hopeless mediocrity of everyday life ... Is there a choice?

Of course, it is - you just choose a day off to lie under a blanket, winding snot on his fist and feeling sorry for yourself, or arrange for a cheerful trip to the amusement park - with your friends, colleagues, neighbors, with anyone!Arrange a volunteer in an orphanage or shelter for animals - that's really where you will always miss and wait for you to come look!Elementary once again phoned with their parents, extended family, start with the good news, call in a good frame of mind, believe me, "hear" your smile, his relatives no questions on the subject of privacy.And finally, on a smiling man soon turned his attention opposite sex!

But does this mean that all the free time you need to "score" all the way to no time thinking about his own loneliness?Not at all, man, though he is a social animal, need a break from this very society.Sometimes you need to be alone, to read a book, watch a movie, make a tasty something, think about it.About what?Dream, for example.Praise yourself.In no case do not indulge in self-pity about his own fate alone and worthless, but rather to try to cheer yourself up.There is no desire to lift your spirits?Well, I think, the strength to reach the computer still have?Turn on your favorite music, the film - feel better!

Admittedly, the ability to stay with him alone - now an art, because we are used to all the time, like a squirrel in a cage, to be in the thick of things, not giving rest his soul.Loneliness may be different - one it limits, drives the melancholy, brings discomfort to others as it helps to stay in the furious pace of the big city and see themselves as a whole person, remember this about themselves, about their dreams and desires.And so to move without stopping or pausing occasionally to take a positive to be able to see the whole world in a particle of sand - choose only to you!

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