Supermodel Irina Sheik: dress that caused a furor

Irina Shayk - our compatriot and world-famous model.Many girls want to be like her.The men admire the beauty of external data.Among those invited to a variety of social events are always included Irina Shayk.Dresses in which it appears there, produce a real sensation.Today we tell about the most striking and impressive her outfit.

brief biography

Irina Sheik (real name - Shayhlislamova) was born on January 6, 1986 in the town of Emanzhelinsk that in the Chelyabinsk region.His father died when she was still a schoolgirl.Mother alone had to educate two daughters - Irina and Tatiana.

In school, our heroine learned in the four and five.At the same time she attended a circle singing and playing the piano class.After receiving a high school diploma, Ira went to Chelyabinsk.That's where the high and slender girl noticed the staff modeling agency.She managed to win a local beauty contest.Soon Sheik went to Moscow, where she continued her modeling career.Today about her the whole world knows.The brunette

with full lips and languid eyes flashed regularly on the covers of fashion magazines.

Lady in red

In January 2015 Irina Shayk in a red dress appeared at the launch of a new line of cosmetics Avon.The event supermodel was invited by chance.After all, she posed for several catalog companies.

bright red mini-dress from the collection of Prada emphasized the slender figure of the girl and opened her long legs.Irina willingly posed for photojournalists, smiling in all 32 teeth.It seems that she finally recovered after parting with the legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

vulgar outfit

In February of this year in the United States was held ceremony "Oscar".On this occasion, Vanity Fair magazine organized the incendiary party, which was attended by Irina Shayk.Dresses other invited persons did not go to any comparison with her dress.

Earlier supermodel did not show his love for the public "Nude."But this time, she surprised all.Dress Irina Shayk was half transparent.In recognition of the girl, she fell in love with this outfit from the collection of Versace.

Half dress sewn from black material, and the other - from the transparent grid.Such a bold cut allowed the men present at the party, to assess the charms figure Sheik.Of course, private parts were covered with cloth.Many tabloids were quick to call Irina outfit vulgar.

Luxury gold

Not so long ago ended the famous Cannes Film Festival.In the resort town of French have welcomed distinguished guests, including directors, actors and other representatives of the world of show business.Skip to such an event could not and Irina Shayk.Dresses girls walking down the red carpet, one is struck by its splendor.

specially for the Cannes festival, our heroine picked up a golden fitting dress with a slit to the thigh.Carefully collected hair emphasized her delicate and feminine image.

In conclusion

Now you know which events happen Irina Shayk.Dresses selected for special occasions, emphasize its ideal form.Looking at the photos, it's safe to say the presence of good taste Irina Shayk.