Payments under the "Hull": What You Need to Know

The contract spells out voluntary insurance cases in which the insurer agrees to make payments on insurance "CASCO".Upon the occurrence of such an event should immediately contact support your insurance company to register it.You also, if you need help call a tow truck.

Next, you should call the emergency commissioner who tells you what to do in a particular situation.Also, you should immediately call the traffic police, to provide details of your policy and find out similar information from the other participant accident (the name of the insurance company, policy number, name of owner or name of the company which issued the policy).

to get paid for "hull", compiled by the traffic police have to provide a certificate to the insurance company.If your fault for what happened is not clear, do not sign the protocol, wait for the court decision.If the court finds you guilty, your insurance company will pay compensation to you and the second party to the accident.If the court decides that the culprit was the second party to the accident, the compensation for the damage you will have to pay his insurance company.

If your car after an accident on the go, you can come on it to the insurance company to be examined and photographed.If on the contrary, to arrange a meeting with an expert in the workshop.After determining the damage, registration of all documents your case will be reviewed by the insurance company.Payments for "helmets" will be made in due time.

If your car is not in the mortgage and your bank has given permission to do so, then the payments will be made in cash on hand.If the machine is purchased at their own expense, the resolution of the bank is not required.In addition, payments can be made on the account to the service station where the car was repaired.This is also possible with the permission of your bank.

to get paid for "hull", you need to follow a certain course of action, and have available all of the documents (certificate of an accident, ruling in the case of an administrative offense or a copy of the report if they are not given in the traffic police).The insurance company to get a copy of the document, which indicates the magnitude of the damage and the amount of compensation.Do not forget to get a copy of the contract for the provision of services to assess the cost of repairs.

Dividends "CASCO" can be quite substantial, they are often much higher than that of "insurance."The maximum amount of such payments shall be determined.It is set in the case of total loss of the vehicle, its theft or loss for any other reason (robbery, unlawful acts of third persons, fraud).

However, compensation for "hull" are sometimes associated with delaying payments by the insurance company.There may be several causes, including negligence or lack of literacy policyholders who do not read signs a contract.Thus it is possible to avoid trouble, if pay attention to the content of the agreement and, if necessary, make appropriate changes to it in their favor.