Anastasia Lisova up plastic and then: a description of the image and features

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Feminine beauty knows no boundaries and limits.Increasingly, the fair sex have resorted to plastic surgery.Anastasia Lisova (photo will be submitted to the plastic below) is no exception.That's about it and will be discussed in this article.

Anastasia Lisova

Before plastic girl is not particularly stand out from the crowd.She looked like a normal average woman.Once on the TV show "Dom-2" Nastya said that previously enjoyed great popularity among males.That is what caused her to go under the knife.It's no secret that many project participants used the services of plastic surgeons.

What changes have occurred with a girl?

If you look at the photos before and after the procedure, it may be noted that Anastasia Lisova up plastic had a boyish figure type.Her breasts were very small and not as plump lips.Besides Anastasia Lisova up plastic had a rather plump cheeks.

after the procedure she acquired a fourth the size of the breast, which has been successfully demonstrated at the present time in the Seychelles.Arriving at the project, Nastya stated that all of its outstanding natural beauty of origin.But after a few months on the project participants managed to declassify it.In the armpits the girl has a scar that indicates breast augmentation surgery.In addition, there are a small seam in the abdomen.One can only assume that he appeared when Nastia get rid of extra fat.

Summary and Conclusion

Anastasia Lisova up plastic was completely normal girl who once again shy to show their charms.Now Nastya is like an unattainable nymph with a perfect body.

telestroyki Many participants pointed out that before the operation Anastasia Lisova was enjoyable and had a special likable appearance.After the change, which she subjected her body, she looked like a modern standard of beauty: big breasts, silicone lip, cheek and stomach tightened.In addition to plastic surgery, Nastya also engaged the services of stylists.After surgery, she dramatically changed hair color and eyebrow.Now she is very happy and self-confident.In the project "Dom-2", she conquers all new heights and conquering the hearts of men.