Veruschka (model).

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popular models now so many that remember all is not possible.But only a few dozen years ago, each mannequin was unique and famous all over the world.And the very first supermodel Veruschka became.Who is she and what was her way to success?


Anna Vera Gottlieb von Lendorf, that's real name is the best model of the 1960s, was born May 14, 1939 in East Prussia.Her childhood passed in a family estate in the village Shtaynort.Parents aristocrats could not guarantee the safety and happiness - a part of the estate, which is located next to the headquarters of the Fuhrer called "Wolf's Lair" was confiscated by Ribbentrop, and ahead were tragic years of Hitler's rule.Count Heinrich von Lendorf-Shtaynort, the father of the Faith, he was a lieutenant stock Wehrmacht.However, he did not share the Nazi ideals and participated in "Operation Valkyrie" - it was a political conspiracy, whose goal is to kill Hitler.Accomplices opened, Henry executed.Von Lendorf property confiscated, and the family was sent to a labor camp.Faith Life changed forever.

Education Veruschka

After the war, the German model Veruschka future came to school, and then went to the Hamburg school - she was planning to study in the artist's fabric textile mills.The school was too strict conditions, for which the freedom-loving nature of the young aristocrat did not fit.So soon Veruschka von Lendorf went to Florence, where decided to start painting.Refined looks and blonde hair was rare in Italy, so when he saw a Woman again, many remembered forever.So it was with the famous portrait painter and photographer Ugo Mulas street - skinny with a shock of wheat Vera hair fascinated him from the first meeting.He immediately offered her a job model.Vera decided to try myself in this field.Its first images date back to 1960 - and then started her way to the top.

first achieve

photo shoot from Italy became the first portfolio that did Veruschka.Model went with him to Paris.But first, her appearance did not cause delight of French agents.German actress and model were not very popular after the recent political events, and the figure of the Faith was too lanky and awkward.For the feminine image, common in Paris then under the influence of Christian Dior, it is not suitable.

American model 60s were also not look like Veruschka, however Eileen Ford of the New York agency Ford Models invited the girl to continue his career overseas.Despite the fact that buying a ticket for a transatlantic flight mum Vera had to sell the family tea from Saxony, the budding model decisively to conquer another country.

failure and a new way

In 1961 Veruschka von Lendorf came to America.But Eileen friendly in Paris was quite different at home - in New York, she pretended that first sees the young German woman.All castings were unsuccessful, and Vera went back to Europe.She decided not to give up the dream and thought a lot about his image.And so it came to light the alter ego von Lendorf, especially girls Veruschka.Model decided to forget about the past and turn into a mysterious Russian beauty with an unusual name - after two world wars did not speak of Germany was a good decision.Everything has changed: gait, gestures, manner of dress.Now Veruschka dressed in black and wore shoes without a heel reserved.Elegant femininity which differs blond German actress Aryan aristocracy and tragic future of the concentration camps were left behind - instead of young Germans to the Americans appeared eccentric Russian.

Stunning popularity

Selecting Russian myth was very successful - the winners of World War II caused a thrill from the Americans.It reinforces the impression of the original image that came up Veruschka - model comes without portfolio, informing the photographer that wants to see what he can do, and not to show him the work of others.The stunning silhouette with endlessly long legs and an unforgettable face to justify such insolence.It came Veruschka popularity.Unusual growth to stand out from other models, not only literally, but figuratively.In the 1960s there was a girl more popular.Soon Veruschka saw Diana Vreeland, who was then the chief editor of the American magazine «Vogue».

She saw her as a person of a new era and decided to put her photo on the cover.For the young model was hired permanent stylist, photographers and the crowd was so impressive that even Irving Penn, best master of the twentieth century, had to wait three weeks Faith.As a result, Diana and Veruschka have achieved unprecedented success.Each cover becomes fashionable event, but only faith graced his face «Vogue» eleven times.In this industry, you can compare this to give 11 statuettes "Oscar".In addition to the «Vogue», have Veruschka have about eight hundred other artwork that seems to present a model record.

New Horizons

famous Veruschka, a model that the whole world knew, could not be limited by something one.She decided to try his hand at cinema.The first work was the film "Blow."It Veruschka got a pretty simple for her role model.Despite the fact that the episode with her was a five-minute and phrases were not enough, the film became her next success.Scenes with Faith became the best erotic shots of the year.She managed to eclipse even Twiggy, another popular model of the sixties.In addition to the cinema, Veruschka took up art.Help her in this he decided to Salvador Dali.In 1966, together they staged surreal events, such as the artist Veruschka watered shaving foam.Model discovered her love of transformation and body-art.Later she was engaged in a lot of this myself, making great photos, which is almost impossible to believe that this is - all the same Veruschka.With the body-art model reincarnated not only in man or animal, but also in plant or stone.

End of career

During popularity Veruschka received ten thousand dollars a day.Her success continued until 1975, when the new editor of "Vogue" need to change the image and the model has decided to quit the industry.Aristocratic Veruschka date refused to do while her hair and adjust to new trends.So she went missing from the covers.However, the busy life of Faith will not go away.She has been and still continues to make art, as well as in films - one of his last works was the role in a spy movie, "Casino Royale."