Office Relocation

planning office relocation?You can help professionals

At first glance, office relocation may seem a daunting task, especially if the office space is designed for 300-400 jobs.According to statistics, in Moscow alone for the year moved more than 20 thousand. Companies.However, not everyone knows how to run an office job in a new place, that it did not affect the productivity of labor.Usually, moving the office in Moscow takes 5-7 days, which, of course, adversely affects the performance of the company and the atmosphere in the team.But if you order office relocation professionals, then these problems can be avoided.

What is a professional transportation company property?

To ensure that all goes well and the staff work in full force the next day, it is necessary to approach the issue thoroughly moved.Only a well-planned office move in Moscow can be done as quickly as possible, laid in a few days.Agree, well, if on Friday night, your employees are packing their belongings, and on Monday morning, starting out in a new place.In the office all neatly arranged, connected and in an atmosphere of order reigns.Thus, transportation of personal property of employees, as well as marking the workplace happens to them quietly.

For the safety of the property meet our experienced staff and boxes for moving.We also provide packaging material for VIP furniture that guarantees her safety.

How is the office relocation?

In the preparatory phase we evaluate entire scope of work and announce the final amount, which will cost transportation of personal property of employees and other components of your office.Of course, this service is completely free to anything you do not oblige.In case of your positive decision we begin to plan how the move will take place in Moscow, a packaging material for furniture VIP use and in what quantity, whether the marking of the workplace.At the same time we are developing a schedule and announce the exact date.Everything is simple and transparent.This is the main principle of our company.

Transport of us: how we calculate the cost and what does it include?

• Schedule of activities: how much time is given for the move, at what time to carry out the work (evening or daytime hours, weekends), the sequence in which the shipment of company property, the order in which to place furniture (what departments / offices in the first place).Marking the workplace can also affect the total cost of the service.

• The volume of transported property, as well as some of its characteristics: the material and the size of (the presence of glass surfaces, team or plywood / solid furniture), the presence of heavy objects (metal cabinets, safes, racks).Naturally, we provide packaging material for VIP furniture.

For each type of work we provide our clients with a similar estimate of the quoted rate.You can always give up some services, for example, if you do not require labeling of the workplace, you once we inform about this.However, we guarantee that the price at the time of signing the contract does not change after the service is provided.Thus, you will know in advance how much it will cost the transportation of personal property of employees that will allow you to plan your budget.

In addition, our company is fully liable for material possessions in the provision of services.If new defects were our fault, we will refund your losses.But to avoid such negative consequences, we are taking effective measures.We use boxes for moving and special packaging.Also, before starting work, we close the protective material floors, doorframes, lifts and walls.In addition, we carry all the furniture exclusively in furniture vans.As you can see, not only to move the box to protect your property from damage.Our experts carefully and carefully apply to all subjects.