Lord Krishna.

India - distant and mysterious country.More and more people are interested in its history, culture and traditions.A special place deserves the religion of the Hindus.Their faith is still being studied and is based solely on scientific theory.Each character of the heavenly pantheon - a unique phenomenon.The most colorful of them - god Krishna.

unknown past

Hinduism - religion, the history of which is not known to mankind.The term comes from the word "Hindu", which in Persian means "river".That is the other nations named all those who live for the body of water of the Indus, the Indians.Subsequently, the British began to use the name of all those who believed in the gods unknown to them.So we united under one name dozens of religious theories and hundreds of different traditions.

Today in India there are several areas in the faith who do not have a common historical foundation.However, scientists believe that this nation has four religious movements.One of them - Vaishnavism.This trend manifests itself in several forms, the most popular of them - read the god Krishna.At present, almost 70% of India's population profess this faith.

different forms of Absolute

basis of Hinduism - Trimurti.This doctrine that the three deities together constitute a coherent whole.It plays the role of so-called Absolute, that is Brahman.According to the philosophy of the people, such a system is responsible for the combination of the three basic principles of the world: its creation (Brahma), Development (Vishnu) and destruction (Shiva).According to this theory, millions of people live.It is worth noting that often the role of these idols me or touching.Clear limits on who should do what, no.

first appears in the triad of Brahma, who is responsible for the creation of the earth.According to legend, this character was not born and did not have a mother, and came out of the lotus flower that grew on the navel of Vishnu.According to another theory, this god emerged from the water.The color of his skin and clothes - red, while the color of Lord Krishna - blue or black.It's kind of allegory.Brahma is red or brown earth, and Vishnu - the sky and space.

The first triad of the four heads and hands.Limbs become a symbol of light.The cult of the hero is not popular.In India, there are only a dozen temples of the idol, while his "brothers" people built thousands of temples.

Another rod triad - Shiva.It is often associated with disruption, although this perception is wrong.He - a sign not so much of death as rebirth and create a new one.

world religions

main deity pantheon - Vishnu.Religion interprets it as having the ability to penetrate all.Its main task - to protect the world, who created the predecessor of Brahma.Most of the religious movements of this character is seen as chief.Often people just worshiped as Vishnu and his incarnations, among which the most famous god Krishna and Rama.

About 700 million people profess Vaishnavism.Such believers worship the god Vishnu and his avatar (reincarnation heaven resident in the earthly man).There flow where this is considered the patron saint of the supreme form of the Absolute.

In general, such a religion includes the basic tenets of Hinduism such as reincarnation of souls, samsara (ie, the cycle of life and death), karma (where sins and righteous actions determine the fate of the next birth and existence) and others.

Paradise God

It is believed that the world was awakened by Vishnu.He began to move in space and thus launched the ground.The image of the character is considered the pinnacle of beauty.It can be said of his avatar, which include Lord Krishna.Photo image of Vishnu and some of its incarnations can be seen in the material.Typically, this idol portrayed as a child, sitting in the lotus, or a nice young man who has four arms.Young man sitting on a dragon, which floats in space.

Lives deity in his own vast world called Vaikuntha.It is amazingly beautiful and rich country with magnificent palaces of precious metals.

Besides that Vishnu should observe the order of the world, he is also obliged to fight evil.In order to protect the land, the heavenly resident reincarnated in different ways, among which was the god Krishna.

theory roles

In general, account for ten journeys on the ground, which makes Vishnu.According to the beliefs of Hindus, he can become the first available person.Repeatedly his avatars were real historical characters.

Each of wandering god had a big impact.For the first time he appeared in the form of the fish caught king named Matsya.Then Vishnu warned the man that soon will go a great rain.The water will kill all living things, and he and his family had the honor to revive humanity that will soon be lost.

not less popular legend about how the patron appeared on earth for the seventh time.Then he turned to the king Rama, who was an example of an ideal family man, proved the eternity of marriage, as well as the constant and pure relationship between a man and a woman.

But the greatest popularity among the Hindus bought the story of the eighth incarnation of Vishnu.Name of the image as it has become, in different dialects is the same - the "black" or "dark blue".This is the color of Lord Krishna.

heaven prophecy

no less exciting story of the eighth avatar.Legend has it that the hero of the popular myths born on July 19 3228 BC.The boy was predicted that he will become the new savior of the world.He appeared in a wealthy and influential family.Rod called Mathura.While this is the rule of the clan territories.He headed the throne of King Kamsa.The governor was very cruel and unjust.The land suffered from his terrible deeds.Exhausted world began to ask for help from the heavens.Patrons responded and decided to help.On the ground I had to get Vishnu in human form.

But Kamsa learned about the prophecy.He learned that the avatar will be born from his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudeva.The king also knew that this child will be the eighth son of the princess, and he knew the color of Lord Krishna.

The birth of a new king

order for the future is not fulfilled, and the child's sister will not reset the tyrant from his throne, Kamsa closed Devaki and her husband in prison.

top six newborn ruler ruthlessly killed.Seventh boy miraculously managed to escape.The fruit was transported from the womb into the body of another woman, and that he endured.The boy was born healthy.It was called Balarama (he, as well as his younger brother, he was the reincarnation of Vishnu).

Subsequently, Devaki became pregnant for the eighth time.In prison, she gave birth to another son.Skin color of Lord Krishna was dark as the night itself.Father managed to escape from captivity with the child.On freedom of man he gave the baby a shepherd and his wife, to protect them from the cruelty of the king.And this couple, he took with him back to the prison of their newborn daughter.

When Kamsa learned about the appearance of the child, immediately decided to kill him.But as soon as he approached the crumbs, it turned into a huge bird, broke the wall and flew away.

Youth Hero

happily passed his childhood a boy.He grew up healthy and cheerful child.Skin color of Lord Krishna was blue as the sky and the beauty of it can be compared only with the lotus flower.He grew up in a poor family of the shepherd.Often himself pass a herd.

of tricks But Devaki and Vasudeva king learned very quickly.The governor did not want to be overthrown by his nephew, so he continued his dark matter.He sent the child to the evil demons that were supposed to kill the boy.Once he swallowed a strong snakes.Krishna began to grow in the middle of the creature, reptile is not broken.So many times he had to repel the attacks of his unkind uncle.

When God grew, you learned to play the flute.Music, he charmed not only the animals, and people.Special attention enjoyed in young girls.His body was healthy and young, and the skin glistening blue light.

No one is sure whether it was true that the idol looked like heaven.Remained unsolved mysteries few (if it is a real person and what color).Depicting the god Krishna today sapphire.

Implementation prophecy

years passed, the boy has grown up so much that was equal in strength to his worst enemy.Then he returned to his hometown and killed the tyrant king.Once he restored order in their lands and to establish relations with other clans.

Later, the young man got married.History tells us that he had 16,108 wives.The main considered only eight of them.Other 16,100 women were in captivity previous governor daemon.After the death of Kamsa their life should have ended, but the new Prince regretted them and made their princesses.Such compassion shown to the captive god Krishna.Photo images of these women demonstrate Protecting love, family, wealth and success in Hinduism.According to tradition, his princess - Lakshmi, that is symbol of beauty, prosperity and harmony.

Another mission was to eliminate the conflict between the warring families of Kauravas and the Pandavas.Over time, each of the representatives got allies.At first, the governor wanted to resolve the situation peacefully, but then I realized that the power of justice to protect only through war.

Idol history

Many years have passed since the Battle of the Clans.The whole world knew the color of Lord Krishna, who is it and what he has done for mankind.Once the idol went to the forest to meditate.There is a hunter, whose name in translation sounds like "old age" confused God with a deer and fatally wounded.

Believers think that Krishna died because of the curse of mothers.Their sons were killed in the war, which did not prevent the governor.The texts show that God died on February 18 3102 BC.e.

Many sources indicate that the religious character - a real historical figure.But the researchers did not find significant evidence of this theory.It causes a lot of controversy among specialists and the skin of Lord Krishna.The picture shows a man blue color, but this feature can be an error of interpretation and translation.For example, it is often described as a man with a body that looks like a thundercloud.In this text two meanings.The first - the skin is blue, the second - a massive and powerful body.

Noble paint

In connection with the spread of the cult have any special traditions idol image.The very word "Krishna" is translated from Sanskrit as "black" or "dark blue".That is what color to portray the god Krishna.

Normally this character painted sky-blue colors.He is dressed in traditional clothes, yellow, long cloth - dhoti.Prince plays the flute and is in a relaxed position.His neck is decorated with flowers, and hair - feathers.Surrounded by animals and the cowherd god that gave him a happy childhood.

At all times he was subject to follow.The face, skin color and the character of the hero is considered ideal and worthy of praise and worship.That is why it is so popular cult of the Indians.Today, there are some religious groups, where is this idol is the highest form of an avatar of Vishnu.

Many spectators collected plays and movies that show the life of the legendary hero.Skin of color depict Lord Krishna on the stage?It is always a good and beautiful young man with the blue hue of the body.