Good or bad seeds breastfeeding

often have newly appeared mothers who have recently breast-feeding a baby, there is a burning desire to place bets again seeds.It appears quite natural to ask whether it is possible to eat sunflower seeds with breastfeeding?

However, the vast majority of experts do not advise this, as the above food product is an allergen, which may adversely affect the health of the child.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule when some mothers may be totally fearless "nibble" sunflower seeds breastfeeding, without fear, because it will harm the child.

Statistics show that breast-feeding exclusively seeds want to try Russian women, as in European countries, the above food product after the birth of a child to eat is not accepted.If you still have a great desire arises to enrich their daily diet of seeds - add them, but in a minimal amount.If after that the child an allergic reaction, therefore, their use prematurely.

It should be emphasized that the seeds breastfeeding provoke "acceleration" of lactation.It is for this reason that some nursing mothers wary of seeds, preferring not to eat it.Undoubtedly, there should be no "prohibitive" in the body of lactation.

Among other things, experts warn that if the mother regularly "nibble" sunflower seeds during lactation, her baby may experience bloating and flatulence.

Do not eat seeds breastfeeding in salt form.Again, it is necessary to monitor the dosage of the food product as if it would be eaten more than you should, it will negatively affect the composition of the milk.

Some believe that it is permissible to use roasted seeds during breastfeeding.Yes, but in limited quantities.Although the food is considered a storehouse of vitamins and rich in calories, we should not forget that the child gets the nutrients in processed form.

If a nursing mother just can not do without the above product, it is better to stop the choice on pumpkin seeds.Experts do not forbid eating pumpkin seeds with breastfeeding even roasted, as they are in the degree of manifestation of allergic reaction most harmless.It should be understood that the roasted seeds vitamins there, but there carcinogenic substances, which are released during the heat treatment.Optimally eat slightly dried seeds or raw.Be sure to check that they are clean, as the greatest threat to the mother are germs and harmful substances present on the skin.It is recommended to buy the food only in sealed packaging.

In any case, before you make a decision, "nibble" sunflower seeds, a nursing mother should consult with a specialist.