The first signs of menopause in women

Nature does not stop, as well as the aging of the female body.If wrinkles still something can be done, then the climax sooner or later catch up with each woman.


any woman will be interested in the question of at what age can appear the first signs of menopause.Averages say that it could happen in the period from 42 to 58 years.However, this may happen much earlier, it all depends on the body and lifestyle ladies.So, menopause can catch at any age, if a woman had surgery to remove the ovaries.


most important indicator of the onset of menopause women - this is the cessation of menstruation.Menopause, in turn, is divided into several stages.So, the first signs of menopause - is premenopausal.What is it?This is the time when a woman's body begins to gradually reduce the number of eggs to produce a complete cessation.By the time it may take between two and eight years.Then follow the menopause itself - the last menstruation.And post-menopause - the time and the work of the body afterwards.

Hormonal festivals

What else are the first signs of menopause?This process may be accompanied by the constant change of mood.The fact is that at this time enters into active hormone system, helping the body to adjust to the new way.A woman in a short time can radically change the mood of depression may also occur.


still can appear the first signs of menopause such as hot flashes.They have exactly say that this period begins.What it is?Woman cutting punches heat in the upper body.This is all accompanied by excessive sweating, red spots may appear on the neck and chest area.The very same body temperature is not changed.A few minutes later the body returns to normal, and the rush is not a trace remains.It is worth noting that the very tides come to a lady with a certain periodicity, is not an isolated phenomenon.


the tide may be related as insomnia.All because a few seconds before one of them mostly women awake.And then sleep is difficult, because the dream is gone.

Heart problems

first signs of menopause - it's also heart problems.May simply start the pain in his field, and he can jump blood pressure, heart rate jump.

Other less common symptoms

the eve of the climax can escalate all chronic diseases that a person has.Sometimes women begin to suffer "goosebumps" when the body and then hit a shiver.Also, there may be pain in the joints, back, waist.For the climax is also characterized by frequent urination and even urinary incontinence.There may be, and are the first signs of early menopause as a sharp decline in libido, pain of different nature during sexual intercourse, vaginal dryness.A woman can also overtake the absent-mindedness, forgetfulness.Characteristic for this period of dry eyes and mouth.Immediately prior to the menopause a woman can start actively to gain weight.It can be more normal hair to fall out, and appear where they should not and never was.