What to consider doing leg press?

Who has not dreamed of the perfect figure?Most likely, there are not too many.And if you're one of those who care about their physique, it is necessary to understand that of course also needs to be given due attention.Leg Press is a formative exercise for the medial thigh muscles.He gives it a teardrop shape.So treat yourself to a good shape legs and enjoy a workout.In this matter should take into account some special features.

Technique regime

leg press has a certain technique of execution.To begin the exercises you need to sit in a special simulator.Then you need to take the original position.Feet should be shoulder-width apart to place.Please note that they must be based on the platform of the simulator.Toes should not touch each other.They can be raised slightly.When you run a leg press, you must know that the foot should be based on a platform across its surface.When peeling off the heels of the support it is possible to damage the joints.To ensure proper leg press must be pressed back and buttocks tightly as possible to the back of the treadmill, do not need to come off before the end of the approach.It should rest against the platform and pull it upward.The legs should be straightened is not until the end.Then take a deep breath, hold your breath and lower the platform to the breast to form a right angle.Having reached this point, you need to stretch the hips and feet resting on a pedestal, to squeeze it up.Then you can exhale and straighten your legs.

Leveling legs in the supine position

In order to pump up the calf muscles, using the leg press lying.You must observe the following points.The back of the trolley shall be set at the maximum angle.The legs should be as low as possible.Stops trolley thus is not removed.The feet do not have to get divorced in different directions.Legs during exercise is not rectified.On your knees worn extra protection.The head should be in a good condition.The main burden should be directed to the toes, it promotes muscle pumping.

What you should know when you exercise

performing leg presses in the simulator, you should consider the following factors:

  • necessary to bend the legs at an angle that does not exceed 90 degrees;
  • not recommended knees rest against the chest;
  • a change of foot are advised to carry the load on the back of the thighs;
  • at their narrowest position can increase the burden on the middle and outer region;
  • at wide stance can increase the load on the inner thighs;
  • for maximum load necessary to put the foot just below the center of the platform simulator shoulder-width apart;
  • under any circumstances, it is not recommended to tear off from the support socks and heels;
  • Nor should straighten legs.


Now you know what a leg press.And if you do not want to get injured, you should memorize all of the above recommendations.Keeping quite simple rules, you can achieve great results.I wish you success in the formation of a great figure!