Getting rid of the pain associated with menstruation: tips

Getting rid of the pain associated with menstruation?According to statistics, the answer is interested in approximately 60 percent of women.They know what a painful feeling of pulling pain in the abdomen, which occurs once a month and lasts no more than a few days.Moreover, such symptoms may sometimes report the presence of any diseases of the sexual sphere (for example, inflammation of the appendages).But if you exclude this possibility, and discomfort each month continue to torment you, it's time to take action.

So, how to get rid of the pain associated with menstruation?First of all it is necessary to review your diet.Then the risk of these unpleasant feelings decrease.Do not eat sweet, fat, eliminate junk food and products that lead to increased flatulence (beans, grapes, etc.).Better to use live yogurt, boiled fish, dietary cereal.And get rid of the pain, and from a couple of extra kilos at the same time.

If you do not know how to get rid of the pain associated with menstruation, it is certainly not worth it to stay in bed for three days.Experts say that a little physical activity and stress reduce the intensity of pain.It can be ordinary walk or light exercise.Better yet, exercise regularly.Then monthly will not bring you to such suffering.

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believed that the situation could worsen alcohol intake and smoking.From these bad habits would be good to get rid of all.Always helps soothing chamomile tea, mint and raspberry.You can also cook the broth and drink it.

Some ladies saved only taking baths with sea salt.But it's better to do a few days before the onset of menstruation.During her acceptance baths prohibited.Excellent remedy for pain - termoplastyr.It is easy to buy in any pharmacy.It relieves muscle spasms and blood vessels.However, the same effect has and warmer with warm water.

If you are concerned about severe pain during menstruation, how to get rid of them, always tell the gynecologist.For non-drug methods to help in all cases.You may need to receive medications.It may be such means as "Solpadein", "No-spa", "Analgin" and others.And some women receiving magnesium can help.

sometimes severe pain during menstruation arise from the passage of menstrual clots.Correct the situation will help intake of vitamin E. It improves the blood clotting mechanism, ie bunches are rapidly cleared from the body.

If you are a supporter of traditional medicine, then she knows how to get rid of the pain associated with menstruation.Here is one recipe: Take a glass of water 4 tspViburnum bark (chopped) Boil all this for half an hour, then strain.It is necessary to add water to the original volume.Enough to take the resulting decoction three times a day on a tablespoon.

Thus, there are many ways to help women experience menstrual pain-free and without discomfort.But if you do not have the desired effect, it is necessary to consult a specialist.But he will tell the true cause of this condition, as well as find the right tool that can relieve pain.