What is email?

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The modern world can not be imagined without communication on the Internet, despite the fact that a few years ago it was not, and to transmit information over long distances used ordinary mail.But with the gradual advent of modern technology and the improvement of any person can send an email and it will be delivered anywhere in the world within seconds.This is an e-mail.In this case, there is no need to write a message by hand, then put it in an envelope, stamp glue, carry to the post office, wait until it is delivered to the recipient, and then as many more wait for a response.Despite the fact that many people still do not know what the email (this is mainly the older generation), has a huge number of people around the world are actively using this service.


So, e-mail allows you to send the same letter, only a modern format.With the Internet, anyone can send not only text, but also video and images.Thanks to modern technology can send letters to anyone who has a mailbox on the Internet.So what is email?What is this system of sending messages?These and many other questions you can get answers in this article.

What is e-mail?

At the moment, thanks to the internet all of its users are able to create an email on one of the free servers.Registration itself on these sites takes place within two minutes.But it is worth noting that there is always a very high percentage of your account is hacked, and all personal correspondence can get to the bad people who will use it for their own purposes.E-mail becomes very convenient for the various companies who, due to their work necessities have to send a lot of letters with the information.If they would not have e-mail addresses, they would have to work with a huge amount of paper daily.But self-respecting company does not turn on free email servers.Join their mailboxes passes on its own intranet domains.Thus, it can accelerate the process of work of any company.

History of e-mail

In fact, no one had planned to create a special email, it was granted to a company which has reached the point of development where it has become a necessity, and the situation was as follows.A programmer from the US named Ray Thompson was busy working a short e-mail messages.Despite the fact that the program had a narrow possibility of sending such messages, its main difference is that each of the contact group had its own specific name for the mailbox.Thus, 1965 can rightly be considered the day of occurrence of Internet mail.The answer to the question, what is the email reads as follows.E-mail - is a kind of communication tools that can be used for different purposes by sending text messages, graphic images or video files.

What is e-mail?

Email precisely to the same rights as the ordinary, must also have your address.This is to ensure that the letter came it to the destination to which it was addressed.Plant your mailbox, the user is on a special form, which enter certain data and receives a unique email.Register mainly consists in entering name, last name, username and password.And login is to a special separation sign (@), it is the attributive name for your mail while further there is the name of the server on which your mailbox is located.

How do you know your email?To find out your e-mail address, you can initially save it as a recording on paper, during registration or find it directly on the home page of their mailbox.Often, it is displayed in the top pane of the page server.


Mail (email) has a special separator symbol @ ("dog").He came up with all the same programmer.This was done in order to share the name of the destination mailbox and its location in a particular domain.Thus, Ray Thompson was able to teach the program to automatically distinguish such details.By the way, the selection of the desired character on the keyboard did not take long, because then the @ sign already had some popularity among programmers.Within a few years it has become a phenomenal scale.

How to create a mailbox?

Create a mailbox on almost all free servers does not have any significant differences, and the same is happening.It is necessary to go to the website of one of them and find the registration form.Next, you will likely find several fields, some of which are mandatory and are marked with a "*".Once you have entered all the data, all the fun begins - you need to come up with the name of your mailbox, and sometimes it takes quite a lot of time.This is due to the fact that the most popular names of the electronic boxes are often busy, so you have to excel and try to invent a unique name.This is usually the input of personal mobile phone number, as a rule, it is free.Also created with the names and addresses of their companies, but they have problems, because sometimes problematic right to transfer title of the box, for example, on the phone.As regards numeric name, then these problems are not observed.Proceed as follows.In order to fully understand what the email, for example, choose the following address - сс@маил.ру.In fact, such an address and the domain does not exist, but it is better to see once than hear a hundred times!

setting the password to your mail, you will in any case should not expect entirely on his memory, it is best just to write it down on paper.It should also take care of its complexity.Never make a password that consists of your birth date or name.These things are very simple hacked, it is better if it will be present letters and numbers.So you can be sure of the safety of your correspondence.Now you can register your email, "My Page" will display all incoming and outgoing messages.

work with e-mail

Email everywhere and very popular, it is especially important not only in personal correspondence with a friend who is far away, but also in the daily work of almost all companies and corporations around the world.It is spread among several employees who create a common project and to set among managers reporting on some branches or departments.This greatly saves time, convenient and practical.After receiving the file and work on it, the person has the ability to immediately send it back.This e-mail address you will never lose, and there is no need to memorize it, because it is stored together with the sent message.

email user also has the ability to receive various e-mail about products or the interest of his proposals.The Internet is absolutely distribution on any topic that will satisfy the user.But there are cases when you are not signed up for the newsletter, but you come to the post worked a ton emails that you absolutely uninteresting.This rather urgent problem for every owner of an electronic mailbox called spam.


receiving such emails to your mailing address, you become one of the several million people who are at the same time you see them in your mailbox.Often, they carried it about a product or a charity that raises money for urgent assistance to anyone.It is worth noting, once you make a transfer to the scam, it will never see the money, and did not help the starving children in Africa, and the attackers, who, among other things, can get access to your credit card.

also often get letters with viruses in them you are invited to download any file, which can not only break down your computer, but also to give all your information to third parties.

Spam often has a bright header, for example, "Congratulations!You won! "," Good luck! "," The Prize "and so on. D. If you have received this kind of writing, in any case there is nothing to download and answer them, it is better not to open them, but even when reading is necessarymark as spam and immediately send to the appropriate section.

In conclusion

above have been given answers to the questions that this email, how to create a mailbox, how to use it in the future.The advantages of this modern type of communication is undeniable.A few years ago it required a lot of effort and time to send or receive letters, and the farther away, the longer had to wait.The Internet has helped to erase national borders and kilometers of distance, allowing you to communicate and exchange information with people all over the world.