The applicant - who is it?

one of us at least once in his life was puzzled search for jobs?This theme is as old as the world.In common parlance employees employment centers appear two terms: the employer and the job seeker.Who is it?What qualities has the perfect candidate?


So competitor.Who, you might guess.The person applying for the vacant position, called so.Unfortunately, employers have noted that the applicant is often at pains to present themselves in the best light and to attribute those qualities that it does not really inherent.That's why the employer in making the decision should be based not only on the assurances and recommendations, but also to their own opinion.

As a rule, an applicant for the position of having special to find a suitable option refers to a recruitment agency.The work can not be called easy recruiter.And all because he has to constantly deal with lots of people.Not all of them characterized by decency.Let us see what are the requirements to the applicant placing experienced professionals.

Most Anticipated quality

ideal applicant - who is it?The person who has the knowledge, experience and skills in a particular area, has a higher profile education.Very much appreciated flexibility, for example, the chief financial officer with knowledge of accounting.Employer love our specific proposals to increase the company's profits.In addition, please note that at the present time without computer skills is unlikely to succeed to occupy the prestigious post.Surely a contender for the vacant seat must be different communication skills and initiative.In the process of climbing the corporate ladder will help diligence, the ability to think analytically, self-control, integrity and perseverance.

Naturally, all of these qualities can hardly be characterized by a single person.However, we must strive to have at least half of them.


inspire confidence jobseekers - who is it?Sociologists point out that among the successful people in the majority of well-groomed, attractive and well-built individuals.As a general rule, correct posture and smooth complexion is associated with good health and performance.The secret is simple: the outside it seems that the man who carefully monitors their appearance, better organized and disciplined, it is easier to endure physical and psychological overload.However, as elsewhere, in this case an important measure.Too bright and sleek looks excessively will cause a backlash.

road to success

applicant - who is it?The man who is taking active measures for employment.In order not to lose time in vain, to examine the situation in today's labor market and find out what specialties are in demand, oversupply of public offerings is noticeable to the naked eye.

In the absence of the necessary connections and acquaintances, you can contact your local employment service or recruitment agencies.Note that the second option could hit your wallet.

algorithm action

job applicant - who is this?First of all, this is the man who has already decided, in what specific areas he wants to grow professionally.At the same ideas like "I want to work with papers in the office" are worthless.

is followed in order to decide for what purpose you are trying to find a job.At the head of the corner can be self-realization, enrichment or gain the respect of others.

is important to outline the range of jobs that you consider acceptable for themselves.Among them may be the work you have already done, and those for which you would gladly took.

Preparing for an important conversation

Suppose you have received an invitation for an interview.Remember that if there is a vacant post of the head is in search of a suitable candidate.You need to convince a potential employer that you are the same version.

important rule:

- Do not come in for an interview much earlier appointed, or too late, and that in both cases you will show himself not with the best hand.

- The first thing you should do - smile.

- Do not sit down until the head itself you do not offer.

- Try to take as much as possible the natural posture.Do not fall apart on a chair and keep your back toes.

- Do not make excuses about the lack of experience or the wrong age.

- Keep your distance.Familiarity unpleasant surprise potential bosses.

- In any case, thank you to the head for their attention.

- If you do not have a specified time reported the results of the interview, take the initiative: call and remind myself.

If you are an employer

are the most common methods for finding candidates:

1. Internal reserves.Effectiveness may be to consider working for the company employees.

2. Recommendation.This option is usually not welcomed by most managers as employment on acquaintance promotes nepotism.

3. Advertisements in newspapers, on radio, on specialized Internet resources.Competitors have, of course, be plenty, but always worth a try.

4. Recruitment agencies.Of professionals take for finding suitable candidates for a lot of money, but it's the surest way to find exactly the option that you want.

Conclusion Whether you are an employer or an applicant, be polite, truthful and objective.Clear goals will help achieve the desired as soon as possible.